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Sacrament Ov Impurity came to be in the year 2007 by Samhain (drums) and The Butcher (guitar) after their former band, Ozzmotiarr came to an end. They were joined by XephilaX on bass and vocals and began writing and rehearsing their new material

1. Sacrament Ov Impurity born in 2007, why did you decide to create the band? How were the beginnings Sacrament Ov Impurity? What can you tell us Ozzmotiarr your first band?
Our other projects had fallen apart and The Butcher and I had always loved black metal it seemed like the right to do. Ozzmotiarr was a grind band but it always had some black metal influence that showed through.

2. It seems that when Sacrament ov Impurity was on the verge of getting something great always had a problem with one of its members, the abandonment of XephilaX first when begin a tour and later abandoning Naphula , how these changes have affected somewhat forced the Sacrament ov Impurity career ? Will you continue as a duo or are you open to future additions?
XephilaX simply was always more into technical death metal styles and he was in school at the time of our first tour. His priorities weren't the band. Naphula preferred a more “orthodox” style than ours so she left the band. As far as adding another person we aren't looking for anyone but it's always a possibility... maybe not bass guitar. Something like synthesizer or cello to add to the atmosphere.

3. How was the recording process and composition of your latest "Anguishing in Obscurity ", how the sound has evolved Sacrament Ov Impurity over the years? I find it very complicated? Having to take up the entire musical to be only two musicians?
Recording our latest record was good. We recorded in a basement and although lo-fi in some aspects it turned out great and was also a great learning experience. We had a great engineer. As far our sound it's always been a bit different. With only 2 members it really gives a lot of breathing room and mistakes become more apparent so I think it has forced us to refine our craft.

4. Openly declare to be away from any musical trend, what bands have inspired the sound of Sacrament ov Impurity? Five essential albums in black metal for you?
 Bands that have inspired me (Samhain) that are outside of black metal are: Converge, High On Fire, Celtic Frost, Neurosis, Amebix, Loss, Earth, Municipal Waste, Mastodon, Black Sabbath.
Five essential black metal albums: 1. Absu- Tara 2. Watain- Sworn to The Dark 3. 1349 – Hellfire 4.  Immortal – Sons Of Northern Darkness 5. Sargiest – Let The Devil In.

5. Did you try the letters "Anguishing in Obscurity "? Why do you consider interesting the topics covered? What are you trying to convey with your music?
 It's pretty cliche now but we draw our inspiration from the usual sources. Interest in history, religion, horror films combined with some depression and nihilism. The album title just seemed like a good fit and it's a play on words referring to our current standing as a band being relatively obscure.

6. From the beginning one aspect that you care is that of the concerts, with this I have secured a solid base of fans, How important are the Sacrament ov Impurity concerts?  What is the best gig in which you participated?
I think our latest tour had some of the best shows we've every played as far as crowd response. But also opening for Mayhem in 2011 was cool. We try to put on a show and add some atmosphere with props, etc... but we just hope people enjoy the show.

7. Being in contact with other groups at concerts in the area will let you have a good knowledge of the scene, how would you describe the current black metal scene in the Midwest? What do you think about movements like Cascadian black metal or black metal post? Do you think that these mixtures gender impoverished or otherwise provide variety and quality?
Being from the Northwest I'm not really up to date on the Midwest scene, but we did play with Terratism when they came to Portland and San Francisco last time. They're amazing. As far as the Cascadian scene goes I'm fine with it and we certainly have some elements in our music. The only thing is that it can get repetitious at times. Definite mood music though. I dig some Wolves In The Throne Room, Ash Borer, Elk, Alda, Addaura and of course Agalloch.

8. " Anguishing in Obscurity" was self-released, Do you consider this the best way to offer your work? There is no label interested in editing? Thus have greater control over the whole musical aspect Sacrement Ov Impurity?
We simply don't have any label interest at the moment so we just decided to do it ourselves rather than hope something happens.

9. What will the future of Sacramet depararé Ov Impurity regarding upcoming releases and concerts.
 We will go on tour again this year but details won't come out until after the Holidays. Also another album is recorded it just needs lyrics, vocals, and a final mix.

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