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Good afternoon, thank you very much for agreeing to answer these questions, how's it going for Rp. Czech? 
Cheers! Thanks for having us, we really appreciate the chance to let Spanish fans know about us!

1.The band was born in 2009, why the band decided to create How to incorporate other members came and why you choose the name Desire for Sorrow?
 Well, the roots of the bands go one or two years more into the past, when me (Johny, keyboards) and Ziky (vocals, guitar) had been playing together for some time. Than we found Ruman on guitar and the band started to take shape. After some time we contacted Bimbo (drums) and Vlajda (bass), who joined the band together. We consider that as the start of Desire for Sorrow. As for the name, it does not have any special meaning. We just wanted something that sounds and looks good and after lots of thinking, we chose this name.

2.A year after your first demo you editáis "Angels of Revenge", which got good reviews from media and public, how was the process of composition des this demo? Certain impact you expected or was it something that you taken by surprise? 
Some of the songs for the demo were composed even before „official“ start of Desire for Sorrow. We wanted to first release some material and don't do much live shows and public presence until then. We actually put a lot of work into the demo, and even though we would do some things differently now, I think that the demo was a good starting point. It was recieved very well by the audience and gave us the will and energy to continue and make more music.

3.And this year, "At Dawn of Abysmal Ruination", your first album, I guess it has been hard work while complicated composition, how was the process of writing and recording of "At Dawn of Abysmal Ruination" as band sound has evolved over the years? 
The first CD took a long time to produce, mainly because we wanted to make it sophisticated and not release something undone just to have a release. Composition was maily done by Ziky (vocals, guitars), while I wrote most of the lyrics. This approach worked well for the demo and it still does. The album sounds more coherent when only one person creates the music. We than play it and make adjustments on the fly.
The recording took place at well-known czech studio Šopa. Standa Valasek, who owns the studio, did a really great job and the final CD sounds very distinct and individual. We have got much experience from making this record, which we hope will help us in the future.

4.Your music is melodic at times and when it becomes more aggressive, you do not renounce to keyboards to recreate a dark and gothic atmosphere,, what are your main musical influences and how you have influenced your music? 
It is hard to say, but we don't tend to make our music sound similliar to anything. Each of us listens to different kinds of music, sometimes not even metal and it can be heard from our music. Lots of people try to acuse us from just copying some well-known bands like Cradle of Filth, but we just ignore that. You can't please everyone and if you try to do that, you loose individuality and become just another dull band. It can get a annoying at the times, since we work hard on our music, but it is not that important to us that every single metal person like our music. It's not what metal is about.

5.Could you comment a little Whose idea was it to include a female voice on the album?  
It was Ziky's (vocals, guitar) idea a long time ago. The female vocal fit perfectly to that particullar song and Ziky know Zdenka (the female vocal guest) from old times. Zdenka is an extraordinary singer at it was great to work with her. Even though some of us had doubts about the female vocals at first, it turned out to be great and it gives the CD some variety.

6.If you had to choose between Empreror, Cradle of Filth and Dimmu Borgir, with whom would you choose and why? 
(laugh) That is kind of a difficult question. Each of those bands are great in their own way and you can't just chose one, especially since each plays different kind of black metal. Each of us would give you a different response and if you asked us in a year or two, the respones would also be different.

7.Another aspect somewhat anomalous in your lyrics is the global problems, apart from the anti-religious and post-apocalyptic, why consider interesting to deal with these issues in the lyrics of Desire for Sorrow? 
Well, I always liked the postapocalyptic backgound and the problems of mankind are pretty much what can cause such event that will lead to that time. Lyrics take place around the problems of the greedy human nature and what it can lead to. There is a concept to a whole album, a story that goes through all the songs. We try to make lyrics abstract, so that everyone can to some extend interpret them in his own way and find what he wants to find in them. We also didn't want to do something black-and-white like anti-christian lyrics, which is kind of a stale topic and there is not much room to improvise and create whole stories.

8.Concerts I have been raising awareness and reaching other audiences that probably had not been interested in your music, how important is for you to be able to offer a concert? What opinion deserve you other bands who believe that in a live performance live the essence of black is lost? 
The live shows are really important to us. Very few young bands get how important the live show can be. We try to present the audience complete audiovisual experience. It is essential, especialy in black metal music.
We try to play as much as possible. So far, we did concerts only in Czech Republic, but now we are trying to arrange some gigs abroad. Namely Italy and Austria this year. For the next year, we plan to visit a lot more countries in Europe.

9.Remember how were your beginnings in the music: first concerts, first cds Why did you decide to become a musician and formed a band of black? 
Few of us played from childhood, others few years before Desire for Sorrow. Black metal was what we listened to by the time we started playing together, so it kind of came as a natural thing to do. For Bimbo (drums) and Vlajda (bass), the first big event was the festival Brutal Assault. My first bigger concert was i think Dimmu Borgir with Amon Amarth in Prague, but we all visited a lot of underground events by then and it is difficult to remember the first ones.

10.Who designed the cover of "At Abysmal Dawn of Ruination" and how it relates to the content of the disc? 
The idea for the artwork came from the lyrical theme and the acutal graphics work was don by the Slovak Isis Design studio. They did a great job and we are pleased with the result. The main booklet pictures a prophet, who foresaw the subversion and warned people before it. After the subversion actually came, they elected him to a ruler. The bookled symbolises the contrast of the previous and the new age with the ancient throne, surrounded by debris of the modern world.

11.The edition of the album was made by Parat Magazine, how can you edit this way arose? 
Parat is a well-known magazine in czech republic with a great reputation in the underground scene. We were really axcited when they contacted us with an offer to release our CD. It is hard to get into their schelude because it comes only six times a year and usually issues only well-known, so it was an honour for us to issue our CD there. The cooperation with Parat magazine went great and in a very short time the CD got to many listeners. Currently, we are looking for a label to do second release of the album in Europe. 

12.What future plans do you have for the band regarding upcoming launch, concerts, etc? 
Well, the most important thing for us in the near future is to do more gigs abroad and visit new countries. We are also preparing new music video, which will be shot in two weeks. More distant plans are ofcourse to start working on a new record and maybe visit more distant countries.

13.Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Desire for Sorrow, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
Thanks for having us! For the fans, we only want to thank you for your continuost support and hope that we will see you on a gig sometime! Cheers!
Thanks and regards,
Johny from Desire for Sorrow

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