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Origen: Reino Unido, Londres 
Formados: 2002
Estilo: Black, death
Temática: Muerte, ocultismo y oscuridad
Enlaces: Facebook y Grave miasma
  • D  Batería
  • T Bajo y guitarra
  • Y Guitarra y voces

  • Exalted Emanation EP 2009
  • Realm of Evoked Doom EP 2010
  • Odori Sepulcrorum CD 2013
  • Endless Pilgrimage EP 2016
  • Odori Sepulcrorum - The Demos Demo 2020
  • Abyss of Wrathful Deities CD 2021
Odori Sepulcorum es el resultado de más de diez años de trabajo, primero como  Goat Molestör, banda original de donde surgió Grave Miasma en 2006 y ya desde entonces bajo el nombre de Grave Miasma y de ir dando forma a un sonido en el cual en un principio se movía por terrenos del death y del black y tal vez ahora responda mejor a los patrones del death y del doom. Su sonido es bastante inquietante y no se amolda a los patrones establecidos, ya que es muy rico en matices con detalles muy cuidados y con un gusto por sonidos orientales, al ser Y de origen israelí, les resulta del todo imposible abstraerse de sus raíces. Referencias esotéricas y arcanas así como una atmósfera oscura y sucia aportan también a su música una orientación black. Los riffs de guitarra son lentos y pesados de gran factura, la batería tiene la fuerza de una losa y también mantiene el ritmo lento de las composiciones y las voces arrastran al oyente a las puertas del averno, gracias también a su violencia en algunas partes, llenas de gruñidos. Sin ceñirse a las normas más clásicas del género, estos cuatro ingleses le dan un soplo de aire fresco al género. (8,5).

1. Death's Meditative Trance 06:06
  Assuming posture of Shavasana
Through a narrow gateway of infinity
A thousand eyes of Vairocana
Shall watch my ascent
Transfigured stars rest in each nexus
Sacred letters surround walls

Face of the faceless ones
Form of the formless one

The everlasting wheel is unveiled
Eternity's voyage is unleashed
A once ordained passage
The entrance of oblivion
Where inanimate convalesce
A thousand eyes watch the ascent

Face of the faceless ones
Form of the formless one

Rest the Gods with no centre
All pervasive bearers of the third eye
Beckon me to join the ranks of the dead

The light of Mahakala
Call of the faceless one
The force of omnipotence
The light of Mahakala

Return to the corpse
Sounds pierce
The lower waters of purification
The levitation is complete
We must die - be born anew
Hear this utterance - one of rebirth

Beckoning me to join the ranks of the dead
I can see the light of Mahakala
I am drawn nearer,nearer

The light of Mahakala
Call of the faceless one
The force of omnipotence
The light of Mahakala

The light of death
2. Ascension Eye 07:03
  Etched by the hands of idolators
Carved by winds,there stands an efface
A grotesque hue from aeons past
Aligned on eroded walls of negation

Resemblance to valley is olfactory
Where deities crumbled and shattered
By afflicted feet,on sands of polarities
The ruminant paths crossed by many

Assimilate and devour
Form a chasm
Where there lies
A crypt of abstract immortality
Disembodied spirits dwell inside

By Moloch's hand
Pass through flames
To the Beyond
From womb of initiation
Black ash of the offerings
Red image,flaxen stone

Grant depth and light

He is the purifier
He,the one who is just
He,the abominable shrine
He is the bearer of the eye of ascension

Protector of wanton rites
Destroyer,of processions that pass
Guarantor of passage
Sanctifier - Ashtar-Kemosh

Guardian of the embalmed
A primal dawn shall rise
Over the one,ascetic eye

With raised arms,flanked by two seals
That control tides

Overseer of thirteen gates of wisdom
Hollows of devotion and transfiguration
Blessed by the lord of corruption
Assimilate and devour
Form a chasm
Where there lie
Burial Chambers
3. Ovation to a Thousand Lost Reveries 06:02
Disintegrate my anatomy with divine breath Initiate within an endless hall I am there Mystic light of the dead Lead us towards dissolution Hidden chant of a voice For your utterance bears no source For it's brighter than a thousand stars Flowing from the pores of luminosity Carried by the flight of transference Adorn with ecstatic reveries The Yacquis term it dreaming For Tibetans, the stages of Bardo Therein lies the portal Of our altered existence For emisseral projections Emisseral projections I am detached from the body I am no longer but flesh  
4. έσχατος 06:05
Suspended in the hanging dimension Vitality beyond comprehension Projections further, further beyond the void Penetrated nature behind visions Paradoxical existence less physical form Abandonment of the flesh Elevates realms of turbulent illumination Commit the shell to fade Sacrament of the expanse Of shadows and rays Omniscient radiance heeds the light of the end Awakening from the slumber of mortality To dissonances of the intermediate state Surrender to magnitude of impermanence Hark the exaltation of loss Freedom from the world of matter Alienation from the past Euphoria turning to anguish Sorrow eclipse elation έσχατος In the mouth of perpetual light έσχατος Inhale the rotten stench In the mouth of perpetual light Claustrophobic fumes of spiritual degradation Mists darken Towards the joyless plane I transmigrate 
5. Odoratus Sepulcrorum 07:31
  He speaks through the moon that he may be renewed
'A wondrous crown for those who were born from me
An altar of earth thou shalt make'
Exiled flesh restores the composite mass
The sacred marriage, a visceral attraction
To enriched earth, the offerings from blessed death

I take my place in the charnel grounds
A witness to the molecular rites of Shiva

Inheritance of this image of infinity
Limitless dormancy
The timeless realm of a gaping abyss
Repatriation to Mother Death
Open mouths chant the fervent hymn

Open the quarters of the city of silence

Glyphs adorn grey tombs
Protect the conception
Womb of palingenesis
Configured in soil
Sanctified by the winds
Moss and secretion
The reverent feastings
Odoratus sepulcrorum

To enriched earth
The offerings from blessed death
Open mouths chant the fervent hymn
Rejoice! O putrefaction, the divine breath
6. Interlude 01:18  instrumental
7. Seven Coils 08:31
  Limitless sense of doom
Reincarnates with undulating pulsations of gnosis
Pierced with tongues of fiery revelation
The breath separates layers of life's narrow gate

Unfettered from earthly bounds
The veil of Eleusinian mystery is lifted
This is the night of nights, where worlds colide
And where incense shall rise
Expose us to the cosmic winds
Incandescent suns will surface
In the hearts of our void's emanation

The flesh is surrendered in 
Without skin, beyond marrow and bone
Renounced will
The laws of another devour
The flesh is surrendered in
The laws of another devour

Unravelled, the essence is clear
Affirmation of lore turned spirit
Unravelled,the essence is clear

Renounced will
The laws of another devour

The serpent shall straighten down the middle pillar
The spine shall coil through the second layer
The serpent shall straighten down the middle pillar
The spine shall coil through the second layer

Shells of skin unravel to the abode of
I have strayed into the all prevailing waters
Deeper than deep, where the rule of foreign gods is manifold
And primordial formations divided the laws of our re-birth
Unravelled in seven coils

Raise a voice within 
Forfeit to Adya
My body is a vessel to speak through
They comprise of seven coils
The found reflection

Machinations lay bare

The revelation is opague
Through none shall dissipate
From chaos spawns belief
8. Ossuary 06:06
Defy laws of decay
Reversed passage, remain t'ellurian
Holy rites of preservation

The flesh has left the body
Initiated in the grand ossuary
To renew in greater majesty

For a soul is to redeem
Unchained for momento mori

Initiated in the grand ossuary

Spared by the worms of fate
denied, no return to dust

Robes of piety adorn
Surgite mortui
Venerated morbidity, blaspheme the redeemer
With human remains

Close the gates of time
Open those of eternity
Musikhaus Thomann Linkpartner 

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