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1 If not mistaken The unchaining born in 2012, why they decided to form the band and they chose the name The unchaining? 
Yes,i formed the project in that year.I wanted to play music as a one man band to be able creating music without compromises,so i created The Unchaining. The name want to represent a liberation act.

2 From the beginning The Unchainig has been his band do you think is the best way to offer your music or are you willing to future additions? 
I think that The Unchaining is the best way for me to offer my music cause i don't put borders in this project, my aim with The Unchaining is to play always what i feel without restriction of music and themes in the lyrics

3 How has the process of writing and recording their latest album "Fornost Erain" Is there some aspect of their music that is most difficult to be able to record? 
I don't follow a standard procedure in the songwriting, a composition could take place around the synth or the guitar as well. The most difficult part is the programming of the drums: I use a drum machine and it is always a long procedure.

4 For someone who has not heard your music, how would you describe the sound of The unchaining and feelings intended to convey to the listener? 
This is not a simple question ah ah ah ! I think that everyone has a personal feeling when listen to music but i'll try to describe my music: every album has different atmospheres, I think that the first album has a cold atmosphere, the second ,"Ruins At Dusk", is a blend of old Symphonic black metal and slow riffing, it has a dark atmosphere in my opinion but also epic. Fornost Erain has more synth,it has a medieval and epic atmosphere keeping the symphonic elements.It is an album of Epic/Atmospheric Black Metal.

5 After three albums released and finds that the sound has evolved over this time and it differs "Fornost Erain" from your previous albums? 
Yes the sound has evolved,i want that every album have different sounds.

6 His music is very ambient and also has a plane of doom, in its environmental aspect comes into my head for a band also one musician, if not known to be Elffor, but what are your main musical influences and why? 
I have always listened a lot of music, my main influences for this project are the first scene of Symphonic Black Metal but also as you have noticed some old doom metal and Atmospheric Black Metal. Band like old Dimmu Borgir,old Ancient but also Summoning and Blut Aus Nord.

7 His music eventually convey feelings of closeness to nature and a medieval era, but do treat it that song texts considered important and why write about it? 
The lyrics are often focused on nature cause i think that nature can teach a lot to mankind,we just have to watch how nature works to learn how to live in a better way. The theme of nature is connected with a lot of other aspects.

8 How were your beginnings in music, first concerts, cds, etc ... and why he decided to be a musician and start a band?, What other interests do you have outside of music?
As i remember i always loved music,started to listen more "underground" stuff lot of years ago. I don't like very much to go to concerts,for some music genres is difficult to recreate the atmosphere of the recording in live concerts....years ago,when i started listen to black metal with some friends we had a band and played also live shows but now i prefer to make my own music just as recording.

9 His music is offered and is recorded independently by you, is there any record label interested in editing your music or prefer this way to have more control over your work?
My first two albums came out for two labels: the first is out for rigorism production in a limited number of copies, the second is out for behemoth production in 500 copies. For what concern the new album,Fornost Erain, i'm considering some offers,i will let you know the news!

10 Who designed the cover of "Fornost Erain", which represents and how it relates to the content of the album? 
The cover of the album is designed by Alice, my girlfriend,i'm my opinion she is a great artist. The cover is connected to the story of Fornost Erain, the ancient fortress of the dunedain in the northern land of the middle earth.

11 What are your future plans for the band? 
The band is always evolving, the next album will be different from Fornost Erain,i don't want to repeat the same albums. Probably it will be a more Symphonic and it will be faster,with different themes. For now i'm just playing some new riffs, i have no hurry!

12 Thank you very much for your time, talking to Black Metal Spirit. If you want to add something to the followers of "The Unchaining" now is the time. Were the questions I hope to your liking.
Thank you very much for this interview,i'm very glad you like my music, thanks to everyone who supports this project!

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