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1.Create Orob 2010, why did you decide to form the band?, Why the name and referred Orb?
Ben and I were playing guitar together since several years, so we decided to record something in order to recruit live members.The name of the band does not have a particular meaning. We wanted something short and simple, fitting to the "elemental" themes we develop in the lyrics. We also wanted something "round" with a lot of "O".I guess we succeed, we got 50% of "O" within that name. 

2.In this short space of time since the original lineup has been altered in a couple of members, I was difficult to replace Oliver and Benjamin What have contributed Andrea and Yoan?
Well replacing Ben was a pretty easy process since, when he left due to work, he chose Andrea to replace him. Andrea was more into blues and groovy riffs than goat-worshiping evil ones when he got into the band so he brought some serious pieces of lead guitar.In the other hand, finding a new drummer was a real problem, we searched for one year. Olivier was kindly doing sessions for us so we could play live.Fortunately, we found Yoan, who were at the moment performing in the post-metal band Agrion Splendens.

3.In these 4 years the band has released a couple of EPs "Departure" in 2012 and "Into the Room of Perpetual Echoes", how has evolved the sound of the band in between these two eps? How is your way of working and compose?
On the first EP, we tried some progressive things but it was basically black 'n roll. For most us it was our first "serious" band so we hadn't much experience yet. We chose to go for simple and efficient songs we could decently play live. The new EP is way more ambitious and very progressive.
Tracks are almost finished when I submit them to the rest of the band, but are highly prone to change. We now tend to work the songs directly in the rehearsal room to get an "organic" feeling out of them.

4.What are your main musical influences? What topics you treat in your lyrics and interesting to consider why write about it?
I would say that norwegian and english extreme progressive bands are our main source of Inspiration. I think of bands such as Enslaved, Akercoke, Arcturus or Code. But there are many others, some cascadian black metal like WITTR, some progressive death metal, atmospheric tunes in the vein of Dead can Dance. Many others.
At first, the idea with Orob was to express raw emotions about existential fears and bleak landscapes but through the two EPs, we unintentionally started to build our own little Mythology, with characters, gods, places... All seems to make sense now and be sure that the next record will tell what happens to the Trickster and the Room of Perpetual Echoes. 

5.How would you describe the music of Orob for someone you have not yet heard What you intend to convey to the listener with your music?
It's something dark and progressive, epic and majestic that talks about solitude, cold, vastness and our place in cosmos as an human.Wow, who wouldn't buy our EP with such an advertisement !? 

6.Your musical proposal fits into the metal post and black, how do you think your music fits within the French proposal scene? Bands what we recommend for your area that are not yet well known?
Even if we certainly do have post-black metal influences, we do not consider ourselves to be a part of the post movement. And the french avant-garde BM is really something tougher than our music, more chaotic (I think of Blust Aut Nord, Aosoth). Our music don't really fit with french black metal, maybe more with progressive death metal like SuP? I don't know.Talking of post black metal I appreciate the Great Old Ones, from Bordeaux.

7.What brand of tools do you use? Is it the same as you use at concerts?
We recorded the guitar parts of the EP on a Peavey 6505+ if you want to know where that gritty tone comes from, but my live guitar amp is a Valveking, cheap but cool. I know that Pierre-Henry plays on a warwick bass, the drum is a fine expensive one... But this is all about comfort, I don't think the instruments and amps are changing anything to the music.We should have picked the worst mic and worst guitar of a shop and record songs in a horrible way like Varg did. That would have been true !

8.The theme of the show seems to be very present in Orob, would you take it is difficult to direct your proposal? Satisfied in August to participate in the Xtreme Fest?
We try to play live as much as we can. I can't say we encountered that much trouble finding gigs. Toulouse is a pretty active town, speaking of metal music. A lot of serious people are keeping the scene alive and kicking. We are honored and thankful to be a part of the Xtreme fest this year, I bet it'll be a smashing experience.

9.Of all the bands that are part of the Xtreme Festl poster, what you admire most and why?
Gojira is surely that band. They just proved you can do neck-breaking death metal while being outrageously innovative. They also showed the world that France is able to deliver great metal outfits.

10.How did you get started in music, cds you bought early, first concerts I attend, etc? .. Why you decided to be a musician?
We all started somewhere around high scool. For my part, bands like Sepultura or Slayer got me into making music.I remember my first black metal concert, it was Marduk playing live in Montauban. It kind of raped my young, candid ears.

11.Not hearing record has been interested in editing your music?
We've been contacted by some labels after we released ITROPE.We'd like to get one for the next release so it can get a real distribution.

12.What future plans do you have for the band concerts, upcoming releases?
We'd like to play live outside of the south of France. We're currently planning a mini-tour with our friends Havenless for 2015. An album is in the making, we already have several tunes and a strong concept around it.We might re-release some old tracks before recording that album.

13.Thank you very much for your time, talking to Black Metal Spirit. If you want to add something to the followers of Orob, now is the time. Were the questions I hope to your liking.
Thank you for your interest, answering these questions was a pleasure.
To the readers, please note that the EP can be downloaded for free on our bandcamp page.

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