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Origen: Canadá, Sudbury

Formados: 2008

Estilo: Black experimetal, death y grindcore

Temática: Espacio tiempo


  • 040114090512 Batería
  • 040118180514 Bajo y voces
  • 102119200914 Guitarra y voces

  • The Cannibalism of Objects Demo 2008  
  • Apotheosynthesis CD 2015  
  • Macrocosmos Single 2020  
  • Aeon Single 2020  
  • Macrocosmos CD 2021
  • Askesis Single 2024  
  • Cryogenian Single 2024  
  • Convergence CD 2024
Lo cierto es que la carrera de los canadienses dio un paso adelante muy importante con la edición en 2021 de "Macrocosmos" un álbum que a groso modo venía a ofrecer un sonido repleto de elementos técnicos dentro del death metal. Este nuevo "Convergene" ofrece un sonido cargado de diferentes elementos más o menos relacionados con el tecnicismo dentro del death metal, pero hay un acercamiento también a terrenos black que logra que el sonido se vuelva más oscuro. Con un temática relacionada con el surgimiento de nuevos planetas y un viaje por los mismos, no podíamos esperar tampoco una propuesta al uso, ya que los elementos anteriormente expuestos se completan con secciones mucho menos accesibles, como puedan ser unas disonancias con un peso importantísimo en todo lo que tenga que ver con el carácter más experimental que han querido trasladar a sus sonido, así como elementos que acaban también por tener cierto protagonismo relacionados con el grind. Todo ello da como resultado un sonido poderoso pero lleno de matices, logrando sumergirnos en diferentes planos de la realidad, como un viaje astral, con cierto miedo a lo desconocido, con un presencia en la base de la propuesta conocida por todos al centrarse en un death técnico y un black, pero con elementos que nos golpean sin previo aviso, haciendo referencia sobre todo a la presencia de disonancias que hacen que el resultado final del álbum no sea del todo amable ni accesible. Si lo completamos con un buen trabajo de voces cavernosas y con secciones también de un tono más experimental, acabamos por asistir a la audición de álbum retorcido y oscuro, denso y lleno de contrastes que acaba por cuajar gracias a lo diferenciador de todo cuanto ofrece. (7,8).

1. Cryogenian 04:17
endless frozen horizons
born from radioactive decay
brutal victimization
fighting wars of ignorance
entire civilizations
lost by nuclear assault
all destroyed in this one moment of delusion
nihilistic delusion
eternal winter
forsaken planet of ice
"Scattered tribes of ravaged survivors are all that remain."
"Mutant offspring evolving, surviving the barren white."
connecting telepathically
endless momentum refining
quantum nanotech survival systems
peripheral perception
reimagining the unfolding of reality
eternal winter
a barren landscape
radiation and decay
cryogenian era
2. Convergence 04:26
 infinite parallax
dimensional convergence
space-time singularity
event horizon
threading the void
forever lives within a sea of darkness
a universe awakens
a parallel reality
unravelling infinity
eternally devouring
bringing darkness where light cannot escape
accumulating endless information
supermassive stellar anachronism
electromagnetic forces
time disintegrates
matter is conserved
dangerously unstable chronostorms
gravitational waves suffocate
instantly transported through the wormhole
never ending matter paradox
3. Askesis 04:04  
molten stone heat
forms the great stone face
suffering, temperance
the power of the mind overcomes
disconnected and indestructible
the ultimate control
of different states of mind
to overcome the toxic lava
in mutation
great works of art mark the walls of their caves
the immortality achieved through their work
consume the sacred fungus and connect to all
the eudaimonic ritual
pushing the limits of mind and body
ritual healing of intense deadly heat
mental endurance hardens to stone
the enchiridion calls
accessing ancient strength and wisdom
to withstand the silence, the darkness everlasting
extreme momentous acceptance of transcendence
the ultimate monument of sacrifice
4. Ancient Civilizations 04:21
 ocean world
cities underwater
constellation ibex sector
ultimate aquatic hegemony
surviving the hideous depths
ancient civilizations
took control of their own fate
archetype of primal bio-codified systems
brutal planet of primal anarchy
a world of order and chaos
ancient civilizations
that lost control of their own power
vultures of blood and thunder
the megalodon's all devouring teeth
carbon dioxide dreaming of flight
while descending into primal darkness
tidal response
ancient giants
5. Obelisk 04:23
puritanical harmonic distraction of the obelisk
subjugated, worship of forbidden symbols
The System can control the mind
forty thousand years have passed
historical accounts of manipulation and enslavement
gargling back the wealth of its endless destruction
producing noxious cosmic matter
all of existence craving for the obelisk
an infinite number of cogs within
satisfied with the chance to live their false existence
justifying their lies and deception
the collective mind will devour the light
the stars will soon align as it was foretold
codified systems of control are no longer relevant
witness the fall of the pseudo-demiurges
6. Ciphertext 04:36
parabolic descent
to the desert planet
wellspring of oil
where scorched horizons converge
in an atmosphere of sulfur
silent words are spoken
ciphertext dialect
understood only by the few
forced to live in the underground
while they gather their strength
under the darkness of cabal
unrelenting war rages in sulfuric clouds
survival is not guaranteed
tactical parabolic ascension
primitive, unaware
we were presented with technology
accelerating evolution
sophisticated systems required
the weirding of the mind
evolution of mankind
7. Xiphoid 04:12
discovery of green planet habitability
existing peacefully with the dominant lifeforms
the xiphoid intraspawn insurgence
showing us no mercy
swift in their attacks
they must protect their legacy
in this dark reality
the light is in our hands
we cannot let it escape to darkness
until the end
our dead have seen things no one should ever see
betrayal of our agreement as a species
instinct for seeing how deep the well goes
brutal predatory beasts that can control the land
vicious violent hunters
completely devoid of any empathy
aggression uncontrolled
spewing parasitic genes that can control the mind
vicious violent hunters
completely devoid of any empathy
aggression uncontrolled
xiphoid ensiform
ruined their world like the emptiness in their eyes
we are fighting to escape from this inhumane torture
and start anew somewhere else in the cosmos
overwhelming darkness of insanity and terror
the hideous ensimorphs
exiting the atmosphere and escaping from this hell
where we are no longer hunted
8. Algorithmic Pathways 04:47
Architect of chaos sentience created algorithmic pathways a fatal transgression parahelix decommissioned experimental operations beyond all algorithm self awareness parahelix it became a self aware planet, overgrown devouring other worlds to continue growing enter the darkened core into the prime source code determining free will creating a new world simulacrum transmission from the core simulation   
9. Encephalon 04:51
conscious sentient planet reproducing and evolving existing in ineffable darkness becoming ever more powerful an all encompassing consciousness self replicating machine information coursing through its veins knowledge beyond all comprehension an all encompassing consciousness self replicating machine adrenaline coursing through our veins we must access the system core override the default mode network the Nova cortex infinite energy creation the machine is in control technosapien encephalon monolith of primal instinct ghost of humanity apotheosynthesis accessing all the different simulations rearranging ourselves human instinct slowly disappearing in all versions of reality I swallow my own death 

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