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1. Severi, Lauri and Samuli decided to create the band a few years, why they decided to create Mørket ?, referred Mørket name?
-Seve: The main reason for me to set up the band was the need to play music more aggressively and louder than ever before and then I crashed to the Samuli who has strongly same visions. I knew Samuli from some metal project we played in a few years ago, but that group never had even name.. It was more like jamming riffs etc. With Lauri we have had some progressive rock/punk projects, but never anything so dark like Mørket. Me and Lauri always talked to set up some hardcore punk band, because we listened same bands like Converge, Abduktio, Every Time I die, Cancer Bats, Mastodon, Kvelertak etc. So I called Lauri to come jamming our first song ever made  “Kylväjä” which I and Samuli made on our first rehearsals. Lauri liked and the base of Mørket was nailed. Then we realized that we need a vocalist and bassist and when the Otto and Janne was found the red line of the our music was ready.
The name Mørket means “in the darkness” in Danish.  The word is punchy because it is short and its sounds so damn gooooood. :)
-Otto: Seve pretty much just nailed everything there is to it! 

2. Last year you editáis your first album "Musta luonto" un album full of different styles and influences very visceral sound. How did you manage to come composing the songs and work in the studio?
-Otto: I guess when the main frame of a song is taken to the rehearsals, it just goes through a process of molding and twisting and toying with different ideas and figurations and thus a nuance-rich song is born. As a recording band we lean strongly to record (almost) everything live to capture the essence and feel of rawness. 
-Seve: We all like several genres so we are not stucked in to one genre..and thats why we have the album full of several nuances. 

3. The album's sound is a mixture of styles, but mostly we find punk, hardcore and black metal, but you will feel more comfortable with punk influences than the black, what is more preferably should by punk sounds?
-Otto: I concur with Seve. 
-Seve: Yeah, I prefer that we sound punk and maybe more like crust punk with punch of dark madness.

4. Mastodon would Kvelertak or two recognizable bands in your sound, what are your main musical influences?
-Otto: There’s way too many to name, but as all of us bring our own preferences to the game, Mørket evolves accordingly. I guess I could name The Secret, Cult of Luna, Martyrdöd, Baptists, Oathbreaker, Black breath and Hierophant as my personal influences, just to name a few of the “angrier” ones. There’s plenty to draw inspiration from, not just punk/metal.
-Seve: Ough, there are so many of them...and we all surely have different of them but here are few of my longtime influences for Mørket nowadays: Converge, Deafheaven, Oathbreaker, YAITW, Every Time I Die etc. 

5. Have you taken your mother tongue, Finnish, to write letters, why do optasteis by Finnish? What subject comprises the lyrics of your songs? And why write about it?
-Otto: As a lyricist, I haven’t really done much in my native tongue, so I thought it would be neat to give it a go. And in finnish it’s kind of “easier” to be bluntly agitative, hehe. The subjects of the lyrics comprise of - but not limited to - poverty, greed, hypocrisy, religious fundamentalism, capitalistic subjugation and nihilistic worldviews.
-Seve: For me the Finnish was natural choice.

6. I suppose a place where your music takes on a new dimension in the concerts, especially the attitude and visceral proposal, how intense it is a concert mørket? Who would you like to share the stage?
-Seve: Of course it’s as intense as possible and I think it’s getting more intense and aggressive gig by gig. 
If we could share the stage example some of the bands named above, we would be blessed...of course by satan. :)
-Otto: As a live act we aim to be a rabid whirlpool of noise, aggression and ominous dynamics, hehe. I’d like to share the stage with any band that delivers by passion and are not cunts. 

7. How were your beginnings in music: first records, first concerts Why choose to become a musician?
-Seve: Well, I have played guitar in different bands and projects like whole my life since I got my first electric guitar. Music has always been a natural way to express myself of course in good and bad.
My first gig ever as an adult was in the helsinki finland in legendary Factory bar but I cant really remember much.. maybe I was tryin’ to damp down my exitement with beer :) 
-Otto: I’ve been keen to do music of some kind as long as I can remember. At first I played bass and guitar (sucked at both) then a little bit of drums (sucked at that too) and when all my other friends were getting better at playing their instruments, I took up the vocal duties (suck at that too) and now I’m mostly doing just that. My first record was Sgt. Pepper’s lonely hearts club band by The Beatles and my first gig worth mentioning was some vague punk gig at some home party.

8. Why do you believe that in the Nordic countries, in this case Finladia, so many good metal bands come from?
-Otto: The long dark winter, I guess? Melancholic and suicidal traits of the Finnish mentality maybe? I really don’t know, haha!

9. You have just signed with KHY Suomen Musiikki Oy, how contact with the seal occurs? What can you tell us about Kari Hynninen?
-Seve: That’s been awesome and easy. Kari is like mentor to us who have all good connections and wide experience from music business. 

10. One thing is that you are working on your next; What can you advance us about it?
-Otto: Now that our debut is coming out properly through our label Suomen Musiikki with two extra songs, I think we’ll just do a whole lot of gigs and start laying the groundwork for our next LP. 

11. What are your plans for Mørket in 2016?
-Seve: To play as much and loud as we can. In the end of the year we start planning THE second Mørket album. Of course we can’t wait to get our release in our hands in this spring.
-Otto: Seve summed it all up! We keep pushing forward, onward and deeper into the pits of despair.

12. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Mørket, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
-Seve: Best way to follow us is to go Facebook and like our page.
-Otto: If you find our art interesting, bying our LP is always a nice way to appreciate it! It has posters and cool visuals and all other neat stuff. But nevertheless, if you like our music, we’re humbly grateful.

2 × Vinyl, LP, Album, Blue.
- fullcoloured gatefold cover
- heavy printed innersleeves
- 180g X2 blue virgin vinyl
- Artwork by Axel Hermann (Grave, Morgoth, Asphyx, Samael, etc.)


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