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Origen: Portugal, Lisboa
Formados: 1994-2002
Estilo: Black sinfónico
Temática: Astronomía y misticismo cosmico
  • Ca-2 Batería
  • D-Void Guitarra
  • Draconiis Guitarra
  • Konstrukt Bajo y voces
  • LRZ Programaciones, samples y teclados

  • Fiery Strife at the Cosmic Gates of Armageddon Demo 1998  
  • ...the Eclipse (the Summons of the Warriors of Armageddon) Demo 1998
  • Aeons of Magick CD 2000
  • Spectral Transition - Dimension Sirius CD 2001
En diversos lugares se pueden leer interesantes críticas describiendo las virtudes de este trabajo pero ciertamente me quedo un tanto alejado de estas opiniones favorables. Sirius ejecuta un black metal sinfónico muy influenciado por Emperor, para que vamos a buscar otra referencia en su sonido aunque Arcturus también sería otro buen ejemplo, al mismo tiempo que transmite una sensación de conexión con el espacio. Su sonido es tremendo no lo vamos a negar, seguramente pocas bandas podrán igualar el despliegue de facultades del que hace gala Sirius (la estrella más brillantes del universo), con un gran aporte de la partes de teclado en todo el álbum. Es tan abundante y tan cargante por momentos que el sonido del resto de instrumentación prácticamente está oculto entre tantas capas sinfónismo, logrando en mi caso un total hastío y recelo ante su música. Considero que el esfuerzo y la ejecución son muy buenas, pero parece que estemos asistiendo a una ópera rock, el sonido es barroco y cargante dejando solo atisbar las voces en ciertas partes pero llevándose por delante todo indicio de metal, ya no hablo de black. Al oyente más acostumbrado al sonido metal huirá prácticamente despavorido de este álbum, por lo demás se podría decir que esto es black sinfónico llevado al extremo. (6,7).

1. Sidereal Mirror 06:18
  The hand of oblivion stretches at me. What worlds lie beyond the abyss?Whither dost thy stare take me for so long?
Hither do we not belong... Alas, they forsaken energy springs into radial reflections which in me reassemble whole of essence for which my soul thirsts... My sidereal mirror from where the stars arose.
Yet far can I sense thy hand, such is the power of your presence! Whose voice, this of the leading silence?And what face portrayeth behind the veil? Whence dost it call? Thy bewildering song? Such beauty, dost not hither belong...
Once I gazed at thee, in the river of hope...But this, the reflection of thy thoughts in mine, was but the flow of the waters, of despair.
2. The Collapsing Spheres of Time 09:13
Chaos is calling beyond the stars...Through this silent stream, I sail towards realms to me unknown. I aim to swerve this starleit veil, towards landscapes never shown. The stars aloft show me an escape, into ethereal worlds of bliss, where I can eternally dwell, lost in freedom's illusive kiss. A dimensional portal is now open, a thousand and one nights of eclipse shall follow, while the shield guides of universal wisdom, bloom ablaze before my eyes... After the western horzion's blood turns black, and all through the dusky hours, I, in my solitude, roam the far flung realms of time. In ancient halls with brazen censers smouldering, strange shadows dance across vaulted ceilings and curtains of rich velvet. And those stone chambers ring, with echoes of the twisted language of conjuration, lighted by the glow of otherworldly powers. The splendor of an eclipse now burning, like a spring in my autumn of suffering. Between tunnels of darkness and light, through dreams or illusions, my this sword be my weapon, the infinite forest of galaxies my realm and the spectral void my shelter. For between a tear and the ocean,there is only us. 
3. Ethereal Flames of Chaos 06:31
Glowing upon the mountains, is the neon fire of chaos. Shaped in the smoke, strange inhuman forms. A rite of destruction, esoteric fiery storms. Darkness lights my obscure path, floating towards the enraptured skies. Dwelling in the harmony of knowledge, drowining in chaos, burning in hate. My soul is like a vessel, sailing the endless seas of time and space. I am the freedom, in the web of human limits, I am the cosmic sand, falling down the path I once climbed. A spiral of emotions, floweth through my veins, drunk with delightful chaos. Burning inside me are the ethereal flames of chaos.  
4. The Stargate 03:36  instrumental
5. Travellers of the Stellar Ocean 06:26
  Swaying in the cosmic winds, enraptured by arcane visions of endless stargates swathed by the origin of all.
A thousand dimensions spreading from the ancestral void, hearken as I howl unto the splendorous night this call:
"Sirius, (come to me) mighty sothis of the ancients. Let thy fires be strengthened by the ones inside my skin.
Rekindle flames of crative magick fettered beyond my (veil of) humanity and torch the myriad galaxies that lurk so deep therein"
Shalt ever our voices sing in unison 'twixt bewildered stars, to see secrets of all space and time before our eyes unfold?
Shalt my hands touch a new beggining, rising beyond its end, and soar throughout the multiverse 'pon aethereal wings within my soul? Galaxies...they are but dust in our hands. A mighty dragon I behold, whose bosom spawned forth time, rolled upon his fiery tongue, his immortal tail does stand.
Close thine eye, oh source of power and watch everything die.
6. Aeons of Magick 09:16
Amidst the stars I have tread and throughout the Earth walked, I have roamed through dimensions of darkness. A journey through the infernal astral twilight, sailing across the stellar ocean. Before death I was born on the cloudveiled center of this cosmic infinity, the throne of the cold void... I saw the transcending fury of death overcome the dim will of the light. Oh divine,spectral essence of cosmos, grant me the mastery of black magick, for thou art the origin and the end! Hearken!The proclamation of my longing, as the energy collides into a rain of burning tears! My silent melody unleashed upon the deaf to hear...My astral dimension,upon the blind to gaze... From the stars I came and to the stars I aim...Where I once ruled and where day dost not follow night. Ceaseless is this vortex and limitless is now my lore... O spirits of the great void abyss! Wherein the dimensional crown of chaos dost reign. Enslave mankind for thy wicked hunger...As with wisdom I conquer back my long forgotten throne. Bloodstained is now the Earth, one with the essence are now those who with me shared this chalice of liquid wonder. Seekers of aeonic magick...Summoning the astral forces. 
7. Beyond the Scarlet Horizon 05:36  instrumental


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