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Irae rises from the ashes of my soul in the year of propaganda 02e.s while playing in some other acts as flagellum dei,morte incandescente,flamma aeterna,storm legion and some other bands from the 95/96 era that remains unknown and forever lost in time.The spirit of Irae was following me over the years and for some many reasons it hasn..t done earlier.Irae only will is to spread evil,hate,chaos and to honor satan,continue the path that black metal should allways be like in his very begining without follow the metal must be equal to himself simply black metal and no more bullshit.Spread the wrath of satan ..


Good evening how’s everything in Lisbon? , Thank you very much for agreeing to answer these questions.
Hello its an cold night here in Lisbon,one of the first cold nights for the upcoming winter and im on my bedroom drinking tea,listen to some demo tapes and answerinr to these questions.HAIL 

1. Irae was created in 2002, how were the beginnings of the band? Why did you decide to create Irae?

Yes that´s correct it was in 2002 in November precisely that time i was playing in bands as Morte Incandescente,Flamma Aeterna,Flagellum Dei,Storm Legion and some lives for Corpus Christii much stuff was happening but one day an impulse from the past give on me and i simply record the demo "spreading the wrath" in to days with drum machine and al instruments directly to my stereo so i guess that i needed something by my own since the first days playing 1995 discovering that my aim is to create the satan´s monuments in music.

2. You have participated or is a member of bands like Decayed, Corpus Christii , to name a few , what gives you Irae with respect to all the other bands ? I suppose it always will remain your band or are open to future additions?

Well you know Decayed its J.A Corpus Christii is NH and so on,Irae its me my own world of creation and destruction but i think we all can participate in other´s projects and bands,by now i have a live steady line up and sometimes guests in stuidio recordings

3. Since 2003 has been published in a more or less regular material to reach this 2013 with the release "Rites of Unholy Destruction” compilation that collects in 15 subjects from Irae history, how was the process of selection of these topics and considered representative why? Why has published two compilations in the space of just one year?

Rites of unholy Destruction marks the first 10 years in Irae´s history and it was recorded with the live line up Andrecadente and Angel-0 and the main idea here was to celebrate it and give a diferent aproach with these songs that most of it was recorded at my place with drum machine and some from the first demo "Spreading the wrath of satan" to "Terror 666" album and "From the deepest night " ep that´s sold out from many years with songs that more or less I play live and some i never played until ...pelo negro holocausto split.
The "To those who stands...evil prevails" is a compilation of two recent demos i recorded everything again including drums which is a kind of a new phase for me and none of this tracks is in "Rites of unholy destruction" and im fully satisfied with both.

4. How is the process of writing and recording music Irae? Do you find it very difficult to have to deal with record all the instruments?

It depends of what i want to do when gets something to mind so i explore several ways of creation and recording sometimes it comes with some guitar riffs other times i record drums in a way i dont know where it goes and then do the songs over it other times some melody come into my head or be at rehearsal room it some guest participation and just jam and other times it starts with a lyric so its all given by impulses.
Drums will always be a challenge for me but i struggle with it,nowdays i still record with an 8 track recorder no fucking fancy studio ways here

5. What bands considered important in black metal which has served as inspiration for the music Irae?

If i consider some bands or recordings as inspiration i say first Bathory recordings, early Burzum,"Wrath of the tyrant" by Emperor, Moonblood but i think my inspiration is the total evil itself

6. Irae The lyrical aspect revolves around Satanism and the destruction of mankind, what can you tells us about these two concepts and why consider important?

For me it´s all that black metal its all about Evil,Hate, Intolerance and  Individualism  since i think i have  it all i guess that´s nothing more to talk about.

7. Five essential albums in black metal for you.

In no particular order
Bathory-Under the sign of the black mark
Dark throne-Under a funeral moon
Mayhem-De mysteriis dom sathanas

8. After all these years dedicated to black metal, how do you see the scene today compared to when you started? Do you think that today has lost the essence of black metal in favor of more "marketability "?

When i started to listen to black metal i was around 13/14 years it was on 93/94 era i can say that all changed yet there still some dedicated warriors here and there rising the black flame of black metal and honoring like it has to be and that´s all it matters to me definitely its not a case of experience or majority you just have to know what you want and what you´re up to i may say that a lot of bands get mainstream cos they wanted or changed or needed to live from music or that some kind of lame crap crybaby band its ranked as black metal but i just dont care about their existence cos they reveal their own weakness and falsehood with time and i´ll be here laughing. 

9. Irae has sought in recent years to offer concerts, for it is surrounded by live musicians, how has selected these musicians? What has been the concert that saves a better memory?

Yes after some invitations i joined an old group of friends and warriors and accepted the invitation of a friend and it was the first live ever done with Irae on 22.11.2008 so that one was really a special one for me and was released on tape by bubonic prods however, there were very good nights of concerts and prepare each ritual as if only this one ever was existed and who go to Irae´s shows see and listen to what we do,Black Metal.
With time i´ve done some line up changes due to impossibility of the first live members playing i choosed carefully each one but by now we´ve been playing for some time already together.

10. "Rites of Unholy Destruction" has been edited by Discipline Productions, limited to 166 copies, how did the idea for this book? Who designed the cover and how it relates to the musical content of the album?

Yes it was released by discipline prods in double LP 12" + 7" in 166 copies and Tenebrd music in CD and it will be released by Werewolf promotion in tape,the artwork was done by a close friend of mine "from the circle" with my ideas and the cover relates the past,present and future of mine of Irae and of mankind its a assemble of pictures one foto of mine with the contrast of burned trees and an erupting volcano all together by the back of the LP its an image of as lisbon street some decades ago and inside you have a mix of live and session rare fotos some never used before,its a celebration release with old re-recorded tracks it doesnt make him better or worse just diferent so has i said before its all related with past present and future.

11. What are your future plans for Irae, regarding upcoming releases, concerts, etc?

By now we have plans for two more shows in january 2014 in the north of portugal places we never played before,and im expecting the release of a four way split tape with Irae/Sardonic witchery/Inner Helvete/Silva nigra, while end up some more material for splits with Nigrum Ignis Circuli from Bósnia and another one with black command from holland then i finally prepare the new album.

12. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Irae, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Thanks for the interview it is a pleasure for me to spread the wrath everywhere !!!


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