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Unspeakably brutal guitar patterns, multi-layered and yet beautiful synth walls, ingenious arrangements combined with electronics, devastating drum parts, complex bass assaults and the unique vocals coming straight from the deep pits of Hell! Formed in Kuopio Finland 1999, Shade Empire has developed its own genre. 

Eero Mantere, founding member and bassist of the Swedish Shade Empire responds to this interview

1. Shade Empire born in 1999, today you are the only original member of the first lineup that still is part of Shade Empire, what are your memories of the beginnings of the band? How sound has influenced different Shade Empire lineup changes it has undergone over the years and especially the recent addition of the guitars Kivimäki Aapeli this year?

Yes, it' s sure been a while when we started. Actually I (Mantere) and our guitarist Sirkkiä formed the band back then. I have only good memories from the early years! Everything was so innocent and the songwriting process and playing itself was like finding new things all the time. We started to play together and got a few friends along and after some changes got the lineup that remained many years. We have gone quite far with just a few lineup changes because we all are good friends and keep in touch outside the band also. We have done only one gig with Aapeli yet but he seems to be very nice person and have great playing skills. So I think he'll be important person for the band in the future!

2. How was the process of writing and recording of "Omega Arcane "? Does the writing process rests with one person or all contribute ideas?

Savolainen and Sirkkiä wrote the whole material together by making quite final demo versions of the songs. The rest of us just trained our parts and of course added some own flavors to our parts before the recordings. OF course we all listened to demos and thought about some changes and like that. Harju wrote all the lyrics and is behind the whole concept of the album.

3. How did the idea of incorporating Excerpts "Omega Arcane” and the collaboration of Petra Lisitsin the voices?

Petra has visited also in our previous albums and it was natural to ask her again because we felt that some parts needed female vocals.

4. "Sinthetic " was your first album and the one that brought you some recognition , do you think that " Omega Arcane is superior to "Sinthetic "? How has the sound of Shade Empire between these two albums? What aspect highlight of "Omega Arcane "?

No i don't see Omega Arcane as a continuum to Sinthetic since we have made two albums in between them. Our sound has progressed naturally over the years. We have still quite dominant keyboard parts but not in the scale of Sinthetic. Guitars and orchestrations give also major sound to Omega Arcane as Sinthetic relied more on keyboards.

5. Your sound is very rich and varied, has elements of melodic death and black, what really define the sound of Shade Empire for someone who does not know you? What are your main musical influences?

Someone named our style as hybrid metal which gives you quite good meaning for what's going on. We have elements from different metal genres as well as from jazz and so on. We all listen to music in a very large scale. Some of us like old death metal as some listen to movie soundtracks and elevator jazz. So our influences vary very much and come form a very wide area.

6. What kind of equipment you use to record music and you use at concerts?

We recorded guitars, bass and keys in our home studios. So there was no need for amplifier stacks that we use in concerts. Computers with Cubase sequencer were in major role of the recording process… The actual instruments are pretty much the same we use live.

7. With a background as important concerts at his back, what tour or concert feels more pleased to have participated in it?

Of course touring abroad is very different than playing in Finland and has it's own advantages but I think playing in Tuska-Festival or Nummirock main stage are the highlights. Metal festivals gather usually large audience and it's great to play outdoors!

8. As for the lyrics of their songs are post-apocalyptic themes, hate, destruction Where was inspired to write the lyrics and why these issues considered important?

As I said, Harju wrote all the lyrics and is behind those stories. I think he gets his ideas from the surrounding world and it's grievances. Those themes mixed with his twisted imagination gives something that I'm not accountable, haha!

9. How did you get started in music? Why did you decide to become a musician? Reap? Today keeping the same enthusiasm as when you started?

I started to play guitar with my friends back in the years. I trained guitar on my own and at my friends' homes. First we played Metallica and such before we began playing with Sirkkiä and making our own songs little by little. As the band progressed and we got our first recording deal, playing has just came a part of living. I don't think I ever actually decided to be a musician, I'd rather say I just grew up with music and the band grew up aside. Today I don't have the same enthusiasm on training things but playing live and hanging with the guys are still the main reasons you get the kicks out of this. The energy and the feeling you get out on gigs is just something you can't get anywhere else!

10. Tell us about the Finnish music scene, how things have changed over the years? How does Shade Empire within the same?

The amount of bands has grown up tremendously and it's harder to get gigs in reasonable terms. At least smaller bands suffer from the lack of audience as the supply is so wide. We have made assorted gigs over the years so I think the audience is eager to see us.

11. Strychneen Studio has been responsible for designing the album, what do you want the cover reflect Omega Arcane and how it relates to the content of the album?

The album cover reflects the whole concept of Omega Arcane very well. It's a scenery of ruins and apocalyptic devastation; the world that's written on the lyrical theme of the album.

12. Another important point for you is the issue of “Omega Arcane" through Candlelight Records, What has it meant for you to belong to Candlelight Records? Are you satisfied with the work they have done? Will follow in the future linked to the seal?

It's great to be part of the legendary Candlelight. They are one the most legendary metal labels around and we are proud to be part of the family! We're very satisfied with their work so far and hope that our cooperation remains strong in the future also!

13. What future plans do you have for Shade Empire, as to show, upcoming releases? Are you satisfied with the response obtained "Omega Arcane "?

We are very satisfied with the response of Omega Arcane. Over all critiques and fans have been very pleased with the album and the feedback has been very incentive. We have a tour in Finland coming in January-February with Wolfheart and some gigs before that in Finland. We have also negotiated about European tour in March but there are still some days open so it's not fully confirmed. Hopefully we get to inform you about that in the very near future!

14. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Shade Empire, this is the place . I hope the questions are to your liking.

Thank you! Hope to see you somewhere in Europe next spring!

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