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Origen: Finalndia
Formados: ?
Estilo: Black
Enlaces: Bandcamp

  • Caenum Shaman Batería, guitarra, teclados y voces
  • Hex IO Bajo
  • Naimashlach Batería
  • Šaman Cambion Voces

  • Windseller EP 2020
  • Lappish Shatanism CD 2023

Entre los integrantes de Nôidva podemos encontrar a músicos que militan en bandas como  Riivaus, , Sacrificium Carmen o Wömit Angel entre otros, dándonos idea de que no son unos recién llegados, aunque estemos hablando de su primer EP de seis temas, "Windseller" que les ha permitido alcanzar una repercusión totalmente merecida. El P se abre con el tema que da título al mismo que contiene una pequeña intro melódica pero que a renglón seguido embiste con un black de guitarras rasgadas, voces agresivas y sutiles arreglos de teclados. Su música se sustenta en el dinamismo que encierra, capaz de ofrecer unas frías y oscuras melodías en segundo plano que no se pierden en medio de la estructura de la canción, recordando a bandas de la segunda ola del black metal. Si lo inicios del álbum son estremecedores, la segunda parte del mismo, con dos temas como "Into Polar Nights" y "Eclipsed by Goahti's Blood" es memorable; estos dos temas contienen la esencia de un sonido directo, crudo, pero que al mismo tiempo contiene un fuerte componente pagano, incluso folk, capaz de conseguir con su equilibrio entre melodía y agresividad, un sentimiento de oscuridad y frialdad mayúsculo. Una interesante puesta de largo para esta banda, que irrumpe con fuerza con su primer EP, al cual le deseamos una pronta continuidad. (8).

1. Windseller 05:10  
  Once upon a time
There was a group of wanderers
Seeking an ancestral help
For their journey
Others said this myth was a lie
But it lies behind a man's map
And this coordinate hides the spells of esoteria

And they found the lodge so ominous
Centuries old

Wanderers offered a rope and asked:
"Would you sell us a knot?"
Shaman smeared with soot
"I will sell you the first one"
The knot was a wind of bravery
"Now be brave and stay in silence"
Wanderers got greedy and asked for the second

Now they truly exasperated the Windseller

Wind of strenght was sold
Now they demanded the last one by threat
"But you have to give me your everything
For this wind of most dangerous curse"

Wanderers left with grin on their faces
Believed in their ultimate powers

But did they pay anything to the Windseller?
2. Followers of the North Star 05:59
Now wanderers got back to map Known by the peasantry Held the rope of false hope With three knots Their nature of journey had changed Because of their greediness Now thinking they are masters of robbery Heading to the northern treasures With witchery of the night Rides summoned followers of the north star And after every domain they robbed The sky and stars turned darker And after every croft they slayed The breeze got colder Now realized something was wrong Aurora borealis spoke with thongue A familiar voice from their past How long the star beacon would last? By witchery of the night Flinched the followers of the north star With sinister voice in their mind Weakened the spell of followers of the north star Voice robbed their sanity By giving most horrifiyng visions Unnatural poltergeists of the nature Where nothing were asleep anymore Sky turned to deep black ocean Stars fell like raindrops of the sun Northern winds showed their mightiness Knots started to open Bravery of the robbers was gone There wasn't any proof of strenght But there was still one wind left Coldest and the stormy one Inverted spell of pestilence Robbed witchery of the night Onslaught for followers of the north star With sinister voice in their mind Rides summoned followers of the north star  
3. Häilän Joiku 02:00   instrumental
4. Into Polar Nights 05:50
So, last knot opened
Teared with rage
Sky started shrieking
Biting their ears out
Pitchblack ocean turned into red
Everywhere smell of smoke bred
Trees swayed the dance of panic
Mounts didn't obey human orders
Scattered to every points
Wind of witchery was truly born

Rider came to the bottom of the fjeld
Raised his gaze and saw white wolf
Unnaturally great as hostile
Wolf smeared with soot
Started its howling attack
With ice purple hateful eyes
Wizard was undeniably there
When teeth of frost sank in flesh
Robbed his life with blood

One rode into the primeval forest
Mount collapsed
The smell was unbearable
Dark green smoke attached onto trees
Hot mist unknown here drifted into polar nights
Forest exploded like huge campfire of shaman
Green blaze gave birth to snow
And melt even wanderers soul
Burned but still intact
Forest laughs with purgative fire
To windy polar nights

Soothsayer kneeled down to the moss carpet
Muttered with old odd grin
Far away sky turned gold
Above the third one
Crying for his sins
For his fate
Black lighting as wide as a river
Rides furiosly onto the soil
And borrowed corpus is stolen

Fourth robber got away with his cunning
Swallowed tears filled with vendetta
5. Eclipsed by Goahti's Blood 04:28
After thirteen moons Scoundrel licked his wounds He started again head in north Limping and cursing he travels Over seven mountains Journey longer than year of famine With heinously shaded fatality World eclipsed by goahti's blood Robber finally find the lodge Familiar with its spells of knots Carefully he sneaks Behind the soothsayer Cowardly strikes the sword Into the heart of knowledge Suddenly, every word dyed to red "Hear ye! Hear my red! Oh Old Ones!" With heinously crafted blade he strikes World eclipsed by goahti's blood 
6. Vindictive Old Ones 03:35
...And They from every epic sagas Awakes for the ceased shriek Heard the one who bowed before Forthcoming arsonists of liars nest Polar rider reached the sky Yearned for help from his false god Every dimensions of the multiverse Exploded to fight Stars melted to an astralshield Suns froze to an axe of (black) fire The end of the nest is near Pierced by the shamans spear One strike to the world of lie And They rode over the corpse of false god 

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