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Origen: Italia, Roma
Formados: 2009
Estilo: Black y thrash
Temática: Horror, satanismo, sexo y violencia
Enlaces: FacebookSatanika y vk
  • Cris Pervertor Voces
  • Mr. Barren Guitarra

  • Atomic Curse EP 2010   
  • Brain Damage EP 2010   
  • Mutilator EP 2010   
  • Re-animate the 80's EP 2010   
  • The Plague of Thrash Recopilatorio 2010   
  • Satanikattack CD 2011   
  • Metal Possession EP 2011
  • Infection CD 2012
  • Sadistic Perversions Split 2012   
  • Inquisitor EP 2013   
  • Nightmare CD 2014
  • Total Inferno CD 2015
  • Horde of Disgust CD 2023
Con "Satanika" los italianos llegan a su tercer larga duración después de habernos dejado un buen puñado de material en estos últimos años. "Satanika" es puro thrash black con un sonido más directo que sus anteriores trabajos y que coloca a la banda en un nuevo status. "Nightmare" es una sucesión de riffs thrash metal melódicos, inspirados y que se adentran en las bandas de inicios de lo años noventa. Su  sonido se adentra también en el punk, y siempre está muy presente la escena tharsh gérmana. En cuanto a las voces son pura rabia, nada que objetar a excepción de alguna experimentación en algún tema. "Nightmare" no tiene pausas, va a toda velocidad, los riffs de guitarra se entrelazan uno tras otro a cuál más rápido y crudo, la batería asiste a este ejerccico de riffs aumentado la carga de velocidad conviviendo con voces que encajan perfectamente en el thrash que desprende esta obra. Las letras de los temas se mueven por terrenos más satánicos, Pervertor en la intro ya lo deja bien claro. Un álbum muy recomendable que nos descubre a una banda a tener en cuenta dentro de la escena. (8,9).

1. Electro-Shock 04:02
  Awakened at midnight by thrills of your nightmares
they open your wounds in the dark
liars, liars, they are fuckin' liars...there is no fuckin' cure
they only want to abuse
Tools are cold as ice as they penetrate the brain
shock waves of morbid death, deep radiations from hell
injecting acid into the bleeding eyes
a lethal dose of silent death inside the putrid veins

Lurking in shadows molesting the bodies
the plague devours from within
into the dark of mental hell erasing the consciousness
like a torture with thousand blades
a depraved electric dose of experimental terror
they'll ripping out your soul, in your sleep you'll die again

Follow the black light into electro madness, fall into the dark of the mind
every nerve alive, never wake up alive, it's time for all to die...


Trapped in a corner by cowards from hell
they'll slaughter your soul with a black magic spell
don't try to escape don't try to fight
there is no light n the dark of your mind....
2. Mask of Satan 02:50
Old Moldavia saw the birth of Asa, Satan's evil witch a shame for the Vajda, line full of filth and demonic crime Satan's willing bitch laid in a tomb under the cross sworn to return by black magic curse demonic bride too evil to die son you will hear her vengeanceful cry no escape from Satan's wrath as she returns the Devil laughs crosses turn and idols crack fear the unholy witches attack The Inquisition chained her and impaled her face with Satan's mask of iron the execution flames were purged by unholy rain protected by the demon  
3. The Black Queen 03:43
She commands the demon breed
owns the beauty of the night
welcomes to you to hellfire
takes the rays of light
horny visions make me bleed
victory by satanic seed
this is what she has done to me
raped again by magic tease

Black magic is everywhere...
tease me...
Black magic is forever...take me...

Please accept my sacrifice
mistress from the morbid side
dead and dreaming my blood is yours
my soul to feed your hungry whores
all my bones laid to your feet
your grip so cold my heart deceased
punish me if it's your desire
send my soul to infernal fire

Black magic is everywhere...
tease me...
Black magic is forever...take me...

Kneel before the altar the shrine offering believe

A monument your body is
my sanctuary my eternal test
tease me...take me...BLACK QUEEN

My wish to cum I obey your rules
a sacrifice a foolish tool
embrace my soul with blackest shores
make me your altar whore
tease me...take me...BLACK QUEEN
4. Blood Orgy of the She-devils 04:46
See their eyes obsessed with hate see them lurkin' in the dark the darkest night, the blackest fate this is the final sacrifice Nail'em down one by one upon the altar of lies rip the skin with flames of fire fulfil Satan's desire Spilling the blood upon the altar come forth sisters of death burn the candles for Satan's tonight Spare no fuckin' life High-Priestess of total Hell rejoice in flames of death boiling blood consumes the light the gates of Hell open wide women of desire possessed with wicked minds cast the morbid curse tonight no one survives. Feel the 1000 knives... BLOOD OF ORGY OF THE SHE-DEVILS Feel the demon rise... BLOOD OF ORGY OF THE SHE-DEVILS Bring forth beasts of flesh, unleash the tortures so that no one forgets unholy evil chants...  
5. The Executioner 03:33
Melted in unholy fire, condemned by supreme force of evil burn the skin and pierce their eyes make them suffer till they die a pounding hammer in your brain possessed by death I'm insane Fear the blades of the Executioner... on your knees again for the Executioner... Hauntings victims in the night a cruel beast with burning eyes High Priest of striking evil...he'll judge who lives or dies Invoke the powers from blackest Hell feeding dead into deepest Hell  
6. Steel Aggressor 03:15
Evil invaders fallen from the sky insane parasite, destroyer of mankind Possessed by fire, sent from Hell his only order is to rape and kill Steel Aggressor...a violent weapon made to kill Steel fire what they'll feel! No limits to evil...depraved sleaze from Hell repulsive flesh will bleed, once you're possessed Forged into the abyss, with Devil's fire Steel Aggressor... possessed by neverending hate Steel Aggressor... a violent plunge into the grave!  
7. Deathwitch Possession 03:35
Fear demonic force striken by tortures of death she has no fuckin' remorse slaughtered in pain by the dead Drown into the absurd fear her evil spells possessed by living death Die in Hell... Deathwitch Possession!!! Unspeakable evil penetrates your soul you won't escape, it's time to face your doom Like a plague she kills from within silent, slowly with evil and sin  
8. Sacrifice the Bitch 03:58
It's prime to light the fire of Satan's darkest wrath prepare the sacrifice, awaiting the final bloodbath Oh night so dark like blood knives take now our lives Inverted cross upon our head...hordes of the dead It's time to break the mortal chains It's time to kneel before eternal flames Into the sea of fire where sinners scream in vain the worms of Satan take your soul of pain's time to Sacrifice the Bitch Sacrifice the Bitch...Sacrifice the Bitch... die, die, die.... The freezing silence in the night, deathlike damnation possesses the minds...Rise, rise, rise in scorn... blasphemic cruelty's reborn
9. Carnal Violence 03:53
Trapped inside your blackest hell - a vicious morbid mind psychosexual parasite, hunter of human lives it's time of horror, he's here tonight, innocents will die you've been warned, evil's for your life... you cannot hide, you cannot cry, choose suicide! you've been ripped and left to die... this was, your life. Carnal Violence...satisfied by homicide Carnal Violence...the violent sacrifice Dressed in black with shining globes sadistic forces...he's uncontrolled screaming through the night, spreading violence and disease no remorse he can't be seen, blood is spilled againg paranoia's growing stronger as he brings you to the grave see his, face of death staring in your eyes addicted to the pain fear the beast inside sinkin' into mental hell, obey his morbid spell feel the blade and dig your tomb he rips the bitches' womb Carnal Violence...into the evil mind Carnal Violence...the violent sacrifice.  
10. Devil's Reject 05:14
I walk through the depths of the fiery hell in torment I'm under his spell escape from the grave the master arrives my bleeding soul is alive Possessed by the dark since the day I was born Satan awaits my return I cannot defy him my soul is condemned into the fire I'll fall with the dead hordes of demons rise coming from the darkside neverending terror's striking in my mind haunted by death they rip my burning flesh Unstoppable force netherworld is at hand I rape and kill as I can infamous eyes stare my acts of defiance extreme pity for liars I'm the betrayer you will not survive as lethal evil's possessing my mind I slice all the throats I'm spreading the plague I bring down the world. you will fear my return Blood on my hands - I'm the Devil's reject Lethal as death - I'm the Devil's reject escape from Hell - I'm the Devil's reject born from the grave - I'm the Devil's reject Poison the world, cast my own curse rise the empire from the tomb storming the gates, burning inside thy Kingdom's gone, my will is done Feast on the flesh, tyrant of Hell victim of doom, Blessed by the sins fall to your knees and worship me... INTRO SOLO BY BARREN FINAL SOLO BY ERIC DANIEL 

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