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Origen: Brasil, Caxias do Sul

Formados: 2016

Estilo: Black melódico, death

Temática: Existencia

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  • Maicon Ristow Todos los instrumentos y voces

  • Universe of Me Single 2016  
  • Crossed Parallels of Self Refraction CD 2019  
  • Raven's Circle Single 2021  
  • Farther from the Sun CD 2022  
  • Cesariana CD 2024
En activo desde 2016, el combo brasileño Litosth llega a su tercer larga duración, un álbum que recoge influencias del black más clásico pero que no puede negar las de otras como el rock o estilos progresivos al mismo tiempo que todo se ve rodeado de cierta épica. Ocho temas dan forma a este nuevo trabajo, cada uno de los cuales puede funcionar independientemente de forma perfecta, gracias entre otras cosas, a los diferentes matices que dan forma a cada tema y lo elaborado muchas veces del sonido. Comentaba anteriormente que Litoth se dejan influencia por un black de corte clásico, sobre todo presente cuando hablamos de una atmósfera fría y oscura que nos acompaña en todo el álbum , sin embargo a la alternancia de ritmos explosivos y más directos se ha hecho un trabajo importante en el entramado de guitarras, logrando un sonido muchas veces limpio que va dibujando un sonido que nos va meciendo en un muerte lenta, alternado ese tono melódico, ciertas influencias de otros estilos como el rock o el progresivo, pero que logran eclosionar en ese amiente entre épico y melódico anteriormente descrito. No hay que pasar por alto el sonido de batería, capaz de sonar demoledora donde es necesario, pero con un dinamismo perfecto a la hora de dar sustento a ese sonido mucho más lento y melódico. Por su parte las voces adoptan tal vez un tono mucho más directo, sin sonar oscuro del todo pero si con cierto carácter místico y sin perder de vista algo de melodía. Poco más se puede decir de un álbum que marca un punto de inflexión en la trayectoria de la banda, gracias a saber mantener un pulso de oscuridad y clasicismos, para al mismo tiempo adentrarse en una propuesta que recoge influencias de estilos más dispares para completar un álbum rico en matices, en donde la oscuridad y la melodía se ven reflejados. (7,6).

1. In Waves 06:00
  In the tower of reason I got lost
Seeking a home for my soul at any cost
But chaos was all that I found
So I chose to make it my ground.

Order is not what I crave
But the beauty of randomness of the waves,
Where unforeseeable eternity reigns,
And fate and life are unbound by chains.

This is where imagination runs wild,
where all of creation comes alive.
Horizons expand through the tiniest cracks,
and my mind becomes more flexible after all that.

All existence is in constant chaos,
demanding transformation
To find beauty in the wounds,
or to plead for rest all too soon.

Order is not what I crave
But the beauty of randomness of the waves,
Where unforeseeable eternity reigns,
And fate and life are unbound by chains.
2. Whipping Bottles 05:44
Once upon a time, there was a group of grapes hanging from the vines in a vineyard soon to be transformed into wine, the blood of living gods Among the grapes, there was one that stood out larger, more beautiful and more flavorful It boasted about its appearance and quality, and mocked the other grapes, smaller and less perfect. "What if all grapes were like me? Big, flavorful and superior! After all, justice must be served. The smaller ones must serve the superior." "O vinho sobe pelo labirinto de vidro como um mar noturno, se agrava sob suas lágrimas e a terra continua a beber" And so the sect of Caesar ordered. That smaller grapes be added by force. To serve the larger grapes. To serve the empire of the whites. And the senate speaks out and supports Caesar. Not a senator, but a grape as small as possible. Completely rotten and useless for the drink. With questionable speech, takes the side of the empire. The clusters and grains are segregated by the will of the elite. The beauty of a label hides the dirt in the blood wine How can a grape assume the role of a Caesar? When a Caesar will never assume the role of a grape? At the end of the great cycle, all grapes will be crushed Beautiful or ugly, bigger or smaller. All crushed in the same way, equally What matters is the taste of the blood.
3. Time Doesn´t Heal 06:23
I've heard that the traveler got tired of the road, It is excess. Now, learn to die, Take the eyes of a vulture and see what there is to see Tomorrow, tell me what you found anew. Time doesn't heal but teaches patience, To those who refuse to follow this lesson, A bitter medicine is prescribed by the doctor, The medicine for the sick is death. The dead are already buried, Or perhaps the poisoned arrow put them to sleep? Or maybe they dove into the sea? Either way, they sleep well down there. Time doesn't heal but teaches patience, To those who refuse to follow this lesson, A bitter medicine is prescribed by the doctor, The medicine for the sick is death. When in Rome, do as the Romans do Just as the French did in the Bastille, Man must observe the limits, Otherwise, the limits will observe man. And the last journey of a man comes with time, Just as the journey comes for the dog. I can't say when, but time knows everything, And the man and the dog will travel together. 
4. The Clay Messiah 06:18
Take a handful of minds like a handful of dirt. Choose the twisted, sick, and psychotic ones. Emulsify minds with promises, like water in clay. A putrid egregore of consciences in the form of slime. Dip your hands in the slime and mold the messiah, The image and likeness, reflection of the scum. Sing your hymns and wear your yellow tunics. Breed in dirt and flesh all your hate. A simple block of shit comes to life through words. A thousand lies have been sung a thousand times. Engrave the word of your people. SHEKER! For thou, Maharal, is also a slave now. And playing like a distorted god, create your puppet Adam, The image and likeness of the racist archetype. Not made from the dust of the earth, Nor from the sacred breath of life. Your artwork, inside out, sketched, now comes to life, Comes to life and takes all lives. Mine, yours, ours. And thus marched the colossus of dust And marched and stained with blood Lied and killed your beloved homeland. Your Golem's legacy is death and contempt. Even if you deny it, Maharal, death won for a cycle. It was not triumph, nor pride; it was war and torture. And for that old suffering people of yours, To whom you swore loyalty and servitude, Only remains to clean your filthy mess With the clumsy crimson water from the East. 
5. A Ofensa 05:40
Com sorrisos nos lábios, nós temos medo. Com flores na testa, nós temos medo. Quando o sol se põe, nós temos medo. E quando falamos, nós temos medo também. Nossas palavras não vão florescer Nos não fomos feitos para sobreviver Juntar todos os cacos em dores imensas Pois amar o outro é a maior das ofensas Enjaula os medos e enterra bem fundo Igual a tudo, do pó viemos ao mundo Somos a aberração e a atração deste show Carregamo a cruz que ninguém desejou E dentro desse corpo, quem é você? Um pano velho, imundo a mercê. Ou só um humano igual ao diabo? Um pária de deus ou anjo dourado? De olhos fechados, lábios são lábios Tem gosto de paz e o cheiro do céu. De olhos abertos, já dizem os sábios Só enxergamos ódio através desse véu. E polos opostos também devem se atrair Que seja pela palavra, ou até o sistema ruir O amor é um furacão envolto em um arco-íris. Um homem caminhando em direção à tempestade.  
6. The Argonaut 06:02
  I walked towards the flames, and I knew
I had the definitions of pain etched on my skin.
As the flames of death's presence burned,
I was banished from a world between humans and worms.

I preach through the waves of cosmic dissonance.

I traverse the empty rooms of life
That no human eye perceives.
Counting to seven and returning to the beginning,
Whether it's a cycle or a path, hell is repetition.

I wandered, for these places are now mine,
The same ancient plagues and pests settle,
The poisonous seed of rejection flourishes.
I was forgotten by the offspring of the earth.

And they took my fruit and left me hungry,
While the highest walls crumbled to pieces,
I seek darkness amidst a false sense of light,
Serpents carry lanterns and crawl in limbo.

I speak through the dead languages of the universe.

Come closer, let me fall into you as you fall into me,
While no light will reveal the path you follow.
Embrace me now, and sink into the darkness with me,
Receive me now, and accept this burden as your guide.

And ascend to the black void, from the deepest seas,
Receive the sign of death with the utmost dignity.

I worship the catastrophe and the ruin of men.
7. Caesarean 05:29
Under the veil of night, the maternal bond lies, Desolation, a newly arrived fruit embraced. A regretful cry in the darkness echoes, "Why bring an innocent into this place?" A question arises on a newborn smile, "Is it fair to impose this painful fate on him? Take him out of peace and throw him to those lions That lurk to devour his purity." The astonishing guilt, the cry for redemption, But the answer is silence. An the mother trembles, "Should every mother have given birth to humanity? Or should we voluntarily extinguish ourselves?" Closed eyes and acceptance of the burden, Every life is a spark in a powder keg, And in the end, the blast is a torment's relief, The first and the last hug, the tighter one. At the end, a twisted gesture of love, The last resort to protect the ones you love, The world moves on, cold and regardless, And the two sparks rest side by side 
8. The Vaccum Extractor Paradigm 07:05
Born into a world I never chose, Fate thrust upon me, nobody knows, The burden of existence, a heavy load, A life of pain, a bitter road. The weight of life is crushing, An endless cycle of love and hate, We strive for meaning, for relief, But find only pain and unending grief. Why don't we have the choice to die, To leave behind this endless sigh, We cling to life as if it's all we know, But what lies beyond, we can not show, A fear of death, a fear of the unknown, A life of misery, a heart of stone. We strive for meaning, for relief, But find only pain and unending grief. Why must we suffer, endlessly try, A cruel fate, we cannot defy. The choice to live was never ours, A fate decided by unseen powers, We bear the weight of a life unasked, A burden too heavy, too much to be tasked Why don't we have the choice to die, To leave behind this endless sigh, Why must we suffer, endlessly try, A cruel fate, we cannot defy.  

Vinyl, 7"

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