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träumen von aurora was founded in 2007 by patrick wunsch. after several line-up changes and the recordings of two demo songs ("flucht" in 2007 and "nie ist alles schon gesagt" in 2009) the band signed with trollzorn records in march 2012. musically, the band is dedicated to post black metal and offers very different elements, for instance whispering, clean guitars and restrained sidestick drumming as well as harsh vocals, distorted tremolo picking and blast beat.

1. Träumen von Aurora was created in 2007, how were the beginnings of the group? Why Träumen von Aurora was created and referred to the group name?
The band started out as a side project. I had written what is now called "flucht", which I wanted to play on stage; my main band, however, was following quite a different concept. After that main band ceased to exist, I gathered a few friends in order to continue making music under the name träumen von aurora.
The name itself was some sort of sudden inspiration. I can't remember what I originally meant by it, but I prefer leaving the interpretation up to the listener anyway.

2. Only a year has passed since the release " Sehnsuchts Wogen " and " Rekonvaleszenz " , how was the process of writing and recording of " Rekonvaleszenz " and how your sound has evolved regarding " Sehnsuchts Wogen "?
Well, most of the material for "rekonvaleszenz" was written while we were still recording "sehnsuchts wogen", since that took much longer than expected and we didn't want to waste any time. The recordings of "rekonvaleszenz" went much better. They took place in Rheda, with Herbst from Lantlôs. We had recorded our demo songs before "sehnsuchts wogen" there, too, so we knew that the results would be great.
As for the writing process of "rekonvaleszenz", it was a much more band-like experience. We took our time with the details, and everyone in the band contributed some brilliant ideas. We tried a variety of styles from black metal to postrock in order to convey the concept of the album as well as possible.

3. How is your way of writing, all contributing ideas or is there a leader? How have the new additions in the current sound deTräumen von Aurora?
Usually, I come up with some base material which all the others add to, except for "was einst im wind der wälder lag" which was written by Camilo. But we actually encourage the others to share their ideas. In fact, I don't spend much time on bass lines and drums when writing base material, so Robert and Michael have much freedom there (except for certain parts where I actually do care what is played). We always try to combine the advantages of writing down music (and thus, having some sort of overview that allows us to co-ordinate instruments as well as possible) and the productive dynamics during our rehearsals.

4. The music of Träumen von Aurora, has a strong emotional component, how would you describe your music to someone who does not know the group?
I think our music is very melodic, but also intense due to selected black metal elements, and we tend to avoid simple song structures in favour of a more musical-journey-like approach. Hopefully, these musical journeys take the listener through a variety of emotions we try convey.

5. Is there a conceptual history in the lyrics of “Rekonvaleszenz "? Why was decided to include two instrumentals?
During the writing process, the concept slowly crystallised out and we started to tweak the pieces to reflect it even better. We always took the lyrics into account when working on the details, so that both elements melded as much as possible.
There was a crucial moment in the story, though, that I felt I could not properly capture in words, so we refrained from lyrics for two pieces and made sure they work as intended nonetheless.

6. Musically speaking, what bands have influenced the sound of Träumen von Aurora?
I don't know to what extent these bands have directly influenced our sound, but for me personally, bands like Alcest, Amesoeurs, Dornenreich, Lantlôs and Nocte Obducta were a great influence when I started to write music in general. I cannot deny some influence from Maybeshewill on "orion 2.1", either. But since other band members with a different taste contribute to our music as well, the influence of the before-mentioned bands should be minimal. We have been compared to them, of course, but to be honest, I don't really see that, except for certain aspects like using German lyrics or a range of vocal styles (like Dornenreich and Nocte Obducta do).

7. What can you tell us about the concerts they have done? Is it very difficult to capture in a concert of music complexity of Träumen von Aurora?
For our sets, we try to find a balance between our long and complex pieces (like "reflexionen") and the shorter ones (like "neontot"). This is not an easy thing to do, since you want to capture the attention of people who love to just stand and listen for a while without those leaving who enjoy guitar tremolo and intense drumming. Hopefully, we can manage to cater for both groups and those inbetween.

8. How were your beginnings in music? What made you pursue music? Why did you choose to be vocal?
A friend of mine had a band back in the days, and they were searching for a singer. I sent them some recordings of me singing (which I had done hobby-wise since childhood), they invited me and we started making music. I learnt how to growl and scream and we kind of found our style in the genre of Pagan Metal. After having dealt with the guitar pro files of the guy in charge of writing the material for a few years, I tried fiddling with the software myself. When the band broke apart, I had quite some practice, and I started writing my own material. That were the beginnings of the before-mentioned main band that träumen von aurora once was a side project to.

9. What brands of instruments used in the study to record and brands use at concerts?
Camilo uses the well-known Peavey 6505+ that was also used for all guitars on the recording (a fun thing we found out when we recorded our guitars: Herbst uses the same amp with nearly identical settings as Camilo does (lots of lows, highs and mids at a moderate pace and not too much gain)); the sound just fits this style of music just perfectly. I don't know what guitar he uses.
Drums: Tama shells, Paiste cymbals. Mostly because they were cheap, though.
Bass: No idea, actually.
On concerts, we just take whatever boxes or drums we get.

10. What band would choose for a Split?
None, actually, because I don't like splits. If we were forced to, well, one of the before-mentioned ones would be great, of course.

11. Who designed the cover of “Rekonvaleszenz "? What do they represent to her and how it relates to the music?
It was designed by Julian Rüterbories and Michael. We chose ivy because it is pretty resistant, green even in winter, and grows over all kinds of objects, completely covering them eventually. It also symbolises human attachment. We found this very fitting for the kind of regeneration we are talking about on the album.

12. Trollzorn Records has addressed the issue of “Rekonvaleszenz " , how is your relationship with the label , will in the future linked to it , that is your opinion about the work they have carried out with this issue?
They do a great job and we enjoy working with them. The future is kind of unclear, since the two releases our contract convers are done now. We shall see.

13. What are future plans for Träumen von Aurora as concerts, upcoming releases, etc. . .
We have already started working on new material for our third album, but due to Kavi and Maike having left the band recently, we couldn't make much progress in the last few months. We really hope that changes once we've found replacements for them.
As far as concerts are concerned, we have two planned at the moment. One with Vyre and Todtgelichter and one with Außerwelt and Total Negation.

14. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit , if you want to add something for the followers of Träumen von Aurora , this is the place . I hope the questions are to your liking.
Yes, they were. Thank you for this interesting interview!

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