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1.Your first release is the demo of 2012, why did you decide to create the group and referred to the name of Hellebore?
I’ve been composing riffs and melodies for years, but I never really managed to compose a complete song before those on the demo. I don’t know why exactly I decided to do so… I just felt like doing it, I guess. “Aootw” is the very first song that I arranged and recorded (and it still is my best work in my opinion). I’m not too proud of the other songs from the demo: they sound bad, their lyrics are dumb and I misused a lot of good ideas…
I named the project “Hellébore” because that word means something special to me.

2.Last year he released "Anouof thwo", how has been the recording process and composition of this album?
The recording process is always an hassle, because I’m not a very good musician and I record my music with very cheap equipment. The composition process went great however. I had good riffs and melodies, and I was very excited to put them together.

3.Hellbore music is strongly influenced by atmospheric black orientation towards science fiction and space, what are your main influences when creating music Hellebore? Reason why you are attracted to science fiction themes?
I sure am influenced by atmospheric black metal bands such as Verdunkeln, Lunar Aurora as well as some Rhinocervs’ untitled tapes, but I don’t know if it shows in Hellébore’s sound. Some 80’s post-punk and gothic rock bands influenced me as well. For instance, I’m a huge fan of the Chameleons.

3.What refers album title "Anouof thwo"?
 Nobody but me will ever know what that title stands for, sorry!

4.Darksapce, Cancer Galaktic Squad are also bands that have a similar sound to that of hellbore atmosphere, I mean that atmosphere of loneliness in space, are you familiar with the releases of these bands?
I love Darkspace. It is an amazing band, I can’t wait for the new release coming out next Fall. Their approach is quite different from mine : space is a simple thematic for me, but Darkspace’s sound totally incarnate it. I’m not a fan of Cancer Galaktic Squad though, their music just doesn’t appeal me.

5.Northeastern Canada has a rich black metal scene, how music fits into the current hellbore scene black?
Some Québec black metal bands are very good, such as Forteresse, Monarque, Maléfices… Hellébore however doesn’t belong to that scene, I don’t have any contacts with those bands.

6.From what I can guess, Hellebore in a band one member, are you willing to to incorporation into a future of new members?
Never. Hellébore will always be a one member project. I don’t want to deal with another dude’s ideas and opinions, I want to take my own decisions regarding my music.

7.What does it feel like to convey to the listener with your music, maybe the feeling of emptiness?
When I listen to my songs, I only feel positive energy. Hellébore isn’t really dark even though it is somehow born from dark feelings. When listening to Hellébore, you’re supposed to feel like you’re somewhere else, far from Earth, and feel good about that.

8.How did you get started in music as a child and why you decided to become a musician?
I started playing guitar when I was 13 or 14. I was mainly listening to pop-punk and Californian punk-rock bands back then. I’m not a very good guitar player even though I’ve been playing for nearly a decade. I have some great ideas but my technique is bad and I can barely play the keyboards. I don’t think of myself as a musician, but more as a composer. I still managed to record an album that sounds quite good to me, I’m proud of that.

9.What future plans do you have for Hellebore, about upcoming releases, etc?
I don’t really have plans for an upcoming release at the moment. I’ve composed several new songs, but I don’t feel like recording them. So it is unlikely that a new Hellébore album will come out this year… I haven’t written any new lyrics yet, I don’t know if it’s going to be about space again. The only thing I know is that the music will be a bit more post-punk oriented.

10.Thank you very much for your time talking to Black Metal Spirit. If you want to add something to the followers of hellbore, now is the time. Were the questions I hope to your liking?
Thanks a lot for your questions and your interest in my project! It was my very first interview. I hope my answers were interesting enough

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