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Origen: Alemania, Colonia

Formados: 2002

Estilo: Black

Temática: Anarquía, depresión y suicido

Enlaces: Bandcampfacebook y youtube


  • Dominic Guitarra y voces
  • Jens Guitara y voces
  • Max Batería

  • Beltane CD 2002  
  • Fliehende Stürme Demo 2002  
  • Schlachtherr Demo 2002  
  • Live in Much Directo 2004  
  • Tod: Part 1 CD 2013
  • Exiled, Punished...Rejected CD 2017
  • A Grey Chill and a Whisper CD 2020
Cuarto álbum para los alemanes, dentro de una carrera que está ofreceindo sus mejores momentos en la actual época de la banda, dentro de una carrera que se va acercando a las dos décadas. Este "A Grey Chill and a Whisper" es un álbum extenso que debería de situar a Beltez en un nuevo escalón por encima de la media. "A Grey Chill and a Whisper" cuenta con una virtud muy importante, es capaz de rescatar influencias del sonido más clásico dentro de su vertiente atmosférica dentro del black de los noventa, pero con la suficiente ambición para saber darle un toque personal en donde se plasman influencias más actuales. El álbum suena compacto y desde el comienzo podemos comprobar el gusto por un black atmosférico de corte clásico, arraigado en las vertiente más underground del género, elemento presente en todas las composiciones con un mayor o menor peso, pero que dotan al sonido de este "A Grey Chill and a Whisper" de un aura muy reconocible. El grueso de las composiciones tienen un trasfondo de black melódico gracias a la influencia de las guitarras y  también a la presencia de arreglos de teclado que de manera lenta van imprimiendo un carácter melancólico al álbum a la vez que no descuidan el plano atmosférico. "A Grey Chill and a Whisper"  acaba por traernos también registros doom y por que no progresivos, sobre todo en las segunda parte del álbum que se muestra más concreto en cuanto a ofrecer una visión más depresiva de su música y en donde no renuncian a emplearse a fondo en un apartado vocal que con un registro centrado en la rabia y la agresividad tanto llega a transitar por lo atmosférico como por la vertiente depresiva que se vislumbra en un segundo plano a lo largo del álbum. Beltez a encontrado el camino correcto con sus tres últimos álbumes y sus límites sólo ellos saben donde se encuentran. (8).

1. In Apathy and in Slumber 01:45   instrumental
2. The City Lies in Utter Silence 10:48
Silence Absent are any signs of Life A nameless City under a cloud-laden Sky Dwelling aimless in vain existence Half-awake, half-alive, half deceased Slumber in dark sinister dreams No expectations for a Sun to shine (An) Image of the Sun just a fading Memory Only a dim remembrance Of how things once had been Slumber in dark sinister dreams An unchanging hollow Existence Above the dreaming dead-like Place An ancient fortress towered in the Sky Erected in Colors of grey and black From Bricks of Marble and Iron Frozen in sheer terror The Fear plainly in their eyes Like walking on a Fog No Sound to be heard The City had fallen in Silence Like walking on a Fog The Figures hover through Streets No Movement to be noticed No Sound to be heard Being Human only in shape, but with no Faces to be seen Black against a grey sunless Sky The City had fallen in utter Silence Under an everlasting sunless sky with clouds of grey No Name to call this Place The procession begins, the Bell is sounding Something unworldly, an echoing noise More to be felt then something to be heard Like a Mist of Sound oozing down After the Sound fades they emerged Procession slowly down into the alley From the Gate they came a Line of hooded Figures Clad in grey, black and white Slumber in dark sinister dreams An unchanging hollow Existence Above the dreaming dead-like Place An ancient fortress towered in the Sky Erected in Colors of grey and black From Bricks of Marble and Iron 
3. Black Banners 06:05
Dwelling under a sunless sky Abandoned but not alone Two Souls bound by friendship by love for thought and wisdom Surrounded by ordinary people Whom never question their lives Living their hollow existence Daily routine without sense Through the Grey Veil of Reality A cut runs through this morning Awoken in half light With a shadow on the heart No reason to rise As daily routine never changes But then the fortress bell rang With the sound comes shock and terror Clad in rags of Grey and black The unholy Procession moves Like black Tar they flow through the Streets  
4. A Taste of Utter Extinction 09:49
  No acceptance
No understanding
I can´t comprehend this fate
I am in constant disbelieve
I want to choose my fate on my own
As I refuse any predetermination

I can not be the only one
The only one with a glimpse of hope
So the decision has been made
We will run from this mad asylum

Unable to believe, unwilling to obey
My breath leaves me, I feel life is fading away from me
My mind is clouded with dark thoughts
Endless pain without been wounded, as if my soul is ripped from me
A taste of complete Extinction
I feel oblivion is forcing me under its spell

To make our escape
From this place of doom
Somewhere there must be a different life
A place of freedom and free will

The glooming loss of identity
A destiny as black as night
With it will come the lost of the soulmate
And then I be alone in this dark place
It seems like an easy way out
accepting the banner and surrender

Invigorated by the Thought of sudden Death
But we will not make this unholy decision
Beyond the river there is the Unknown
Flowing water that will take us away
It can not be impossible to cross
Nothing else is on my Mind
5. The Unwedded Widow 06:39  
He is a prey to the shadows
She is an unwedded widow
The dreadful banner,
it towers over them
6. From Sorrow into Darkness 01:30   instrumental
7. A Grey Chill and a Whisper 08:38
  Born and raised
(In this) Place of Sickness
A barren existence in eternal twilight

I have faced the horror of reality
Seeking a new beginning
Shatter the old rusted chains

Unknown thoughts awaken deep in me
Where is the well that
brought this new thoughts?

This reflection became my new found power
Thoughts lingering in darkness and rage
Burning like a flaming sword

He understands now. This is an inhuman fate
With its sinister sharp soundless voice
The fortress, looming high, is calling him to its gates
(By) soundless noises

Is this his unconditional surrender
As he slowly walks in confusion
Realizing hate and love are closely together
He became emotionally broken and without hope

Following them on the undiscovered trail
Leave the old Path and leave the day
become one of the shadows, whom hold the sign
An hooded existence in eternal night
Grab the Banner with Pride and despair
Following them on the undiscovered trail

The Time is here
Sanity breaks and vanishes
With soul-breaking pain
Every sound of the bell births endless fear
The echos rupture the spirit
All the noises suddenly die
And with them the sanity of the one that will fall

So It begins, with a grey chill and a whisper
a metamorphosis into horror upon horrors
to join the ranks of the hooded ghosts
to follow the dark fate

There is no Gate, no earthly entrance
Absent is all life, a dead wasteland
There only is an bizarre glow
Like an ominous invocation

Above the grey mass of shades
The Black Banners tremble
Follows miraculous behavior
Eternal caress of darkness and shadow
8. I May Be Damned but at Least I've Found You 14:13
 Dreadful fortress hovering high
Final destination after a fateful decision
Walking the road of the dead

Fire of Thoughts
Disguised in human Shape
A mystical discovery
Part of an interwoven mind
A greater purpose under the Sign
Of the Banner so black
Rise of horror testimony
of the timeless bestial shrine

Echos of unhallowed thoughts and lies
Never had any living soul returned
From the towering fortress
build by an inhuman force

Finally the black gate
Massive and unreal
As if forged by the hands of Giants
Not of this Earth

The weight of stones and iron
Pressed hard against his chest
From his heart emerged
A small flame of red light

The black gate opens up
Then grey mists began to cloud his mind
any doubt in his Decision
is lost in oblivion

Pitch-black darkness engulfs him
while frozen in fear
He follows the path
into nothingness
A hooded Ghost
speaks without Words

Fire of Thoughts
Disguised in human Shape
A mystical discovery
Part of an interwoven mind
A greater purpose under the Sign
Of the Banner so black
Rise of horror testimony
of the timeless bestial shrine

"You are damned
By your own will
You have chosen this path
for yourself"

The friend in sight
Transformed and lost
No release from the shadows
No escape from fate

Finally acceptance for their fate
He speaks
"I may be damned but at least i´ve found you
9. We Remember to Remember 05:38
  After the walls came down
The sun returned
Two lives were lost
We remember their names

Times passed,
Memories faded
Knowledge was lost
We remember their tasks

Later on
a legend was formed
Details lost in Darkness
We remember to remember

We remember to reme

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