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Origen: E.E:U.U., Pittsburgh
Formados: 2013
Estilo: Black melódico
Temática: ?
Enlaces: Bandcamp y instagram

  • Andrew C. Hart Todo

  • Vale Nostri Moriens Spiritum EP 2013
  • In the Midst of Scarlet Pathways Single 2014  
  • In Girum Imus Nocte et Consumimur Igni CD 2014  
  • Incipiunt Oblivionem EP 2015  
  • The Reflection CD 2018  
  • The Reaction: A Higher Form of Killing CD 2020
Tercera entrega ya para esta one man estadounidense que en una primera escucha puede llevar a equivoco, ya que tanto por el sonido conseguido así como por la compleja musicalidad, resulta difícil de explicar que estemos, primero ante una one man band y segundo que sea un trabajo autoproducido. "The Reaction: A Higher Form of Killing" esta formado por once temas que en un primer momento y a grandes rasgos podemos definir como black melódico. Sin embargo Andrew se ha puesto las pilas en este nuevo álbum, madurando y trabajando cada tema hasta dar un resultado muy completo. Podemos destacar sobre todo la rica sonoridad que ha sabido plasmar, cada tema suena increíble, ofreciendo por un lado un sonido muy potente de batería, riffs con un inclinación hacia la melodía que beben del black y no renuncia a ciertas influencias death, siendo estas influencias death más presentes en el apartado vocal. Sin embargo "The Reaction: A Higher Form of Killing"  contiene en lineas generales temas extensos que permiten interesantes, complejos y enrevesados cambios de ritmo dentro de cada uno de ellos, pasando de pasajes con un tono más contemplativo y mesurado en donde la acústica hace acto de presencia, en contraposición a explosiones de musicalidad con un mayor peso de la agresividad sin perder las influencias de lo melódico, siempre presente a lo largo de toda la grabación. Tenemos que añadir que Andrew no hace ascos a bajar el tempo de las canciones hasta casi lo indecible y aporta también algunos elementos vanguardistas en sus composiciones. En el apartado vocal se mantiene un tono entre agresivo y brutal, aunque cuando el tema lo necesita también sabe acercarse a terrenos más limpios. Si a todo esto añadimos alguna influencia ambiet en intros e interludios nos queda un trabajo que no podemos calificar por menos que sorprendente y muy completo. (7,8).

1. Departure of the Immaterial 01:40  

2. Dancing to the Mellifluous Song of Sorrow 05:34
I drown this fear of knowing your body skinned alive Pure bliss with knife edge showing - All white in mindless eyes Start slow the lack of senses - Deaf heart pounds away Illumination blinds the sky binding hands onto the earth Trapped Pummeling strike Absolute terror Pinned down Inhale the scars of Templar and bite the hand that feeds Venerating names of conquest and baneful righteous deeds Call to the beast envenomed like flies encircling the black flame Dance to the mellifluous sorrow (of life) ensnared in the dangerous game Be the redeemer of wretchedness Through dismantling defeat Feeding flames of Abaddon Abrupt in thy deconstruction Tempted by coldest candescence Siphoned through the hot intestines of damnation Take the context out of the content Seek not the approval of Gods Now go... boldly or reserved To receive what is deserved To receive what is deserved  
3. Execution of Death Wishes in Cold Blood 04:42
A crimson light trickles through the leaves across the field The final flickering of night break Alone I walk with silver shivers passing through Eyes growing soft in gaze when searching inside The night within the dawn Cast further within beyond Rediscover the old world Within thyself Voice of the depths beckons deep within the layered grey Ageless beyond - within, without Caustic winds strip the sunlight to pierce the heart Lastly fall of sinless guilt - come forth, spill forth The night within the dawn Cast further within beyond Rediscover the old world Within thyself Withdrawal, Withdrawn Sucking the marrow of life inside By swaying sword Pendulum begs the swinging stain Run forth, rush forth Blackened sunset and 13 stars Descend and Drown Staggered in my covered curse Through fog I can see the crescent moonlight Footsteps of the life I am stalking This prey fading slowly in the afterglow As the night returns... ...As the night returns Engorging radiance and absolute A death wish in cold blood And by the grace of the razor I cut the line Inhaling the opium of death Inhaling the opium of death
4. A Culling Communion of Ash and Teeth 05:08
  I know of all things past and future
Viper to my left
And the world will be your tormentor
Bound to a lonely death
Precipitous orthodoxy
your profile in the dark direction
left to decay relieved of your pride
heed my malediction

Brief is the light yet time returns
As if from the dead
You seek perfect love with divine vengeance upon yourself
Presiding over 40 legions riding the infernal savage

Brief is the light!
(lifeless discarded and left to gather dust)
Brief is the light!
(Wilted like a flower rendered lifeless and limp)
Brief is the light!
(Color seeping out replaced with ashen pale of death)

Fixed on your earthly naught
A fountain to nourish thy poisonous dreams
Collapse of fear - in legion
So complete in your slavery

My essence is my divine presence
Far beyond the dreadful sleep
Now to melt the sneering sun
My heart above and so below he's beside me
beside me
5. Beg the Sickle to Which She Binds (A Hedgerow Against the Grain) 05:50
With winds of sin thrown at my sails Do you really want to know what makes me smile? Does the reaper grin because he is close? Or because he has turned the dial? Will you force a deeper line To fill some inside hollow? In the end it doesn't matter Because I will not follow Everything pleasant in life is dangerous No one dies a virgin Life fucks us all By will I have returned And I've chosen my way It burns so bad that it feels good But at least I picked my pain In this race against time I'm told to live is to fight But I would rather land upon my sword Than fight for what is right In my mind, we all live in heaven Or we choose to live in hell In this world of make believe feelings I can hide behind what is real...what is real I've always looked for the perfect life I've taken all the paths to roam But no matter the distance I still end up coming home You can't drag me down to a place That is living deep within You can't call my kettle black or be already what has been Love plans for tomorrow And loneliness thinks of yesterday Because life is beautiful And living is pain How can the rest live in silence? And how can there be peace? To those with voice opinions Offense - A constant release Between the sheaves of ashen white The solitary lass kneels She begs the sickle to which she binds Only to feel She draws deep breath and asks of death Who will start this dance? To which he kindly replies... Just give me a chance  
6. Feeding the Soil with the Ardent Burning of Cain 05:03
Choke on the black haze
The coal-soaked stardust design
Every fall step
Milking thy blood to feed the soil

...And the soil is fed

Ardent burning of Cain
Setting him free from this grave
Thrust of neurotic night
Dug up to the floors above

...What lies above, so below

Revival incarnate
Dawn of the blade
Sheer defiance
Swallowing into yourself

Tyrants shall fall
And the world will know the songs of freedom
Will you unbind yourself
In the valley of darkness

Be my unknown and flow like sweet wine
Reality transformed in perfect design
But I will remain a torch to the fuses
And I will remain - puissant deifier

As the Sirens make haste
Sound of the soul forsaken
These divine wounds
Beg for a taste

Incarnate revival
A sharpened blade of the dawn
Prophet of extinction
defiance...pure and swift

...Make it swift
7. By the Docile Touch of Plummeting Skies 04:15
Desolation feeds my vision in sleepless dead of night
Falling dreamlike motionless by this accursed sight
No hiding in the darkness whisper terror inside all ears
Devouring salvation - spoiled meat for hollow fear

When your righteous sky fell I was tempted by the night
You may have felt its morbid touch caressing down your spine
My senses grow dim as I am one with the dead
As radiance grows pale, to the ground I am fed

Panes of glass are shattering by lunar caustic law
Numbered, weighted and left wanting - feral night winds draw
Post mortal possession entranced the grand morbid delight
Myopic seed of sedition planted in the chest of might

He who takes this oath by land
Will swear to the God of truth
For these past troubles will be hidden from my eyes...

Restore these years which the Helminths have eaten
I come with a new name
The heart exploding - A pulsing putrid pile
Hear now the true word of Amon-Ra

Grand architect of the house and temple
Voice of the silent scorn
Anointed head - throne of Jupiter
Carved within idolatrous stone

O hidden one, king of Gods, lord of thrones...give breath to my wings
8. Homage to the Mortuary Effluvium 05:34
I love to huff formaldehyde Inside these funeral walls It seethes while it passes As I feel the putrid stench burning for me The Shovel exposes loose soil Body prevented from the spoil Fresh and fermented - All to roast Yellow and infected - the undead oath Recite your psalms within earshot Of the deceased and the living Assist me in decomposition glutaraldehyde, Methanol Wet me in your orthodoxy Spread the seal of broken flesh And the sweetest taste of decay Enter the innards with vengeance As the maggot hives give way Steel and soil penetrating Putrefaction venerating I'm the skeleton inside trying to escape this flesh prison Unconscious yet I am breathing As my deep desires seething Chassis worm-rotten trying to escape the flesh Embalmed with you and yet I see Your broken soul ingesting me Death of my frame without death of desire Wanton flesh, barren bones Unburied skin that I call home I'm the skeleton inside making love with my fate The undead oath Un-fucking dead The undead oath 
9. Obscurity Transcended Through Torn Flesh and Worn Spirits 06:38
 Trapped upon the waves
By blade by switch by open seas
The martyr of everlasting strife
Stirring deep within, may God call upon me

Burning the echoes of your words
In the beauty of art and the sighting of stars
Alchemy of body, blood, soul and mind
Fueled by the flames of antiquity

By the shadows of the night
Into the starry womb
Give us this day our daily pride
Trample upon thy weakness laid still in feral tombs

For all Gods are my imagery
And nothing exists but to serve me
I gave birth to myself
In all forms I excrete eternally

Come kiss these lips
Like silent morphine
To froth at the mouths of iced enemies
Forgotten faces of death-worn stare
May the altar of impurity strip you bare
Bestowing the world of ire and woe
Forgetting not the places you'll go
As it summons men and brings you down
Through the swirling seething foam you will drown
...and drown you will

Decomposing tower
Lining, brazen lungs of purest plague
Still I crawl higher over the dying
Onward I push for life I am prying

orbiting the ego sun
Serving oasis of my soul
With my star falling downward
I disavow life and requite the keeper's toll

By the shadows of the night
Into the starry womb
Give us this day our daily pride
Trample upon thy weakness laid still in feral tombs

All Gods are my imagery
And nothing exists but to serve me
I gave birth to myself
In all forms I excrete eternally
10. Shedding Skin Under Cold Vestments 03:19
All will rise for the morning sun As the cruel hands of fate are opened ar is won All bow now for the bastard son Ajna Chakra show me now - the divine one In blackness forever I am entwined Endless void of the devil's design In darkness forever we are enshrined Endless void of the devil's design Swiftly turn this city into still graves Sweep the masses of sanity's spade Removed cover from mouths of new plague Feel the thunder of life's failure All have fallen for the morning son Day star, son of dawn, shining one Cast light into thee o bastard son Rise and behold, be thee wise as serpents In darkness forever we are enshrined Endless void of the devil's design In blackness forever I am entwined Endless void of the devil's design Through opened doors On darkened wings Hearts carved without souls to cling Brimstone scorn without praise wick of my psalm set ablaze  
11. Truth Is Treason in an Empire of Lies 08:39
Here in life as in death There is a guiding light From within to begin In the end we are cast aside And I know the harder we go The light will surely dim Till the final click - flicking of the switch We all know it will not be slow What will you do when the snake in the heart of your opposer comes to burn your city? The snake in his heart is the snake in mine Eternal crusade in the devils chest Are you privileged enough to die for the life you desire? Or is the call for sacrifice too much to light your fire? Will you cower naked in your den? Or will you seek to find the source? And cast them out! Cast them out! Here in life as in death There are dividing lines From within house of sin Breeds from the sharp decline And I know the seeds are sown And serpent of fire consumes All the promises and the bitterness Etched into the calming doom Gather your torches Gather your men Gather your wits now Gather your kin Kill all the thoughts of what must be given Focus on what is to be gained A dark heart is not born blackened It is scorched in the flames of betrayal Don't you know? Truth is treason In an empire of lies Here in life as in death There is a guiding light From within born of sin In the end we are cast aside But I know the harder we go is where we already went until the spirals cease Dreaming of the beast Whispering unrest beneath  

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