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  1. The band members live in disparate places, how arise the idea of creating Põhjast?       Actually we never planned such an international project, it all sort of turned out this way after a row of coincidences and random ideas. The start of the project was sometime in 2007/2008, when I left my long-time main band. Since my further creation needed to be brought to life, I started cooperating with a friend, who played drums.

2. Estonia and Germany are now places where you reside, you all have a good number of bands in which you are involved, how important is it for you Põhjast? Where do you get the time to devote to all the bands?
Currently the members of Põhjast are from Estonia, Canada and Finland. Mr Taaken (Odal, Wolfsschrei, Black Devastation Records) was from Germany, but he played on the first EP/LP of Põhjast. To me personally Põhjast is very imporant - this is, afterall, my own “baby”, who needs to be taken care of. Hopefully it will become somebody when it grows up :) There’s always a scarcity of time of course, as there are priorities. I must just find time…

3. Why did you choose a name for the group as Põhjast?
The meaning of Põhjast to me is ambiguous. In general it represents a compass point. But on the other side, it is a beginning of something new - something from the bottom up. So it is kind of a word game. It also has a more meaningful side.

4. They are thus central recording Estonia, but how is your way of working on new compositions and how your way of recording?
True, main ideas have come though me, but I wouldn’t wish to overemphasize it in any way - the way Põhjast sounds and breathes is still a mutual effort of everyone involved. 
The most important part of my own workflow is that I take the time to dedicate myself to writing Põhjast material. I take a couple of weeks and dedicate myself only to this one thing. This works well for Põhjast.

5. With "Thou Strong, Stern Death" published in 2012, you offer an album with a clear influence of classic heavy, a dirtier sound, how you describe this album and what was important for the band?
I myself would call Põhjast music “nordic metal”. It kind of summarizes all the elements that characterize the music of Põhjast. What’s most awesome is that some riffs that I have played in my head might never sound like that initially - everything changes! After drums, base, and most importantly the vocals, the end result might not be at all what I imagines in the first place :)
6. But your latest release "Matused" is a a'lbum more influenced by doom and black classic sound will viking, how you describe this new album and how the band's sound has evolved between the two?
I mentioned earlier that everything might change the initial idea. This applies also to the album “Matused”. My initial idea to flirt with obvious cliches, was totally turned upside down :) 
7. Candlemass and Bathory are two bands that I think has been a great influence in your sound, apart from all the classic heavy metal, are for you these your main influences?
Definitely those two bands have played a big role in the development of Põhjast, however, I am already in that age that I can definitely say - I have been most influenced by the music I first knowingly listened in my youth. Doesn’t matter if it was the British icon The Smiths or the Brazilian death escadron Sarcofago…

8. Another element of your sound destacarle are clean vocals, Eric Syre is normally Will you sing for them or did you choose this project?
Eric is definitely the trademark of Põhjast :) I would never imagin Põhjast without him. We had a contact with him in form of a particular project also before Põhjast and thus having him in Põhjast was a logical sequel.

9. How to treat the lyrics of Põhjast and inspires you to write about it?
Põhjast lyrics are written by my good friend. His texts are rather based on real life, not fantasies. Although one does not certianly exclude the other.

10. Will it still Põhjast always a study group or sometime may get to offer a concert?
We have already received offers to play at some festivals but at the moment it seems that the time is not ripe yet. We all have bands, some performing constantly. I am not entirelly convinced that we should do this with Põhjast as well. Let’s just say that life will tell…

11. How were your beginnings in music, first cds, concerts, etc? Why choose sen musician? Today preserves the same enthusiasm as when you started?
If you ask about how I came about music, then mainly though my brother, who is 6 years older than me. In his youth he used to listen to bands such as Motorhead, Nazareth, Black Sabbath, Boston, etc. I must also mention my cousin, who introduced me to The Who, The The, The Velvet Underground, The Smiths. 
I believe I never knowingly chose to become a musician, it was rather a row of coincides, as it usually is with life… Most of my friends shared the same taste in music, noone knew nothing about playing any instruments, but the will was bigger than obstacles!
My affection towards playing music or music in general has somewhat changed or alternated over the years but what’s important is that I have sticked to it! Nowadays it is all so easy - there are limitless possibilities to play, practice, record. I don’t wish to sound like an old fart, but despite (or may be because?) of all the possibilities there is too much superficiality and mediocricty. If you cannot impress the audience within the first 30 seconds in youtube then noone cares. I really do not wish to participate in such a “game” :)

12. Your covers have a pagan component, wolf, nature, who designs your covers and how they relate to your music?
Yeah, our cover designs are even misleading perhaps, as based on the covers, most would probably expect us to play fierce black metal opus :) Let’s just say that I have always enjoyed such epic handmade cover designs, but I have never been able to take seriously the epic content that has accompanies such designs (I mean the lyrics) and I categorically refuse those modern digital age covers in case of Põhjast :) This is our bow to old-school and I think it is cool! The first cover design was made by Finnish artist Ritual (Nucleart Design - Impaled Nazarene, Ensiferum, Jess & The Ancient Ones) and our last cover design was by a living legend Kris Verwimp.

13. Stormspell Records has released "Matused" why did you decide to change from record to this new release? Satisfied with the work done by Stormspell Records regarding promotion? See a vinyl edition?
There have been some major changes in Spinefarm Records and I believe that bands of our kind do not probably have a chance in this company…
We are satisfied with the CD that was released by Stormspell Records, but we do not have information about any kind of promotion - we have a license deal and it suited us both. 
Of course we would wish to see the album between vinyl covers, as the studio master was made especially for the vinly too. So hopefully in the future there is someone willing to release it. 

14. What future plans for 2016 have for the band?
In all probability the year 2016 should become an album year! Although we haven’t chosed a record company yet, we have the material and it is in the stage of pre-productions right now. Might be that some changes might occur with this album, but it is too early to talk about that ;)

15. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Põhjast, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
Thank you for your support! I also invite everyone to support musicians and music, and if possible, buy music in a physical form so that quality music could be made also in the future!.

Enigmatic Occult Swedish union of CHALICE OF BLOOD is back with a first feature length release. After a classic 2005 demo and two brilliant splits (with ARKHA SVA and ISRATHOUM) comes a work of several years of occult growth and maturation. "Helig, Helig, Helig" appears as a violent and intense storm, with a fair share of obscure yet not overpowering melodies. Pitch-black aural assault, with production by MARDUK's Lars Broddesson and layout by ever-evolving digital genius of Brianvdp.


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