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  1. The members of Isiulusions belong to other bands (with Groteskh and Nocturne as a common link), why did you decide to join and create Isiulusions? Why did you choose the name Isiulusions and what does it refer to?

Hello! Over the last view years I collected a lot of song ideas and I wanted to put them in shape and complete the songs. Because they are so widely spread when it comes to musical classification they didn’t fit in the other bands and thus I decided to start Isiulusions. As you already said, we’re all playing together in different bands, thus it was easy for me to find a line-up which I can trust and further the guys know how my sound and style are working.

Our line-up was set and I’m quite happy with my decision [Isiul – guitars, vocals; Essark – lead vocals; Malthus – bass; Martyr – drums].

Isiulusions is a mix out of my synonym “Isiul” and the word “illusion”. The idea was to create a world where all my thoughts got kind of scope.

  1. "I - Follow the Flow" is your first album, I suppose that the experience over the years in other bands will have played in your favor when it comes to having the album ready. How was the process of writing and recording the album? What main differences, both in the recording and its entire process and in the sound aspect, can we find with respect to your other bands?

The recording process was done over a longer period because it took place at “Sound Delusions Studio”, which is close to our places and it was done step by step. In other bands we recorded mostly within one session. Well, the challenging and thrilling thing of Isiulusions is to have no limitations and mix all inputs from all genres. There’re no corsets, no borders to take care of - we just do what we want and what sounds good for us and don’t care about fitting in a specific metal style.

  1. "I - Follow the Flow" is an extensive album that can be framed within black metal but that owes a lot in terms of sounds to styles such as heavy or classic metal, saving the distances it reminded me somewhat of the work of the Slovaks Malokarpatan, I don't know if you are familiar with them, what bands have influenced your sound? And how would you describe the sound of an album like "I - Follow the Flow" for those who haven't heard it yet?

We feel comfy in various genres and like to mix them. For example, we use the fascinating power and energy of black metal to create dark vibes but also atmospheric parts to relax and lead the song in a completely different direction. I’m comparing the sound of Isiuluions to a house, the basement is black metal but upon it there is a heavy metal building with different oriels and rooms e.g. atmospheric, gothic or rock ones….

I didn’t know Malokarpatan before, but I’m listening to them right now, while writing the interview and I really like them. Thank you for your recommendation!

  1. Another aspect of the album's sound to highlight is the complete vocal section, with a variety of registers, sometimes bringing Gothic elements or even folk metal. How was the album's vocal section worked and carried out?

We followed the flow and didn’t set ourselves any limitations. So far, we’re doing what feels right to us and make music we like. Our music is a mixture of different styles, so are the vocals too.

If cool ideas raise up spontaneously, we take them. The wind in our wings is musical freedom and no borders in our creativity or style.

  1. What themes do you deal with in your lyrics? How do you adapt the lyrics to the music or the music to the lyrics? And why do you consider it interesting to deal with these issues in your lyrics?

When it comes to the lyrics of this album, our singer Essark was mainly influenced by all the things happened around him and the impact they had on him at this time. You can say it is everyday life that has inspired him and not all the lyrics are positive, just as life.

Concerning the workflow or the song writing, it’s always me who makes the foundation of the songs and the others are completing them.

  1. Your cover brings us an image of the floor of a forest and the stones covered by moss, returning a bit to the theme of Malokarpatan and its medieval folk theme, is there some kind of relationship between your music, the cover and medieval traditions? Who took care of the cover design?

Personally, I prefer very detailed covers where you can find hundreds of little things. I’m trying to put these little surprises in our music too. Haha, so far, there was no connection to medieval traditions on purpose but I’m very fond of the idea and happy if you can see it in one of the details – this is what Isiulusions is about. A friend of us, Andrea Kuttenberger, did the artwork and – when it comes to our opinion – a very good job.

  1. One of the most outstanding facts that Covid-19 has left us is the impossibility for bands to offer concerts with the consequent economic losses and the lack of contact with fans. How do you think this situation affected you? ? How has the response been from the fans towards the new album? How have you kept in contact with them?

Of course, we are very sad about the live situation. It would be great to promote our first and new album in front of partying metalheads but unfortunately, we must wait as do all other bands at the moment too. On the other hand, we’re very happy about the responses we’re getting from a lot of magazines. Many of them are not sparing with praise for example the Rock Hard magazine from Germany accredited us with 8/10 points. Primarily our big variety in styles is highlighted and commented.

Furthermore, we got merch orders from different countries all over the world, which is quite cool! We keep contact with them over bandcamp, facebook, Instagram and so on.

  1. The album was edited by the German label Black Sunset, how was the contact to be able to edit the album through this label? Are you satisfied with the editing and promotion work done by Black Sunset?

I sent our completely finished Album to Black Sunset and asked them if they’re interested in a cooperation. The guys from Black Sunset are awesome, we are at the same wavelength and we are having quite similar ideas. From the very first contact on it was a perfect match and we are completely satisfied with their work, therefore from our point of view we’d definitely like to go on with them! (-:

  1. How would you describe the Austrian black metal situation lately? What is the extreme metal scene like in a city like Graz?

Similar to the situation in Norway, there are clusters of bands in different Austrian cities which are connected and mixed and matched with their musicians. Unfortunately, Austria is not really supporting the metal music, but metal is alive! There are several very motivated promoters and clubs which enables even smaller bands to play live and are giving them a chance to give a sign of life.

  1. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts that you attend, first albums that you buy? What happened in your lives made you want to be musicians?

In the year 1994 an AC/DC Live album was groundbreaking and life changing for me. They opened my eyes and ears for rock and metal music. Of course, I wanted to get deeper in the metal scene, so my journey began - it started with the classic 80’s (heavy) metal and went on to black and death metal and never ended until now.

Unbelievable and pioneering was my first concert – AC/DC Ballbreaker tour 1996 as well as my first black metal show Mayhem with Maniac on vocals 1998.

  1. Which album represents the essence of black metal for you? Which Austrian black metal album do you consider the most influential? What recent albums have you bought?

Nemesis divina - Satyricon! But this decision wasn’t easy, haha! Again, it’s very difficult to make a choice but I’d say the most influencing Austrian black metal album is Nachthymnen - Abigor.

The last albums I bought are: Dread Souvereign – Alchemical warfare, Crippled Black Phoenix – Ellengaest, Wardruna – Kvitrafn, AC/DC – PWR UP, …

  1. What future plans do you have for the bands in terms of upcoming releases, reissues, concerts, etc?

For sure we would like to rock the stages of the world! Unfortunately, it’s difficult to make concrete plans about touring or shows but we’re looking forward to better times and until they come, we’re using the time to promote our album and the new merch. Furthermore, we are already having new song ideas to work on.
Particularly for smaller bands it’ll be more and more difficult to get the chance for live performances due to the current situation. But you just shouldn’t give up there’ll be a chance at one point. In 5 years, I see us playing an old-fashioned live release show from our third album, hopefully – haha!

  1. Thank you very much for the time dedicated to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for Isiulusions fans this is the place. I hope the questions have been to your liking.

Believe in yourself, follow the flow and listen to good music and go on supporting the underground!

! (-: Thanks a lot for the interview and the personal questions!


Arkona ‎– Nocturnal Arkonian Hordes 16,99 €

Comes in gatefold cover sleeve.

This album was originally recorded at DSP Studio Wrocław, Jun-Sep 2002.
First edition was released by Eclipse Productions 2002.
New version was remixed and remastered at Church Of Chaos Studio, Nov-Dec 2017.
At intro/outro were used samples taken from different horrific acts.

Memory of Grzegorz "Messiah" Błoch 1971-2017

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