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Origen: U.K.
Formados: 2019
Estilo: Black metal, post rock
Temática: Ocultismo
Enlaces: Bandcamp y facebook
  • Emissary and Vessel CD 2020
  • The Holy Flesh / Merger Remnant Split 2022

Carta de presentación en forma de álbum completo para esta enigmática one man band? inglesa que nos ofrece ocho temas. Hay que reconocer que la primera impresión al comenzer el álbum es un tanto desconcertante, pues el ritmo se mantinne en un tono constante y parece que los temas no acaban de arrancar, sin embargo al poco comienzas a apreciar el reguero de buenos riffs solapadas en capas que acompañan a la composiciones y las voces acaban por atraerte hacia el lado oscuro y enfermeizo. Si que es cierto, que no estamos ante un álbum rápido ni directo, la agresividad se encuentra encerrada en un segundo plano, pero hay que reconocer el enerme trabajo realizado para trasladarnos hacia terrenos ocultistas, la música funciona como un mantra y esa primera impresión de intimismo y melódia, esconde mucha frialdad y acaba por funionar como una obra ritualista. No podemos pasar por alto que las inlfuencias del rock ocultista de grandes desarrollos e influencias post también juega un papel importante en el conjunto de este álbum qye aun siendo black, se sustenta en estas influencias de sonidos más clásicos y viene a regenerar de una forma diferente el vacío de nuevas bandas son un enfoque tan logrado del ocultismo. (7,7)

1. Emissary I 03:56
  On his head the mark of life in death
For those who have eyes to see
For those who find without looking

The offspring of chaos
Fallen from the tree of the unborn
Spreading the black seed
Of final victory

Oh, holy flesh
From your ashes We shall nourish our breed
And through the purifying fire of Nigredo
We shall forever gaze into the deep

On our head the mark of death in life
For those who seek the light of obumbration
For the keepers of the flame
2. Emissary II 06:43
There’s no conscience but I The vulgar sun shining at its adverse zenith Proceeding from the centre Of your parasitic realm’s involution Burning from the ruins of your crumbling empire Never setting Eternally radiating There’s no truth but I The black light collapsing Into the ultimate singularity Incarnating the triumph of flesh Over the corpses of your failures Crushing the nine gates Perpetually devouring There’s no god but I BOTH EYES OPEN! Blood spills from the calix’ paten The mouth opens Schichirion, Necheshirion The night opens…  
3. Emissary III 03:50
This world must be read backwards
With infernal insanity
And the profanity of self aspiration
Nothing left to chance

What once was shall lead the way
For the past is the key
And the body is the path
To what should have been

This world you know must be set ablaze
To guide the journey to the nightside of awareness
And the dark substrate of existence
Nothing left to chance

Our will shall lead the way
For the past is the key
And the body is the path
To what should have been
4. Emissary IV 04:34
Here a new real is born and another dies
An agonising shadow consumed at last
Hear the shallow breath of this arid sphere
Standing at the centre of an empty horizon
Spinning against time and dictatorship of judgement

Here a new era is dawning
Built on the bleached bones of the purified
Giving way to the total putrfaction of the soul consuming itself
Leaving only the unspoiled remains of an ageless lucid dream

Here the survivors will join the unborn
Feasting in unending joy
Spinning the weel of beginningless time
All in one
One in all
5. Vessel I 06:31
She hums beyond the lies of doubt She sings with lascivious hunger Blood flowing like volcanic lava To break the cycle of life To wipe the slate clean Rebirth! Heed her call Seek her out and dissolve back to the darkness you breed In her redness, time and will defy In her ecstasy, universes imploding back to nought She hums beyond the flame pulling us inward She sings in serpentine fluctuations To reconcile past and future To pierce the cosmic billows Universes imploding back to naught! 
6. Vessel II 07:26
  And now chaos will be your robe
Its splendour will be your essence
May the night open its jaws
And annihilate your enemies
May the gardens of insanity spread open
And lead your path to the truth therein

Wanderers from the light
Dwellers in the abyss
Forget your birth names
And take on the innocence of the flesh in full

And may you eradicate all lies
And may you lurk in the unknown
And may you face the draught of the spirit
While you become the ultimate void
7. Vessel III 03:10
  “The night is your shroud, dark goddess, the eye is your womb.
We enter through the gate and become one with your being.
Full is emptiness, silence speaks and darkness is light.
The Star shines in the sea and waves follow in the steps of the Dragon.”
8. Vessel IV 05:56
From tomb to womb
In rapid successions
The common man is no more
Layer by layer, all gone

Submit to the new light
The eternal sculptor of the form

Beyond the margins of the passing time
We can now see thought the earthly limitations
The clouds of Nigredo
And the absurdities of the matter

It takes sacrifice to win the eternity
From womb to tomb
No escaping
Submit, forget, incinerate the ego
To acquire a treasure and call it your own

12" black 140 g Vinyl limited to 400 copies 8 paged 297x297mm Booklet

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