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Origen: Portugal
Estilo: Black melódico
Temática: Filosofía, ocultismo y satanismo
Enlaces: ?
  • Fernando Ribeiro Voces
  • Pedro Paixão Samples y teclados
  • Ricardo Amorim Guitarra
  • Sérgio Crestana Bajo
  • Hermeticum CD 1998


Creo que jamás se le hará justicia a Fernando Ribeiro dentro de la escena y solo se le rendirá un sentido homenaje cuando falte y es que este hombre no sólo saco adelante a Moonspell como referente en una primera época del black metal luso traspasando las fronteras de su pais, sino que los reinventó y los sigue teniendo activos y en liza una porrada de años después, otra cosa es que haya abandonado sus inicios más black por otros más gótico, pero bueno cada uno es libre de juzgar su obra. Pero lo que no me explico es que por la época en la cual embaucó al resto de la formación de Moonspell en este proyecto, muy similar en esencia a la banda original, y no tiró por algo tan sencillo como que este álbum saliera bajo la banda de origen, tendría sus motivos. Daemonarch fué banda de un solo álbum, un álbum inspirado en los estudios que Fernando realizó en su adolescencia del satanismo. En cuanto a sonido, si que creo que se sitúa en esa etapa intermedia de la banda, su sonido es muy black y Fernando lo borda a las voces, pero si que es cierto que comienzan a intuirse ciertos cambios en forma de arreglos sinfónicos y ciertas melodías de guitarra que marcarían el futuro de Moonspell. "Hermeticum " es un pedazo de álbum en toda regla, un álbum con una ambientación tremendamente oscura y fría, con una gran musicalidad que presenta un combo bien engrasado en pleno proceso de evolución y si todo esto no fuera suficiente se sacan de la manga la revisión del tema "Call from the Grave " de Bathory. (8,8).

1. Lex Talionis 05:32  
Rising above the searching of love visions
I felt this darkness resist
Nailing a thousand nazarenes
Screaming through your thousand faces
Robed in black
For this ritual madness
The demons of the heart
I have learned to obey

War is declared
Spread everywhere

Awaken from the slumber
Where can I hide
Screaming he dies

Past the light
Of a god sent
To a world of the night

For knowledge, I the demons ride
2. Of a Thousand Young 04:27
 I am with you and I die
I will leave you and I will fight

Wrapped around a perfect ???
The entity that you feast and worship
The entity you cannot feel in disguise
Lost cries in your ???

Take my soul and my watcher
Thousands of young
Waiting for the revelation

And grow in me
To bow the weapon
As my nightmare
Fire won't stop

Guilt is growing
To bow no one
And bow together
For the new angel

Bow together
For the new angel
And bow to me
By my will

Of a thousand young
All we're good for
Supress it inside

Learn together
To serve the dark aeon
Lost forever
As we fall

The great vagina of the worlds
Holy Mary and all the children
They lost their power
Bow down to the spawn of the unkind

The raped vagina of this world
Resists the sex of a thousand young
Bloody angles I behold
Angles' feathers mixed with blood

I am what I am
And to the angles I speak
Unto the only ones who know
The only faces of the demon

By whose will
This world has come so far?

Learn together
To serve the dark aeon
Lost forever
As we fall
3. Corpus Hermeticum 04:51
My heart will become our shelter
Now that you turn my hands
To the livings worlds
And my fears grovel with the dark

As the seal, I'm in disguise
I wear the bowel and there's my face
I look down

And I fear
Down on my hands of fornication

And the children speak
We'll be arised and touch the Earth
Without a crown
Raphael will be sent to burn the ground

To subcreate
We'll fornicate to a new time
Hurry almost done
And you will see through me again

I will say join hands and greet us
To wash him away in your silver light
Thus sever ??? on your grave

You cannot save yourself
I'll feel your fear
I'll die you follow
I win
You will not save
You will not save
You will not save your lives
I lose

Your lives

When all is done
The voice of the mute will announce the will
The blind will see again
When all is too dark to be seen

The deaf will listen
When all is too loud to be heard
Revelations to the world
To finally follow their guilty God's

I keep
The share
I fear
I lust
In pain
I hide
In sin

When all is done
You'll see my face again
To finally follow their guilty God's
4. Call from the Grave (Bathory cover) 04:37
God of Heaven, hear my cries
Of anguish, I'm in pain
I'm suffering a thousand deaths
But I live on in vain

Death would greet with eternal sleep
My soul would come to peace
My life has ceased, the time has come
Can no one hear my pleas?

Lowered down at the moisty ground
Into the dark and cold
My heartbeat is the only sound
Tears my limbs and soul

I scream for mercy, hear my cries
Lord, don't abandon me
I'm so tired
Grant me the eternal sleep

Buried and forgotten
In a cold and nameless grave
If death is what awaits me
I feel no fright

Buried and forgotten
In a cold and nameless grave
If there's a God in Heaven
Hear my call from the grave
5. Samyaza 04:27
Saniyaza, touch me
The powers watch upon
And I will invent for you a victim
Never concealed before
Sanyaza, your children grow
Will you ever be involved?
I draw your number in my heart
To acclaim my very prize

And in supper
You'll give birth to an angel
And from this small creature's
Each one of us will have a new try

And you'll try!

And in supper you'll give birth to an angel
And each one of us will have a new try

Sanyaza, your children grow
When did you get involved?
Arisen numbers in my heart
And foregain my very prize

Through her lips, those orders birth and rise
Rake problems, get them off, with the number of your days
Where's the old grievance, you'll get of the Lord of the poverty
Herald here in your service and bring to me the demon

When in supper Saniyaza will come
And present us the true lore
The true lore and the storm
And turn to it in my time

To kiss all that I here have behold
For we have finally achieved
What we always had


For his glory
Guilt is glory
6. Nine Angles 05:38
  Search the infinite
Begin at the end
On the first lies the infinite
Of the first springs to eternity
I'm the second one to tells his glory
A world of power raises in all his glory

Dessicate the messenger
The essence of all our knowledge
The forge is a weapon that may not sail
Through the shining of the night burn!

Every light has its flame
And all the world who will blame
For this number will reign on mercy
To the ones who ask in vain

Four is the number of the only one
One to persist, for me and you
Tears and desists the fall down on me
Seven is the perfect symmetry

Purge of the liberty, bear the blessed
And here I come, with the plethoral order
Learn the liberty, the voices sound
The nightshade

All bow down to the living worlds
And to ??? words
Five, six, seven, eight
Here are the verbs for you

Blood of nine, come shine on terror
On the changings of the magic world
Cannot tell the ??? innocent, here I am
Anarchy, heirachy, blood of death, blood of life

The Seven will bring us chaos and ruin
And the waken guards the truth
I'll succumb before your life is done
And I shall steal all the world

Search the infinite
Begin at the end

Blood of nine angles
7. Incubus 04:44

I wanna see your thousand wings
Open, closing, behind you
Open them all at once for me
Be prepared for what you see

I will die before
I will live untouched

Listen to my thousand tongues
Amplifiy it by a thousand screams
Speak them all at once for me
Be prepared for what you hear

I will die before
I will live untouched

Incubus, succumb to me
Succubus, incube with me

Incubus Succubus

There is an order
That will be a meaning
When you're discovered
You'll die with the lust, but we'll see

There is an order
That will be a meaning

Incubus spreads with your disease
Succubus under a mad reveal

There is much more than I really mean
There is so little to be a few

Succubus, oh fly with me
I wanna be your symmetry
Succubus, arise in me
I wanna be the apathy
Succubus, arise in me
I wanna touch in harmony
Succubus, oh come to me
I've got to feel the anarchy

Incubus, succumb to me

Want to see a thousand wings
Open, closing, behind you?
Open them all at once for me
Be prepared for what you see

Listen to my thousand tongues
Amplified by a thousand screams
Speak them all at once for me
Be prepared for what you hear

Incubus, succumb to me
Succubus, incube with me

Incubus Succubus
8. The Seventh Dæmonarch 06:17
Arisen by a silver sword
That lost its battle shine
As I walk into the gate
I left that world behind

My Father awakes me with his calls
Rotten, vile, human pride
Knowing better than I
With my arrival the Earth shall die

The legions scream, that was a day
My swords fell on them a thousand times
I was dealt with by fire
And with fire I shall depart

Left in the deep, my soul will
Always breath and feel in the deep

Arisen in my Father's womb
Life sustain me for his might
Flames are flames, they are to hurt
Flames still flames, they are to hurt

No one can ever imagine
His flames embrace all Earth and sky
But you are drowning in fire
Through our invisible hearts

I am immortal
I cannot die
So heed me, Father
Your heart is mine

Tears run down my closed eyes
And all that fire burning inside
The pierced tears add time for soul
I shall await for the next to go

Goodbye my soul has given to you
And the strong shall be weak
The blood of my world
Awaits in your grace

Hear me my beloved son
I cannot teach you
Any further

A new Aeon
Has begun
You're the next to
Rise, the Earth's Son
9. Hymn to Lucifer 04:11
I've had no spring, no axle, and no end His body, above the light radiance When novel passion Sun souled Lucifer Swept down the dark colossal swift aslant And there's no end to deal with our curse And spiced with sorrow, the true sources Burnt a life, inside the Universe Where love and knowledge drove out innocent The key of joy is Disobedience I am the flame That burns in every heart of Man I'm the magician and the exorcist

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