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Origen: E.E.U.U., Denver.

Formados: 2011

Estilo: Black atmosférico, folk

Temática: Historia, naturaleza y salvaje oeste

Enlaces: Bandcampfacebookinstagram y spotify


  • Isaac Faulk Batería y percusión
  • Jamie Hansen  Bajo y voces
  • Joey Truscelli Guitarra
  • Shane McCarthy Guitarra y voces

  • Demo Demo 2012  
  • Children of the Iron Age CD 2014
  • Old Souls CD 2016
  • World's Blood CD 2018
  • A Romance with Violence CD 2020
  • Night Shift Single 2023
  • American Gothic CD 2023

Cuarta larga duración para los de Colorado, un álbum que de manera muy coherente logra fundir el black metal con elementos folk y atmosféricos de su tierra, elementos estos últimos que rezuman sabor a western. Un álbum que no renuncia a una línea de black metal perfecta con un fuerte componente melódico en los riffs, pero sin que esto sea óbice para echar mano de la contundencia cuando es requerida, en forma de explosivos ritmos y violentos arrebatos de bajo y batería, conservando ese trasfondo de completos y perfecto riffs entre lo melódico y lo melancólico, con un una mayor presencia en las partes más lentas y evocadoras y manteniendo el tipo cuando la música transita por pasajes más rápidos. El apartado vocal se muestra también a la altura empleando por un lado las clásicas voces agresivas de tono atmosférico y evocador entre lo desgarrado y lo frío al tiempo que se completan con otras limpias con referencia a otros estilos y que cumplen una función de ampliar el horizonte del sonido del álbum hacia terrenos más folk. Sin embargo lo que hace diferente a este "A Romance with Violence" con respecto a otros álbumes son los arreglos de corte folk que salpican las composiciones, arreglos que retrotraen al oyente al salvaje oeste pero de una manera sutil, casi que imperceptibles pero que aportan por una parte un toque folk a las composiciones y por otra las hace única, por que aunque este temática comienza a tener presencia en un puñado de banda dentro el black, no es menos cierto que ese toque a western todavía no se ha generalizado como una moda y si hablamos del black atmosférico la idea resulta cuando menos refrescante. (7,6).

1. The Curtain Pulls Back 01:12   instrumental
2. The Crimson Rider (Gallows Frontier, Act I) 10:40
  Death! And no escape.
See, the Crimson Rider - alone in the silver screen expanse.
A teeming bedlam of dust and thunder follows in his wake.
With all the resolve of hell burning in his eyes, the bastard hero traverses the plains.
Saddled with avarice and cruelty he rides - the key to a nation fixed to his belt.

A hero? A man. A mouthful of blood.
Perennial, a loaded gun.

A law of the land cares not for lawless men.
A skyline of gravestones stands tall come the dawn

The frontier eternal, beholden to none.
The rider who would deal death, has drafted his own.

The sun drawing nearer, The rider pushed on.
In a fervor of gold, the outlaw becomes a God.

See our hero, realize too late:
He was blind to the gallows, yet tied his own rope.
As the platform falls from his feet, His last breath proclaims:
I am iron, I am death. I am the setting sun. I am the West.

They’ll sing his song - of an era gone

Hero hero, to which sunset will you ride?
When the bleeding clouds leave no horizon?
The gallows, no road back?
3. The Iron Horse (Gallows Frontier, Act II) 06:28
  Lo, and behold...
The reaper doth approach.

The iron-clad stallion - its pallid complexion concealed.
Forward on, steel legs run.
A new lord lays claim to the land.

From bastard god, to steam powered daemon.
The apostles follow in the cavalcade.
Reavers and raiders, hunters and harbingers
A path is struck - extinction begins

The iron-born hellion - its burning eyes survey the killing fields.
Permanence, and negation.
The veins of the Republic expand.

The company revels in their champion
On his back, the west will be won
An inferno, fed of enslavement and starvation
There is always more coal for the flames.

Silence becomes the nations that stood in the path.
The gallows engulf the settlements that follow its wrath.

The forgotten hands that struck down the ties are swallowed by the frontier.
Joining the peoples, pushed deep below
The new nation will learn the fear.

Violence begets fear and tragedy.
As the Iron horse sow, so shall it’s riders reap.

As iron goes
So pile the skulls
the Gallow frontier,
Will never forget
4. Fire & Gold 04:19   
The engine grinds its song,
One lonesome drone
The arrow of slumber drawn -
He’ll sink below

One man alone
Is it a dream?
Dreams bought and sold

Now he’s out there, on his own
A man on fortune’s road
The plains are his alone
The hills erupt with gold

There is a flame,
It’s whispering his name.

One land below
Is it a dream?
Fire and gold.

He finds himself in a dance
A burning romance.
As the blaze swallows his hopes,
He’ll sink below.
5. Masquerade of the Gunslingers 10:01
   Decadent, nearly divine.
Their shadows dance like velvet moonlight.

In the mezzanine above they applaud
Transfixed by the dancers, silently awed
The sterling attraction - the ballet of the gun
Murder in cold blood, as art in motion

Masquerade! they rise and they fall.
A pirouette, in the cadence of song

One mask falls down, another appears.

It's not what they see.
It is what they believe
It is there, at the crux of their judgement,
That the fantasy becomes the desire

The tragic poem ends as it begun.
And the men in the masks in death will live on

Awash in gold and velvet, with wandering eyes
You feel it burning within you, you're paralyzed
Please take my hand, and step into the night

The great dionysian facade
Is held upon our backs

The callous belief in blood elegant
Perpetuating from fathers to sons.
Spiraling down the grand halls of the dream.
6. Intermission 02:01   instrumental
7. Vaudeville 10:17
   I’ve seen me that traveling band, for that love they bled
I’ve seen me that rider, of crimson and lead

I’ve seen that iron horse, rolling the plains
Seen a man cross in it’s way, and never again.

Behold the great picture show, the immortal dance
Our heroes are all killers - and it’s gold they romance

I’ll be that masked man a glory to see.
I’ll kill me a hundred men, so you’ll remember me

All parts have been played on the stage,
The raucous, faux-elegant wake
The gunfighters dancing in circles
Seduced by the fear they create

Chaos in black and white!
Cheers erupt as another man falls
In each young man’s eye, a fire is lit
He too could be the most savage of all

I wait for the show to come back
Holding out, to see that magic once again
I wait, while the water comes down
Will I ever see the end?

I see them, nights - in my dreams.
The riders of crimson and lead.
They turn their rifles on me -
Please sing my song when I’m dead.

Where is the dream?
Where is the world that was promised?
Where is romance?
When did it give way to rape?

Who wears the masks?
Who do the gunslingers ride for?
Where is the dream?
Bleeding, discarded, thrown from the tracks.

Where is the dream??

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