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1. Förgjord has been active since 1995, with a baggage of five albums released at this time. Unlike other bands that languish over the years and try to live on income, Förgjord seems that with the release of his last two albums "Ilmestykset" (2019) and the most recent "Laulu kuolemasta" (2020), it would be said that you are in your best moment. Do you consider that the good reviews received by your latest albums is a reflection of your maturity as a band? How have the composition and recording process of these last two albums been compared to the previous ones?
We have found our style and way of doing things already for some years ago. But back then situation was different, we didnt always have a rehearsalplace nor equipment to do recordings. So even if we were active, things worked really slowly. Usually it took couple years to complete record from first recording session to mastering. But nowadays we have equipments of our own and everyone can do their own part without caring about others schedules. So naturally things goes smoother now.
We have learned that we dont need to overthink things, because usually those first takes are the best ones. So we dont need to take multiple takes. Especially our latest one, “Laulu kuolemasta”, is partly ex-tempore done. To capture that feeling of that certain moment. At some points I didnt even knew what to play while pressed rec -button. 

2. One of the things that we can highlight about the Förgjord sound, is that it is a band that has managed to have a totally recognizable style, so to speak “its own style”, are you aware of having forged your own sound throughout the last twenty-five years? Can we say that your sound is a reflection of your state of mind when recording music?
In our early years that sound was actually best we could do, without going too “soft” or “safe”. I like the danger feeling in black metal and it should be presented on songs, playing style and in production. You know, that some element that almost goes over the top. Nowadays we try not to overthink our sound too much. Its me who mixes our stuff and I have no interest to learn how to mix properly or how to use compression or eq so “everything sounds more dynamic and natural”. I dont like natural sound, black metal should be anything but natural sounding. More you break the rules of “how to produce metal music”, more interesting stuff you get.
When composing and recording, I try to do big things with simplistic elements. Like they say, less is more. And our drummer, BLK, is perfect in that. His playing style is rude, simple and no extra fills. So that is what Förgjord sound is all about, basic things without extra gimmicks.    

3. Your texts have always been influenced by death in some way or another, at the same time that you focus on death in your country Finland in the form of murders and also on a plane related to the denial of death by of the human being. In what way do you find it interesting to deal with issues related to murders and deaths and their relationship with Finnish culture?
Death and misery are real. Demons raping the angels aint real. Dragons flying over the orc castles ain’t real neither. But death is real and it can touch us all whenever you least expect it. We finns have high suicide rates and usual finnish homicide is done with cheap Mora knife. Best friends drinking together, things escalate a bit and start growing. Soon mans inner demon, a perkele, takes over. In the morning he wakes in cell without any clear memories, covered in blood. Just to hear that his best friend is dead.  It is been studiet that many finns have this gene that when we take alcohol, our blood sugar goes suddenly so down that it gives a black out moment. And that moment is when perkele is free to rise.
So death, misery, alcoholism, suicides and perkele are big part of finnish identity. They are real and part of finnish culture. It’s aint fantasy, its our culture   

4. Is there a relationship between the cover of "Laulu kuolemasta" and death? Who was in charge of the cover design and how does it relate to the music?
They are related. In matter of fact everything is connected to everything. So when you check our booklets and other artworks, one can notice that things are always connected in someway. There aint any pictures “just because they look cool”, but they all need to have a meaning, reason to exist. That cover is early sketch of famous painting “Lemminkäinen’s Mother”. In that picture is griefing mother who have just dragged his sons body from river Tuonela. It is drawn by finnish national artist Akseli Gallen-Kallela (1865-1931)  We have used his artworks in several of our covers (“Henkeen ja Vereen”, “Sielunvihollinen”, “Mors Fennico More”, “Syntiinlankeemus EP”, split with Nekrokrist SS...) Of course we make some arragments on graphics and make them fit for us. Nowadays I do the all the booklets for us, as a homage to our Gallen-Kallela and finnish culture

5. Perhaps the best that can be said about your music is how faithful it is to the origins of black, with little evolution over the years, do you feel that black is a style that should stay away from fashions and staying true to its origins'What is your opinion of black sound today?
I cant define what is black metal and what is not. But I truly know what sounds shit and what doesent. No matter if it’s because song structures, lyrics or even the sound. Black metal can be many things and that it is blessing and a curse in same time. There is tons of bands who take black metal further from its roots and make it evolve. So aint suprise that there is same amount of worthless bands that I dont care. But what I always will appreciate is when people are doing their own thing. No matter is it good or bad, long as its represents its creators and people can fully stand behind their art, I will respect it. It doesent matter if I like it or not.  

6. Of the different projects in which you are involved, I would like to highlight the emergence and impact that Phlegein has had, what can you tell us about Phlegein?
Phlegein is our drummers - BLK’s – band where he does drums and vocals. Phlelegein does uncompromised black metal, nothing more or nothing less. You know, meat and potatoes of black metal. So no wonder that mighty Northern Heritage saw their potential and started to do co-operation with them. Everyone who havent heard Phlegein should check atleast their latest one called “Devotion”. 
Decade ago heard BLK’s drumming from some of their record and because they were from city next to us, I asked if he would be interested to join Förgjord crew. Rest is history. 

7. Your latest albums have been released by Werewolf Records, how did the possibility of working with them arise? Are you satisfied with the distribution and promotion work it has done?
I appreciate Werwolf work from the very beginning of his career. Not just with label, but his passion, vision and dedication to his vision is just so pure and uncompromised. So when we finally teamed with Werewolf Records, the distribution and promotions werent the most important things. In matetr of fact, back then there were plenty of intererested labels that had bigger marketing forces and so on. But we didnt cared about that. I matter of fact Werewolf  Records were quite slow, but that suited us best. Because we werent on hurry,
we just wanted to do things right 

8. You come from Pieksämäki, a city located in the south-east of Finland with about twenty thousand inhabitants. How were your beginnings in music? And what is the local scene like in your area?
I have been friends with Prokrustes since we were kids. Together we found bands like WASP, Dio, Mötley Crue. Later bands like Metallica, Slayer and Kreator and so on. There was some other guys coming and going but seems like we were only serious back then. Nowadays here is few serious comrades, but luckily not many. Quality against quantity. I have zero interest of being any “godfather” for younger generations in my neighbourhood.  

9. To finish, what future plans do you have for the band in the coming months?
Nothing for Förgjord. Its been so hectic few years, so now its time to take it little slowlier. 

10. Thank you very much for the time dedicated to Black metal spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Förgjord, this is the place. I hope the questions have been to your liking.
To all of you, be honest to yourself. You can pretend to others around you, but your innerself is the only one who matters. Dont try to be anything youre not. Be yourself and stand up straight! 

7" 200 copies, 100 handnumbered

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