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1. Around 2013 Cloak started working, why did you decide to create the band, why did you choose the name Cloak and what does it refer to?

-Scott: We decided to form the band out of an urge to create something lasting, meaningful, and important. We needed an outlet to express the liberated spiritual ideals within us. The word Cloak seemed to fit the band at the time, and we’ve given the name it’s own meaning throughout the years. It now stands for the universe that is the band and our art. 

2. Although you have been active since 2013, you have barely undergone any changes in your line-up, is there a commitment among Cloak members that crosses the professional borders or is there some bigger secret for this solid union between members?

-Scott: We’ve had only one replacement on bass. The members know that there is something greater at hand than just the people involved, so we choose to stay committed to pact. 

3. You will shortly be releasing your third album “Black Flame Eternal”, what can your followers expect from this new album if they compare it with your previous work? How was the process of writing and recording this new album? What brands of instruments have you used in the process?

-Scott: The album was released on May 26th and it’s been met with praise and respect, which is what we put into this album while creating it. People can expect something greater and more lush than the previous work. This is also our most aggressive and urgent record to date, and it seems to fit our sound even better. It was a very long process with many ups and downs, but we came out on top and we are the most proud of this one. The brands of instruments don’t really matter, it’s more about how we use them. 

4. In previous albums you had achieved a sound that managed to mix black with the sounds of classic heavy, even in some medium styles such as gothic were added to you, what are your main musical influences when composing music for Cloak? how would you describe the sound of the album for those who haven't heard it yet?

-Scott: Our influence comes from inwards this days, as this is our third album and we know what we do best as individuals and as a band. I would describe the sound of the record as: it sounds like Cloak. Power, melody, epic anthems, and memborable songs. This is what we do. 

5. With this third album you assume potions of spiritual rebellion and a total opposition to the era in which we have had to live, especially from a lyrical point of view, why are these issues important to you? The lyrics of the songs are written before music or vice versa?

-Scott: I write the lyrics to the music, so it’s done afterwards. These themes have always been important in metal, that’s what some people tend to forget. Especially in black or true heavy metal. All we are doing is continuing this very important tradition, the modern world just happens to be in a very group-think frame of mind right now. 

6. For the cover of the new album you have drawn an hourglass where a skull can be seen at the bottom and a head at the top, the work of Jordan Barlow, why did you decide to work with Jordan? what does this cover represent and how does it relate to the content of the album?

-Scott: I chose Jordan because he is an amazing artist, thinker, and has a true knowledge of the occult. The cover has many representative themes of the album. Like you mentioned, one particular theme is a reference to imminent death and limited time with the hourglass. I learn new things about the cover every time I look at it. I think people should do the same, while taking the time to read the lyrics and submerge themselves into the totality of the art.  

7. You have helped to promote the album with a couple of videos of the songs "Invictus" and "The Holy Dark", something that is very common in a black band, how did the opportunity to make this pair of songs come about? videos?

-Scott: We make all of our videos ourselves and I edit every Cloak video. We have the resources and skillsets to do this, so luckily it is always easiest to just deal with a small crew and the band. We chose these songs, plus Seven Thunders, as the singles because we felt they represented the album in a well rounded way. 

8. Since your beginnings you have released your albums through Season of Mist, how did the contact and the subsequent signing with them take place? Where does the secret lie for this relationship that has been going on for six years?

-Scott: We had a mutual friend who worked at the label. He showed the boss the EP and he instantly signed us. It was a bit of luck and a whole lot of hard work. We’ve enjoyed working with them and viceversa, there isn’t much of a secret other than not being difficult to work with as long as the artist’s visions are met. 

9. Black metal has always lent itself to mixing with other styles, from death, to folk, pagan, grind, post, progressive and of course, genres like heavy in your case, does it exist for you? Is there a reference or pioneering band that has inspired you and influenced you when it comes to defining your style? Perhaps there is a saturation of bands that are trying to gather influences from styles like rock, heavy or speed in their black sound? In what sense do you think a country like yours lends itself to a scene richer in styles and nuances?

-Scott: Yes, we like to blend a lot of these elements, and even have a folk sounding song like Heavenless on the album. This is interesting as I don’t even really listen to folk, which says something. I write how I feel and I don’t care about the influence of other music and other bands much. Of course there’s artists I admire, such as Danzig, Quorthon, and Blackie Lawless, as their vision and execution was very strong. The USA has always been hit or miss with black metal, but so has Scandinavia if we’re being honest. It all depends on the band itself. 

10. I suppose you will start presenting the album live shortly, what concert dates do you have prepared? Do you have good expectations for the album presentation? With which bands would you like to share a mini-tour?

-Scott: I’d love to share full tours with bigger bands that we can open for. Too many to list. We have a string of dates out to Texas and back, as well as a long tour in September. We’ll also be playing Puerto Rico and hopefully Mexico! A very important show will be in Atlanta on June 10th as this is our record release show. 

11. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts you attended, first albums you bought? What event in your lives pushed you to want to be musicians?

-Scott: Back in the late 90s, when I was coming into my musical exploration, rock and guitar music was cool. It was unavoidable if you liked anything that had to do with alternative or skateboard culture. My first bands that I saw were actually punk bands, as I was very involved in the punk scene growing up. I then got into thrash, and then black/death metal. At it’s core, Cloak is a very punk minded band.   

12. What album represents for you the essence of black metal? What last albums have you bought?

-Scott: To name a few… Mayhem – DMDS, Dissection – Storm of the Light’s Bane, Watain – Casus Luciferi, Gorgoroth – Pentagram, Burzum – Filosofem, Bathory – Under the Sign of the Black Mark, Samael – Worship Him, Slayer – Show No Mercy. I recently bought the latest Satanic Warmaster record, which is fantastic. 

13. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions for Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for Cloak fans this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Scott: Hail the true supporters! Thank you. 


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