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Origen: Eslovaquia, Bratislava
Formados: 2011
Estilo: Black, death
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  • Anguis Guitarra y voces
  • Michal Guitarra
  • Siren Voces
  • Tuky Batería
  • Vaco Bajo

  • Nec Plus Ultra EP 2014  
  • Enlightenment Single 2016  
  • The Bringer of Sun CD 2020
El origen de Vortex Unit hay que buscarlo en 1996 cuando se hacían llamar "The Cryptosy" bajo cuyo nombre editaron tres demos, para a continuación pasarse a llamar "The Crypt" editando con este nombre un par de álbumes hasta llegar a 2011 y cambiar otra vez de nombre, esta vez el escogido es Vortex Unit y este es su primer álbum. Nueve temas contiene este "The Bringer of Sun" en donde destacaría lo elaborado y trabajado de su sonido. Un sonido que se mueve por elementos del death melódico, el metal sinfónico, tal vez con algunas influencia que podríamos encuadrar dentro del black sinfónico y también algunos toques de metal gótico. En un primer momento destacaríamos el aspecto más  relevante de su propuesta que no es otro que la dualidad de las voces de Siren que se mueven entre los gótico, sinfónico y operístico; en clara contraposición a las voces más enfocadas al death melódico a cuenta de Anguis. Un álbum de sonido elaborado en donde tanto guitarra, bajo y batería se nutren de todas las influencias del death melódico, empleando un tono contundente pero sin llegar a ser rápido y destrozacabezas, aquí tono suena mesurado, pudiendo apreciar los cambios de ritmo y la cadencia de la propuesta. Algún arreglo de teclado también se deja entrever en algunos pasajes pero todos ellos enfocados a llevar la propuesta a lo melódico. Poco o nada hay de lo que podríamos denominar como ese sonido refinado de death/black que emplean algunas bandas, Vortex Unit llevan su base de death melódico a terrenos más cercanos a lo sinfónico y lo gótico, fruto en este caso de las voces de Siren, en un trabajo de metal extremo que cumple, gracias a su variedad de registros y cuidada instrumentación. (7,7).

1. Into the Saturnine Realm 04:12
I have discovered the world Distant and shallow With thousands to rule And no one to follow Realm of night dwelling in blackness Only reproaches hang in the air Turns out it's cursed what used to be blessed Into the saturnine realm - I stare Creation devours creation As the meaning of life Is to survive and not to live Creation devours creation All is to take and nothing to give A toneless obelisk made out of fear A construction raised in the middle of this sphere Worshipped and hated by spectres of night Craving the spark and were robbed of their sight But now it's my turn and all is to burn I'll fulfill your need, a man made to lead Abandon old ways, dissolve viscid haze Vanquish your dread and create a new creed  

2. The Bringer of Sun 05:18
 Under a sky stitched with thousands of lights
A night rimed with frost where a tear turns to ice
A hope being born out of darkness and spite
A heart of strong flame, burning, primed to ignite

Primed to ignite

For desperate things lurking down in the dark
Blind and forgotten but craving the spark
A spirit of fire and of rage is the one
Who burns up the darkness and brings them the sun

The Bringer of Sun

A fiery snake, a dragon of flame
A demon, a devil, a monster untamed
The dark fled away and he rebuilt the throne
For all of the ones who once wandered alone

Wisdom enthroned

Under the blaze of the rays from the sky
A daylight where all that is shadow must die
A hope on a path seeking knowledge and might
And a heart without chains and a mind crystal bright
3. A Broken Branch 04:41
I cannot sleep I cannot think Consumed by the future And what it might bring But holding my breath And trembling at death Will bring me no cure For this malignant sting How can I destroy this ascending pawn How do I make this vast blunder be gone Why has this misguided kindness prevailed How could it happen that I should have failed I am the father I am the lord I bestowed life on this Ungrateful fraud I should have never Giv'n breath to this clay Oh, if I'd known of this damnable day Give them doubt, feed them lies In the end everyone dies Rest enthroned, oh, High and Great But mind the gleam of coming fate
4. I Speak with Verity 06:31
Throw the blindfold in the fire Set aside your raw desire Behold the truth in flesh and skin Progenitor of sin Nought but mask here to admire Expert acting of a liar Noble mirage for the eyes And rotten core within He sees no value in your life, you fools You're just an army of weak-minded tools The march to the grave shall be all of your lore An ill-mended soul is set only on war Strong is the one I have seen cast you down He sat on the throne and was wearing your crown There is no hope, your future leads to gloom Inscriptions of shame will be carved on your tomb No hope remains for you: No hope but one Slay the bright figure by your hand alone Or blood like a river will flow 'neath your feet And all of your strength shall be gone A voice of order spoke to his ears As he choked with grief and had eyes filled with tears The heir was then cast into darkness and void Which sealed the omen and empowered the fears His sly, foul, head designed A plan crafted to fool the mind A voice convincing every kind Of soul to wish to be confined He has a power you are no match for A sinister bane always craving for more Resist or march for him wearing his cloak Till nought remains but the blood, dust and smoke Speaking of nobility Fits his capability It's nothing but gilded lies Heed, I speak with verity
5. I and My... 05:04
  There is a place where no man has set foot
In its fruitful soil each idea takes root
In sacred and untouched dark corner of mind
All of a sudden a weak glimmer has shined

Against the darkness it stretches its glow
The power and promise of its radiance grow
The glimmer evolves and begins to dance
Like an artist, consumed in a strange, obscure trance

This ribbon of light, joyful with life
Was lacking the knowledge of fear, woe and strife
Light as a wind, yet reshaping the world
Once to be seen with its power unfurled

Both in the beginning and in the end
Is the ultimate cornerstone
Essence of thinking, the paint of the mind
Which can burn with fire, yet be cold to the bone

I am the fire
Storm blazes right beneath my skin
Eyes filled with ire
Realm of rage trembles within

My future reflects red, ivory and metal
Decisions that you made were proven to be mad
Corrupted, demented, wicked and hurt
I am the victory dressed in an iron shirt

This is the craft stronger than divinity
Thought powers the forging of this glory all shall see

Behold the miracle that changes what may be
Now be obedient and hearken unto me

One for the earth, One for the air
One for the depths of fathomless despair
6. ...Creations 04:26   instrumental
7. Visions 04:22
 They built him a throne
A seat for a leader
Bringer of sun, bearer of light
The one whose heart was not of stone

But he refused to be crowned alone
Majesty - he proudly said
is worthless when you join the dead

King of the people of eternal night
The Bringer of Sun, bearer of light
He brought forth an idea conceived in hate
Craft me a ship - said with thrill on his tongue
Trusting the prophecy sealed his own fate

Creations gathered to build a great ark
Unbreakeble, colossal, a craft for a monarch

This is my vision, my history to be

For reason's sake you will all follow me
I am the sign your eyes craved years to see
End of all silence, end of the dark
I gave you the fire, he hasn't tossed a spark

Pools of sweat, dripping down from the face
Of every builder in this accursed place
Reflected the warship forged from the pain
Desire, and hatred of these broken men
8. The Cruise of Sanity 05:02
My decision is wisest I am the being supreme Your labour shall serve To bring forth my dream I am created to rule Your primitive folk I am the owner of the Land on which you walk The glimmer in his eyes Has turned into a blaze Thoughts once so organized Lost their way in a maze He lost his mind His heart was set on fire And all the dignity Had changed into desire You are my blessed army I am the king You are the horsepower Of my uprising All who heed the order Will stand proud and tall Each head which opposes Is destined to roll You are my possession Fall on your knees You are chosen now To murder, take and seize You are but a puppet An empty shell Come, sail to the skies And surround them with hell
9. The Fall of the Gilded City 05:40
In the deepest void there lay a city wrapped in gold
Where the strong were selling worlds, the weak were to be sold
Precious metals glinted like a beacon in the night
And kept the crumbling bricks below hidden out of sight

In the city's gleam there loomed a warship drawing near
Illuminating solemn verses carved upon its side
A lust for retribution blinded all who sailed within
Craving blood and victory and vengeance long denied

All eaten up by ego and by greed
Fought fire with fire with hunger hard to sate
Not even as a king will you be free
You’ve risen to become the thing you hate

All eaten up by ego and by greed
Fought fire with fire till all in ashes lies
Not even as a king will you be free
You’ve risen to become what you despise

The ramparts and the gilded gates took little time to fall
Thin tinsel could not hold together crumbling, rotting walls
The streets were flooded with the blood – rejoice and sing
The King was dead. Long live the King

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