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1. Miasmes have been active since 2021, a troubled time after the Covid-19 restrictions, at the same time that it seems that the germ of the band must be found in the band Mhorn, what led you to create a new band having Mhorn active? Why did you choose the name Miasmes and what does it refer to?

K: Mhorn was created in 2019 because G had a few tracks written in a rather death metal style with very fast tempos, and as he had just left the band Ritualization, he asked me to join him on his new project. Unfortunately, we never found a suitable drummer, and after releasing our EP, we decided to call it a day. But we soon agreed that launching an old-school black metal project would appeal to both of us, since G had been wanting to do this for quite a few years without ever having had the time to take action. And that's how Miasmes was born in early 2021!As for the choice of name, Miasmes was simple and straightforward, with a meaning that fitted perfectly with the musical direction we had in mind.

2. In 2022 you released your first EP “Vermines”, a first release that was certainly well received by the press and the public. Did these positive reactions to this first release take you a bit by surprise? Was it an incentive for you to time to take Miasmes more seriously?

K: Indeed, when we released our first EP Vermines, the feedback was quite positive, and that didn't surprise us, we were just happy, and we quickly set our sights on our first album!

3. And a year later comes the revalidation with “Répugnance”, your first studio album that is somehow connected to “Vermines”, the inclusion of the song “Pestilence” in both releases serves as an example, how did you face the process of composition and recording of this first album? What brands of instruments have you used in the process?

K: I don't know if Repugnance is related to our first EP, even if there is a title in common, it's simply a logical continuation in the same spirit.

The composition of the album finally began just after the recording of our first EP, because we wanted to have enough material to be able to play live with a set at least 40 min long, and it had to be finished by the end of  November 2022. 

As for the recording, it was done in the same way as our EP, live all 3 of us in the same room, but with more technical means. We did about 3/4 takes of each track and in about 3 sessions of 3 hours, it was finished. We did a bit of editing to choose the best passages, but as we play without clicks, editing is very quick... I then recorded a second rhythm guitar (unlike the 1st EP), a few solos and the vocals with G at my home studio. Everything was then mixed and mastering at the Drudenhaus Studio.

G and I mostly play gibson guitars and bass, with Ampeg and Mesa Boogie, and C plays a Pearl drum!

4. Your sound has a classic component, within a second wave black metal, but it is also true that it has elements in its sound such as punk, or rock structures that give the final result a different aspect. How would you describe the sound of the album for those who haven't heard it yet? What bands and sounds have influenced you when composing the album? Is there a certain evolution between “Vermines” and “Répugnance”?

K: There's no real evolution between our first EP and the album, it's a logical continuation, but obviously, we've worked and played together more since the recording of the EP, and we're slowly refining our art.. And I think the terms that best describe our album are oldschool, raw and aggressive, since our major influences are generally for us 3 the bands of the 90's, although we obviously listen to other things!

5. The album has a direct and derogatory title “Repugnance”, but repugnance to what, to human decadence, to death, to what exactly? Why do you deal with themes related to the decadence of the human being in your lyrics? Do the lyrics fit the music or vice versa?

K: The repugnance of man in general! And we deal with all these subjects because it's a disgust and hatred that we feel every day, so our music is perfect for expressing ourselves on these subjects!

6. Both the Ep and the album have been recorded live, although they have been treated in a professional studio afterwards. Why this way of approaching the recording of your music? Do you think that in this way you manage to maintain greater intensity, credibility, etc...? Why did you decide to work with the Drudenhaus Studio?

K: We record this way to preserve a live intensity and energy that many of today's bands try to do away with, because it obviously reveals imperfections. The recording process is much more spontaneous and quick, which we like, because spending hours or even days getting everything perfectly tight with editing is just hell!

We decided to work with Drudenhaus Studio because we've known Benoit for quite a few years, and we knew he'd know how to work our sound in the right way, without trying to smooth it out too much with a polished production. We wanted a fairly raw, aggressive sound that would retain that live energy, so we hope we've succeeded. In any case, we're happy with the result, given the budget and the time allotted.

7. Since your beginnings you have had the support of the record label "Les Acteurs de l'Ombre Productions", at what point did you decide to unite your paths and work together in publishing your music? Are you considering the possibility of publishing in a format like the cassette for your album?

K: Following the recording of our EP, we simply contacted various labels, including Les Acteurs de l'Ombre, who responded positively. The whole process was pretty straightforward!For the moment, the album will only be released on CD and digitally, but if sales aren't too bad, we hope to be able to release it on vinyl and why not on cassette?

8. The visual works that illustrate your releases, although they may seem simple in some way, have a great impact, who took care of the design of the cover of “Répugnance” and how does it relate to the musical content of the album?

K: The cover is a still-life photo made and taken by G, our bassist and singer. All the rest of the graphic work was done by his wife, who is a graphic artist.

9. You are a band that has not given up the live presentation of your music, how do you face the next concerts once the album is released? Who would you like to share a mini tour with?

K: Miasmes is a band, as you might expect, that was created to play live, so it would be a shame not to play live.

Our next dates are at the Vars Attack Festival on September 3, we'll be doing a mini-tour at the end of November 2023 with the bands Hyrgal and Räum, and a few dates are being booked here and there! We hope to be able to play live more and more thanks to our album, so we just need a bit of patience and hard work to get the band's name out there!

10. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts you attended, first albums you bought? What event in your life pushed you to want to be a musician?

K: The first metal concert I remember was the Metallica concert in Paris for the Load tour in '96 if I remember correctly, and the first 2 extreme music albums I bought were Towards the skullthrone of satan by Enthroned and Wellcome to Hell by Venom.

I started listening to metal around 11/12 with Metallica; then Slayer, Kreator, Pantera etc... And when I was about 15, I discovered black metal and all the more extreme music!

As far as my life as a musician is concerned, it all came about naturally, starting playing the guitar around 13/14 years old, and playing in my first band at 16, and then training as a sound engineer at 18, which taught me a lot and helped me in my musician life.

11. What album represents for you the essence of black metal? What last albums have you bought?

K: Not an obvious question, but if I had to name....  let's say 2 albums, I'd say Emperor's In the Nightside Eclipse and Mayhem's De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas! 

As for my latest purchases, even though I listen to a lot of different music via digital platforms (unfortunately, but it's convenient), I received Motorhead, the 1st album, and Led Zeppelin's 1st album and AC/DC Highway to Hell on vinyl.

12. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions for Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the fans of Miasmes this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Thank you for your time and support, we hope to tour a lot and see you on the road at our concerts, and you know how to support the bands you like!  Cheers.


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