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1.The band was born in 2004 What led you to create the band at that time and why choose the name of "The Ugly"?
Yeah, we formed in 2004 as a two man-act. I moved to Stockholm that year, and my old friend and former band partner Johan already lived here since a couple of years back. We started talking about starting a band together again, and we formed The Ugly. The Ugly can mean a variety of things, and I guess it's up to you what you come to think of? Are we the ugly? Is the ugly an entity? Is the ugly Satan? Is the ugly all the ugliness that lives in mankind?

2.You began with a couple of demos "The Birth" and "Diggin 'Graves" to which followed your first album "Slaves to the Decay", an album featuring a black metal influenced by sounds thrash, how was the songwriting process and recording the first album and how that influenced bands sound the same?
Johan wrote all the songs for Slaves to the Decay and i contributed with the lyrics and vocal arrangements. Some songs from the demos you mentioned made it to end up on the album as well. We were definitely influenced by thrash metal on that album, as well as black metal. Both me and Johan are fond of bands like Slayer and Testament, but also Immortal, Dark Funeral and Marduk and I guess that left its mark. 

3.After the release of "Slaves to the Decay" the band enters a period of silence to editing this year's "decreation" what happened within the band during this time? Did you ever think to put an The Ugly end to?. 
With the addition of Fredrik Widigs and Joakim Antman seems that the band is put back into operation and the result of this is to edit "decreation", how was the process of writing and recording the new album?
Yeah, we had some line-up changes during those years. At one point Johan left the band, and that was a bit of a crisis for me personally but also for us as a band. Luckily he returned and we gained stability with our new members Fredrik Widigs and Joakim Antman. They allowed us to push ourselves in ways we couldn't with our old line-up. 
Per wrote two songs for Decreation (Black Goat and Nibiru), and Johan wrote the rest. Brining Per's songs into the mix made us more dynamic, I think. Also Johans songwriting had evolved and refined. You can still here that it's The Ugly, but its a bit more diverse, without being too progressive. 

4.The sound of The Ugly has evolved between the two albums, how important in this evolution has been the incorporation of Fredrik Widigs the group?
As I mentioned, both Fredrik and Joakim really raised the bar for us as our rhythm section. That opened up new doors to us when it came to song writing. The Ugly of 2016 is like a tank. We can roll over and crush anything. 

5.How would you describe the sound of "decreation" and what were your main musical influences?
I would describe the sound as uugly and disgusting. Our focus was to evolve and move a way from the thrash influences, while still staying true to ourselves and our sound. Influences however, can come from anywhere, and from any music - not just black metal. Our main influences are always the stuff we grew up with, musically - bands like Immortal, Marduk, Dark Funeral, Nifelheim and Mörk Gryning. Listening to Kiss and Iron Maiden probably hasn't hurt either. 

6.Hatred, destruction and especially Satanism are recurring themes in your texts, What inspires you to write about this and why you find interesting?
I find the darker aspects of life more interesting and compelling to explore. It's been like that for as far as I can remember. Religion is a topic that I'm very fond of and satanism for me is about going against the dogma of organized religion. I'm an atheist and I don't believe in any higher power, be it God or Satan. The mere concept of religion is an insult to my intellect. On Decreation I explored the concept of cosmicism a lot, and it gave the album a lyrical edge that I'm really proud of. . 

7.After all these years I have dared to include for the first time a song in Swedish, why now?
I don't know, it just felt right. It was the last lyric I wrote, and I asked Johan if he had any objections to me writing it in Swedish. He gave the thumbs up and I wrote it in no time. The words just poured out of me. I think it turned out excellent, and that it being sung in Swedish gave it a more powerful meaning. 

8.How do you see the current black metal scene in Sweden? You think you missed a bit the essence of the scene makes for decades?
I'd say the scene is quite good. We have some of the world's best black metal-bands here in Sweden and new bands emerge all the time. Sure, we might have missed the hey days of the 90's, but there is no point in thinking about that. We've been around for 12 years now, and that's not too shabby either. 

9.How did you get started in music, first cds, concerts, etc. Why decide to be a musician? Do you keep the same enthusiasm as when you started?
For me, it was my older brothers that got me into music and metal. They're more than 10 years older than me, so I had Black Sabbath, Venom, Mercyful Fate, Kiss, Iron Maiden and bands like that with me from the time I was a small kid. For a long time I was really into the original line-up of Kiss, and then I got more into heavy metal in my early teens. That led to speed metal, which led to thrash metal, which ultimately led to black metal.
Yeah, it's not the same with music as when you were a kid. You had a certain passion back then, you were hungry! Now I listen to the same old favourite albums over and over, haha. I guess you get a little more conservative as you get older. Music will never stop being one of the most important things in life thoughr. 

10.For the edition of "decreation" Do you decantais by the seal ViciSolum Productions, why you choose this label? Satisfied with the work done by the label in terms of promotion?
We had a couple of friends with bands that were/are signed to ViciSolum and they recommended them. Yeah, they've been easy to work with. I was hoping for a vinyl release, but you never know I guess...

11.What future plans do you have for the band in terms of concerts and new releases?
We just wanna thank our fans for still being here for us, despite the time it took to release Decreation. The wait for our next album will not be as long! We hope to be able to land some festival gigs and to see you out there. Decreation has begun - the end is now!

A union 7'' between two respected Occult Black Metal formations. The release features two hymns: "Ascetic Temples" by ISRATHOUM and "Sacrament of Death" by CHALICE OF BLOOD. This is the first ever split release for the former and the first new recording in 7 years for the latter. Raw, unpolished, aggressive and determined proselytism of Death


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