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Origen: Austria, Viena
Formados: 1993
Estilo: Black
Temática: Satanismo
Enlaces: Abigorbandcamp y facebook
  • P.K. Guitarra y bajo
  • Silenius Voces
  • T.T. Guitarra, batería y bajo
Ash Nazg... Demo 1993
Lux Devicta Est Demo 1993
Creation of a Dark Age Split 1994
Promo Tape 2/94 Demo 1994
Moonrise Demo 1994
In Hate & Sin Demo 1994
Verwüstung / Invoke the Dark Age CD 1994
Orkblut - The Retaliation EP 1995
Nachthymnen (From the Twilight Kingdom) CD 1995
Opus IV CD 1996
Apokalypse EP 1997
Supreme Immortal Art CD 1998
Structures of Immortality EP 1998
Origo Regium 1993-1994  Recopilatorio 1998
Channeling the Quintessence of Satan CD 1999
In Memory... EP 2000
Satanized (A Journey Through Cosmic Infinity) CD 2001
Shockwave 666 EP 2004
Fractal Possession CD 2007
Time Is the Sulphur in the Veins of the Saint - An Excursion on Satan's Fragmenting Principle CD 2010
Quintessence CD 2012
Supreme and Immortal Is the Art of the Devil Single 2013
Leytmotif Luzifer CD 2014
1994-1998: The Complete Hörnix Recordings Boxed set 2015  
Supreme Immortal Art (Instrumental 1997) Demo 2015  
Abigor / Thy Darkened Shade - Tape-Box Split 2016
Kingdom of Darkness EP 2016 Abigor / Nightbringer / Thy Darkened Shade / Mortuus Split 2017
Höllenzwang (Chronicles of Perdition) CD 2018
Black Icarus / Metamorphosis EP 2018
Four Keys to a Foul Reich (Songs of Pestilence, Darkness and Death) Recopilatorio 2019
1993 - Entering the Kingdom of Darkness Recopilatorio 2020  
Totschläger (A Saintslayer's Songbook) CD 2020
Taphonomia Aeternitatis - Gesänge im Leichenlicht der Welt CD 2023

El primer disco de los austriacos se puede englobar dentro de la corriente imperante en la época, black metal clásico de principios de los noventa en donde los grupos comenzaban a enriquecer su sonido con la aportación de matices procedentes de la incorporación de teclados, no muy presentes en este álbum, y un mayor trabajo de guitarra para conseguir una ambientación más folk o pagana. Abigor demuestran desde el comienzo del álbum un gusto por los pasajes tristes y melancólicos de ambientación satanista. El trabajo de guitarra es soberbio, afiladas y melódicos aportando en muchos momentos un aire medieval o folk y llevando en la mayoría de los casos en peso de la composiciones. Las voces son tremendamente apropiadas, sonando agónicas y sufriendo en cada estrofa. Los blast beats son correctos, no tienen gran protagonismo, pero cumplen. Por último los teclados sin llegar a aportar un aspecto de sinfónismo al conjunto si que están presentes para envolver la música en una capa siniestra e inquietante. Un álbum que es un perfecto ejemplo de las posibilidades que podía ofrecer el género a comienzos de los noventa y que me atrevería a tildarlo de clásico y fundamental para entender el black a día de hoy. (8,6)

1. Universe of Black Divine 06:58
The holy trinity is rotten
All the saints are slain
Religion is forgotten
To the winged demon-lord we pray
We will rule -
If not now, than in eternity
Maybe you win in this world
But the universe of black divine 
Remains immortal
Get one of us in this reality
We sacrifice hundrets of yours 
In our true reality -
The dark age is our aim
To rule of mankind
This worthless brainless piece of shit
That remained of gods ridiculous creation
Our unit shows the sign of Satan
The master in black
Obey or be obliterated
2. Kingdom of Darkness 08:13
His kingdom - Kingdom of Darkness Where you can hear agony screams Cry eternal Frozen moon, growing shadows Glowing eyes are waiting (The) creator of darkness will rise And the sun will shine no longer Cry eternal Condemned to walk away in the night In the land where cold winds blow Where silence reigns From horizon to horizon The wind leads your way Darkness fills your soul You'll be eternal in his kingdom Kingdom of Darkness Embalmed in black Receive thy might Our sense of live to harm world Under the shining moon We follow your command Entering your unholy path Kingdom of Darkness  
3. Beneath a Steel Sky 01:53  instrumental
4. Eye to Eye at Armageddon 05:24
 Unable to save the world
But able to suffer in this so-called heaven
Your grotesque vision of pure holyness
Will be suffocated like you - bearer of light
Cry bearer of light
To weak to fight
Your fear - Your death
Eye to Eye at Armageddon

You say god is strong
You say god is eternal
I say this are lies

Unable to save the world
But able to suffer in this so-called heaven
Your grotesque vision of pure holyness
Will be suffocated like you 
Cry bearer of light
To weak to fight
But we meet again - Eye to Eye
Victory at Armageddon
5. In Sin 04:20
Marching through the woods
Our weapons held high
Here is our meeting tonight

Our fire burns higher then ever before
Out master's awaited with pride

We get immortality
We are eternal
We drink the blood
Flowing warm from Christ
So sweet to taste the liquid might
Our satanic unity is done

Ash nazg durbatulûk
Ash nazg gimbatul
Ash nazg thrakatulûk
Agh burzum-ishi krimpatul

Join force Belial
Hypnotic trance
Awaiting the beast
Waiting for the end

Whispering voices telling me
To rape to kill the priest
Floating caused by magic
Never ending hate
6. My Soft Vision in Blood 05:51
  So we reached our aim
The replacement of day
The obliteration of the sun
The triumph of the soft moonlight

Mankind reduced so much
How deep my slumber is
You are not the one you think
We are masters - you are slaves

Why weeping?
Why bleeding?
Did you believe in the false god?
I'm laughing
I'm celebrating
I have foreseen my triumph

Now we are divided
But we know our time will come
Than we take our weapons
To stand together as one

Mankind exist to follow
To serve and not to think
We are born of the ancient race 
To lead you in total darkness

Counts and lords with black blood
United under the funeral moon
The second wave of darkness
Is to be invocated

Darkness created
Dark age foreseen
The process of freezing
In my soft vision in blood
7. Weeping Midwintertears 04:45  
8. Diabolic Unity 03:01
My lord, I say I'm yours You're my mentor I'll learn to take control over mankind I'll be the leader of your unholy legions To your victory on earth We will your enemies the christians My lord, I say I'm yours I say I'm your's, my lord I'm yours Speak the ancient words to cause the eclipse Embalmed in black receive thy might In sin we live In sin we die Join force Belial Satanic unity Meet us out there Forests pride, moons beauty Satans power, journey's end Eternal darkness 
9. A Spell of Dark and Evil 02:04  instrumental

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