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Origen: U.K, Londres

Formados: 2007

Estilo: Black, death

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  • Menthor Bstería
  • T. Kaos Guitarra y voces
  • Dying Light ov God EP 2009  
  • The Calling Depths CD 2011
  • Svn Eater CD 2014
  • Sacrament EP 2019
  • The Broken Seal CD 2021

Tercera entrega para este combo inglés, aunque de procedencia polacoportuguesa. Un álbum que ofrece un espectro más amplio en la propuesta a la cual nos tenían acostumbrados, sobre todo en aspecto como un mayor peso del black en las composiciones al tiempo que saben incorporar sonidos y estructuras más reconocibles dentro del metal extremo. La base de death metal clásico sigue estando presente, sonido densos, profundos y asfixiantes siguen poblando todos y cada uno de los temas de este "The Broken Seal", que se ven refrendos por unas voces de ultratumba, sin embargo hay aspectos como el sonido de guitarra que se muestra más dinámico, conservando la contundencia a la que nos tienen acostumbrados, pero ofreciendo en esta ocasión una mayor claridad en los riffs, sin entrar en terrenos melódicos, pero si ofreciendo una mayor versatilidad, capaces de explorar ternos que permiten a Lvcifyre sentirse menos encorsetados. El álbum también se muestra mucho más dinámico en aspectos como los cambios de ritmo e intensidades que van surgiendo a lo largo de la propuesta, con un sonido compacto, sin apenas fisuras pero que sabe incorporar una mayor presencia de riffs de procedencia más metal si cabe, que unido a los cambios de ritmo precisos de la mano de una batería perfectamente engrasado, potente pero también sabiendo ofrecer sustento a la hora de alejarse de lo expuesto en álbumes anteriores. T. Kaos sigue firme en una apartado vocal profundo, en donde la vertiente más death del álbum se muestra infranqueable, sin apenas fisuras. Un tercer álbum, que en definitiva sabe plasmar todo lo anteriormente ofrecido por la banda, sin perder de vista la contundencia y profundidad del un death/black de sonido noventero, sobre todo si hablamos de sus faceta más death, al mismo tiempo que sabe ofrecer cierta evolución hacia terrenos más ligados al black. (7,9).

1. Gods Await Us 04:39
Blood mist — Arise! The moon is old now Archaic procession of Hags of the first kin To cities long dead Where the Gods, dreaming Come through us Come through us Cast us Cast us Where the Barzai blade cuts the spheres ...to the Destroyer... Where Gods of fury breathe the war To Daat'h - Yesod Axis Cast us Cast us Where the Barzai blade cuts the spheres Waves of fire come! With the rising of the moon We paint our faces with sun Our eyes filled with blackness Winds spreading Ibn-Ghazi Now we take the form of our masters The soul leaps to the space between Shimmering beyond Gods await us dreaming Gods await us dreaming
2. Tribes of Khem 03:16
Evil tribe of Khem Nephren — Ka Ruled over them Great, he brought abomination And restored the Old Ones' domination Mankind perverse creation Defiled the Earth Gods And their temples in desecration Sworn to the Great Old Ones, the Evil Lords With the blood of serpents By the righteous kings, never subdued Always rebelled With teeth in blood ever imbued Corruption reared its head again In the land of Khem Pharaoh brought forth bane The curse follows the ways of your fate Evil-driven Nephren — Ka, open the gate! Atem — Sothoth Put to flight the foulest demons Chaos crawling to end all order by his spawn The Elder Gods — beware! Azatoth strikes down!   
3. Black Beneath the Sun 05:06
  Darkness uncoiled
Nourished in night
Old soul — come back...
The old skin awakes
The womb that breeds death

Lilitu — my love
Your fruit is always ripe
Your hips twist with grace
Glide upon the skies

Hide beneath the sun
Black beneath the sun

Dance for me by the moonlight...
...my beloved
Come to my bed
When lamps burn dry
Cool my parched lips with Devil's wine
Witches' nectar flowing wild
Carnal and divine

Black beneath the sun
Black beneath the sun
Shine beneath the moon

Fire blazes upon the spin
The hungry womb unquenched
Prayers like shrieks
Let me enjoy your veil of shame

Your altar so pale I place my lifeblood

...the power between Us
4. Headless Rite 04:27  
Listen to the word of a heart which is a tongue
Which has licked the abysmal cunt
Drunk and wet of brilliant blackness
She vomits forth the world

The nocturnal emission of the godforms
As she gazes upon the perfect voidness of its mind
Shaking and coiled in rampant spasms
Nothingness comes to life

Recite the reverberating rapture
From tongue and heart, from mind to world
Shivering in madness, all beings attuned
As we dream and sing of the primordial womb

Yes, the pythoness speaks supremely backwards
Word and thought returning to their silent source
Facing that which is faceless
Contraction of the spoken universe
5. The Broken Seal 05:19
 I conjure thee,
Oh Fire
That thou torment, burn and consume
Your pillars feed off altars of blood

Venomous one with a thousand young
Thousand wings
And thousand forked tongues
Thousand blades
Earth in flames

Seer throw the bones
Prophecy cannot be undone
Shadow of the blackest hue
Servitors of the deadly shriek

Fanged mass writhing
With a thousand young
Thousand eyes
Thousand wings and thousand forked tongues
Thousand blades
Earth in flames

Seer throw the bones
Prophecy cannot be undone
Ravish the peace
Below your star I conjure thee

May the Dead that want to see us
May the Dead that want to hear us
May the Dead that want to see us
6. Wolves of the Great Dark 04:27
  May the howling
Bare the blood-red moon
Rise, take the shadowy form
The wolves of the great dark

Born of Az
Where our light is set below
Reveal thyself
Speak to us howling

Arrive, the Hungry One
Open up your gazing eyes
Demon DARK Ahriman

Come forth Ahriman
Come fallen seraph
Hearken and remember
They howl in thy praise
They howl in thy praise
7. The First Archon 05:07
  This is my confession
'Tis for thee my sweet couple
Or shall I say, my sound companion

Pour me the wine of Samael
Which venom — like sweetly sear
And so the blood of Lilith
This wine of the wicked taste

There is no God — but the source of my being
My heart holds eternities
Call me that name...
The venom of God
The prime archon — Darkness


The dark I suckled...
Her great light made me God
I am Samael

I slithered through Eve's legs
Bringing Cain the Accursed
She looked upon me with terror
But could not flee

Faithless One — you are my child
Deny me not, we are bound by blood
Fly unto me
...without fear, without end

To Him who lusted but knew not the shape of his lust
Lilith rises slowly from the earth
To receive him as a clinging vine
8. Blood of Az 03:51
   AZ || AZ || AZ

Thou the creation of the Abyss
Thou art boundless flames
Known as Goddess of AZ blood
Ahriman! See!
Awaken and alive

Thou art the Great Harlot
The witches sabbath thou leadst
For many to taste her

Goddess you know and praise
Fall prey to Her shadow
Kissed with motherly caress
With the motion of mind
She bleeds them into Her silver cup

She is the one — Goddess of life and death
Bound to Ahriman
She rides the beast
Antichrist at Her side
Ignorance is dead
I called their names
9. Black Mass 07:21
I transform in blasphemies imbued I break free, borders bend Ethos of the meek Gathered we are To swear the oath with the unspeakable To oppose their ways Come, genocide leaders I invoke you Hated heroes of the Iron Will The Devil's finest Hail masters of chaos Who filled lands with awe and fear Nations wept under your whip I salute you, King The Devil incarnate Gathered we are In the name of purity To clean ourselves With wrongs immoral Not to inverse — but to reject Not to conform — but to challenge Let us bathe in the blood and pain Of our misdeeds Lords of hell fed thereof Hail the carnage of your design Ever pleasant to the Evil Ones  

Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM, Mini-Album, EP, Limited Edition
Limited to 500 copies.

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