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Origen: Libano, Beirut

Formados: 2018

Estilo: Black, death

Temática: Oscuridad

Enlaces: Bandcamp y facebook


  • Derek Roddy Batería
  • Garo Gdanian Guitarra
  • Kamal Khoueiry Voces
  • Marco Ghorayeb Bajo
  • Youssef Helayel Guitarra
  • In Absence of Light Full-length 2020
  • Slaughtered Youth Single 2021  
  • Wisdom of Wanderers Single 2022
Primer larga duración para esta banda libanesa que cuenta con un elenco de músicos en sus filas con un dilatada experiencia en la escena. Un primer álbum de ocho temas con un sonido compacto y directo que tiene una fuerte influencia del death melódico en mayor medida, tanto en voces guturales y profundas como en todo lo que tiene que ver con al instrumentación, imparable doble bombo y rugosos riffs asesinos. Dicho esto hay que comenzar a matizar, el álbum varia muchas veces de registro y estructuras emprendiendo un viaje hacia la oscuridad para regresar y vestirse con elementos más próximos al progresivo por ejemplo, para dejarse otra vez sumergir en las profundidades del death con matices black. A pesar de no ser un álbum muy extenso si que lo expuesto se muestra mastodóntico, con un registro de guitarras elaborado y profundo, en donde la base de death se ve enriquecida por un regusto a estilos más clásicos como el heavy que se cuelan sutilmente en el trasfondo de los temas y que junto con las disonancias presentes en mayor medida enriquecen el resultado final de este trabajo. El apartado vocal se mueve por los registros esperados dentro de un estilo como el death melódico, potente y gutural pero como elemento destacable echa mano de partes limpias, algunas muy logradas, que sirven tanto para dejar un poso a elementos progresivos o heavys, como también para ofrecer un paisaje más sosegado en medio de la tormenta. El álbum se completa con pasajes folk y atmosféricos de procedencia árabe, como recordatorio del origen del grupo y de la barbarie que sufre el país, elementos estos que aparecen en las composiciones con un papel fundamentas, no como mero adorno, y añade un tono diferente al álbum. En definitiva un trabajo complejo en sus partes más death por la abundancia de las estructuras desarrolladas pero completo en apartados como las voces, ambientación y sobre todo en los enormes riffs. (7,6).

1. Red Snakes 04:58
The red snakes flowing to the edge of the world, so much history in the making. our time have been filled with tragic killings, Atomic bombs that lit the skies. Innocence is not a word to consider ever since the rat race begun ever since we convinced ourselves that we belong to a particular race of men Rivers of blood divers of sins that's what we left behind as we approach the mid end of our story. we totally forgot that we must have came from one father one mother only at the later stages of development of the human species. As space and time departs on this neverending journey The more we became, the more we are forgotten Follow me up on bloodlust  
2. Left Unspoken 03:35
Abided by the rules
Robotic anima
Total annihilation
Demonic anima
Words in particules
formed through wounds
fountain of expressions,
to deliberation
Forced path
leading to wrath 
Riots on the streets
Letters in the hearts
till when will we keep
our minds shut?
when will we let
those words out ? 
All these years
close to tears
left unspoken
All those times in DENIAL
kill the beast
left unbroken
All those years
got rid of fears
left unspoken
3. Death Card Dealer 05:10
Death Card Dealer Cigarette lit staring at the looking glass Mind afloat, grey hair, in mass years flown by, flew by fast Can of worms by hundreds surpassed Canons & Bombs Screams and Cries Widows and orphans, deceipt and lies Education shut dowm, darkness avails Favored children, run off the rails. Power and liquid poison, temptation over fear. A tendency to bite the apple, lose all that's dear. One after the other, faces we knew fading Strong willed adolescents, refraining. The grub of today, a luxury Sweat and labor, compulsory One word fits all, uncertainty. Never ending struggle, tirelessly A Bond, a brotherhood, keeping us sane Two decades now, so much to drain a garden of misery for the mentally decayed a third patrol, impaled The merciless hands of it move fast it has ruthless ways so vast May we survive it, like we did in the past? Endless ambivalence, Blast. Death Card Dealer   
4. Nh4no3 06:01
fi kalbi rom7on kharikon 3amik men jourou7? watanen lam tajfuno yawman 3ayniouhou asba7at doumou3 el oumahat zakzaktou el sabah wal 3asafir fi arden lam ta3rifou yawman el salam Killing your own people is not something that will go untold. The 3rd largest explosion in human history Left the city strangled in the dirt of the other nations interests. Strangled We're up to another cycle of war No matter what words could express, the vision was a huge mushroom cloud. I instantly understood the size of the tragedy and it flew as an arrow straight to my heart. A dark evil force blew up Beirut and left its people crawling for rescue. Bloodshed mixed with glass and chaotic destruction, was the shape of the city. Over 200 people were killed in cold blood More than 3,000 wounded some of them still holding at the very thin line between life and death. the city just faded in the shadows of this nuclear massacre. These people did not really deserve this level of hatred and slaughterous powers. These leaders did not deserve this nation and fuck what politics brings to the table. Tormented imcompetent corrupted pigs... Leaders of religious parties may you burn in the fires of hell. The butcher, murder, annihilation of our people will not go unjustified, unjudged even for hundreds of years.Our people will learn through generations. what living hell you made out of this heaven.  
5. Sun Swallow Earth 04:11
   12 Billion Years Old
A Swollen Star in conversion
the red giant is about to explode
and within the radius of its space
a strange blue rock that will fade

A horrible shadowiness is in stream
5 billion years away, In our cave of dreams
gifted visions of one last horizon.
Our sun slowly expanding and brightening
Our watery planet left dry & thirsty

Brown and uninhabitable
Desiccating every continent.

and with it all memories of every life

and with it all orbiting planets


closing chapters of exsistence within its core.

And at its final stage
our beloved star
that made life possible for dawns of time
will collapse and rest into a white dwarf
leaving a shadow in a colorful cloud
of what we ever were and what we will ever be

and with it all memories of every life

and with it all orbiting planets

engulfing all their energy within its body

closing chapters of exsistence within its core
6. Warden of Agony 05:20
Warden of agony where have you flawn Raise the voice the gates are open Fluctuating in a mob risking all warfare deep Chasing a demon within him change of all season to Winter in Leaving the power behind him Autumn has gone forever Human no human has ever gone blind this much in his mind devouring logic Demon in demon has clearly defied all values through ages Fungus born in green leaves destroying life dysfunctional carbonized deicide Chasing a demon within him change of all season to Winter in Leaving the power behind him Autumn has gone forever Wishes fall like leaves rusty in their core blessful all in siege standing all alone Time has gone too fast reaching a place that's sole human will you last to fight this war 
7. Surviving the Great Flood 04:41
At the gates of heavens
gods proclaiming return
to earth to reverse the course
of creation

Preparing the termination
of the underworld
after the failure to receive
a nation

This nation has failed the gods
who created it and the flood is on the way
the end is a watery chaos sinking everyone away

The great flood is gonna get us all

Seeing our land was corrupt
and filled with violence
the fountains of the great deep burst apart
and the floodgates of the heavens broke open

All them yeti leaders will ignore the story (the story)
and the hot rain wil scald the skin of their sinner hearts.

Scald the skin
Of their Sinner Hearts
Flood their lungs
with poisons of the gods

They forced the wrath
to blow their lives

Their rule was not
for humans to reside

But to escape!

Water will roll you deep inside its waves
Water will not let your breath take a rest
Water will seize the day before your eyes
We wont care if we die, with all the wealth you theft from us.

Finally we will submit to the end
but most of all what's satisfying
is that armageddon is here and the divine
judgment of everything will flood you here to burn
you down in deep hells you filthy scum.
8. The Prey 04:59
  Stay away!
From misery yeah
Predators are here yeah
Smelling the prey

Far the way
distance from dream yeah
finally free yeah
life is a lie

life is a dream
life is a lie

First since your born
they bury the lie before your eyes
they seldom wisdom and fantasize
prepare your to be the prey
a victim that's about to be chewed
and spit out like a moth

letting all the feelings off
your soul temple
your body and vessel

letting all the feelings off
not to remember
from where you blasted off

Torn into pieces
vision almost disappears
consciousness of wilderness
totally deprieved
scarred shaking almost breaking
heart inside stops

Heart totally stops

Pray to your line
to a God that recieves

The prey on its way
to decieve

Take all the lies
you're a human inside

The prey on its way
to decieve

Torn into pieces
vision almost disappears
consciousness of wilderness
totally deprieved
scarred shaking almost breaking

Heart totally stops.

Vinyl, LP, Album, Repress
Single-pocket jacket with insert.

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