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Witcher was created in 2010, why they decided to create the band at that time? How were the beginning of Witcher?
The idea of Witcher conceived in us when Karola and I played in the band Trollheimen, around the year 2007. We had many common favorites - including Summoning and Nocturnal Mortum - so we decided that someday we materialize a heavily synthesizer oriented project involved the true spirit of black metal. However, the plan was put on ice for a long time to gather enough experience of  working in home studio, and to get all the necessary instruments and supplies, needed for home music-making. For it was a decidedatthe beginning, that the Witcher will woek only in duo formatian, as a studio project, and this we don’t want to change. Because behind both of us stands many years of musical history, the first songs came togethervery quickly, and in 2010 the first demo was easily done, since then we try to develop in both technical areas and in musical knowledge too.

Since the creation of Witcher have been offering new material regularly to reach your last work " Boszorkanytanc ", published last year , how has evolved the sound of the band over the years? How would you describe the sound of Witcher for I still do not know who ?
The first album, called Boszorkánytánc (Witchdance) is the remastered version of the second demo, so there are not much change or development, unlike in the case of "Néma Gyász" EP, which is miles better in sound and in songs. However officially we are only four years active, but I feel that we evolved in a lot of things! Thanks to our home studio I could represent better quality, but I try to develope in playing and inwriting too. Karola doesn’t need to this, because she is a gradusate musician, she could play any classical music awakened from sleep. Many people asked us how do we characterize the Witcher's style, which is not an easy task, because in base case there is about symphonic black metal, but since this phrase everyone thinks to Dimmu Borgir and others – who otherwise we like too, but our effects can be found in more classic black metal – so we used to call our style atmospheric black metal. Due to the excessive synth using a lot of people did not even listen to our music, although if we take away the keyboard, the end result would be pure black metal.
How was the process of writing and recording of " Boszorkanytanc " ? Both bring ideas to the composition or the criterion of one of you wins ?
The songs of "Witchdance" came together very quickly, many topics have already existed at the time of the first demo, so we can actually just put them together, add text to them and that’s all. The studio also went smoothly, we enjoy playing our songs, so if there are no technical problems, they usually go their way, because we practice a lot before the recordings. The song writing is generally that Karola dreams - sometimes literally - the melodies and themes that she make tabs into a book, and when ther are enough collected, we go away somewhere and knead them into finished songs. In the meantime, I have put together in my mind the rhythms and guitars too. Of course there is, when I come up with a guitar theme, and even the choruses I write - the lyrics are absolute mine - but generally everything goes very easy. Of course we do not hurry, because there is a certain level of quality, which is always given. We only use those items that are catchy and sufficiently strong.

Your music takes the listener to the solitude and darkness of the depths of a cold winter forest, also not free from certain doses of paganism , what sensations are intended to convey with his music in the listener ?
I think in these few words are perfectly summarized what does Witcher means to us. With the songs we are able to release the stress and negative things in us, that is why they are not very cheerful, although we have already militant songs too, but they also lurks in the background melancholic, which is found in our music from the beginning. I don’t know that the loneliness how much is hearful, but in the lyrics is a recurring monument - among other things - because I don’t want to the listeners only empy words but meaningful thoughts, maybe some help, some wise words to suggest. Otherwise, these moods are never forced, simply that is what comes out from us. If there borns any "fun" tune in mind when it played, the end result will be always melancholic.

Your sound reminded me of the Basque band Elffor , not if you know anything about this group , but I guess your influences come from elsewhere , what bands inspire Witcher sound ?
Although, I am a fanatic underground metal collector, unfortunately Elffor is avoided my attention, so unfortunately I can not say anything about the comparison. I am glad, that you not compare our music to Dimmu Borgir you like us, because a lot of ignorant people compare everything to them who uses sythnetizers. Most people do not really know where to put us, because as I mentioned, there classical music mixed with black metal. What bands have influenced us? I'll be honest, we are record collectors with Karola, in every month we hear about a dozen new band, so whatever we listen, probably have an impact on us, but most living situations inspire us instead of bands. We like almost the same music - Falkenbach, Summoning and perhaps Nokturnal Mortum - but I’m obsessed fan of traditional black metal music - Burzum is the etalon – she likes classical music, we love death , thrash and heavy metal, grindcore and hardcore too. Recently, for example, both of us were impressed the new Falkenbach and the last Denial of God! Masterpieces all!

How is the black metal scene in Hungary? Is it very difficult for a band like yours become known outside their country?
I think that perhaps never was so healthy the Hungarian black metal scene as in nowadays. Although obviously there are deficiencies, but as a few years ago was typical idiocy is ereased too, so the bands now help each other more, although it's certainly not always country wide, rather regional. We're also working on to cultivate a good relationship with many bands, including Solus, Sinful Eternity or Velm, but we bow to all who have put down something on the table and who is fighting for togetherness. There are many good black metal bands in Hungary - it is difficult to list them - and there are at least five active fanzine and 10 smaller or larger records labels, so I feel there is no reason to complain. Answering to the other part of your question, I think that anyone who is serious in this scene, is not just cries, but does something, so can still open the road to the world, and it is not only in Hungary but also in other nations where the bands take it seriously and truly. Although we are on the Web too, which makes the position of the bands better, but honestly I prefer to post the demos, make connections, trade, so I try to spread our name, and I believe - although it's not cheap –that is more successful in the long run, beacuse the band has a label, all the continents of the world has reached our material, and we get a lot of good reviews, and messages often from such people and places that even I was surprised. So I think it does not matter where are you from in the underground can spread the band 's name. For this, need to know and cooperate, instead of crying behind the four walls!

What refers album title " Boszorkanytanc ?" Is there a conceptual story behind the album?
There is no underlying content behind the name "Witchdance" simply this title was the best for the album and it is also the title of one song. Concept does not have too, unless that in every song recurring monument is loneliness, passing and more.

Is it possible to eventually offer a concert?
We have already talked about this with Karola, because some years we've been intensely concerts as an other band’s members, but we decided that we do not force this topic. On the one hand I think the Witcher music is not for concert, on the other hand I don’t want to to play to drunken and idiots. It would also be big problem to set the stage, we need at least two other synth, two guitarist and a drummer, although there would be assigned to each post, none of us want this. If we stand Witcher on stage, we don’t wat to play on every weekend, but for special occasions, these actions would be like a real ritual.

Who designed the cover of " Boszorkanytanc " and what refers?
The "Witchdance" album cover was made by Simon Krisztián, the head of Hungaryan Records, he helped us a lot in the past in graphic works, distribution, but as the first Witcher t-shirt is also can be thank for him. I know him for thousands years, we are very good friends, and I respect him for his work. There is not much to tell, the Witchdance is an abstract interpretation.

How were your beginnings in music and why you decided to become musicians?
I personally met the metal music in the nineties, does to my uncle who has actually listened to music since of my birth, like Slayer, Megadeth, Metal Church. I also became interested, first heavy metal, and at last black and death metal came the closest to me, but my musical taste is so colorful, that I listen to almost everything, which has a distorted guitar and is some metal. I wanted to be a musician since the beginning. I'll never forget when I could see my uncle's VHS tapes, first Iron Maiden. It caught me, I decided, one day I would want to do this. First, I wanted to be a singer, then in my first I became guitar player, but in the first serious bands I played drums. Today, to stand on a stage does not move me, in fact, I prefer to bulit  something that other people may like, I mean to sit down to play the guitar, and breed a song, which later can mean the same thing to someone else like me. To speak in the name of Karola, how she met the music, she comes from a musical family, so she wanted to be a  musician since her childhood, so we could say, that the most natural thing in the world to her, to sit down to practice and write songs.

How did the opportunity to work with the Russian label Nihil Art Records? Satisfied with the work done in terms of promotion by the label? Will you continue working in the future?
Sergey, the head of Nihil Art Records looked after me through my fanzine, because he wanted me to write about his publications. I got the opportunity, and for his kindness I sent him a copy from our demos. He liked Witcher very much, so suggested that he makes factory CD with professional cover. I don’t have to say, we were very happy we lived with the possibillity, so a few months later, we could have it in our hands. Overall I am maximally satisfied with it, because a lot of places can be reached the cd, he sent me a correct amount of complimentary copy, and the most important to me, he kept his promises. I note that to release helped the Dark East Productions’s head Oleg, who is also a very good friend of mine. Two of them, I believe are two prominent figures of the Russian underground movement, who help to underground bands. I 'd be the happiest, if the co-operation would remain for future with the Nihil Art Records, as well as with the Dark East Productions. They will release my other band’s (Vrag) first issue too it seems that this will go on.

What plans do you have for the immediate future Witcher?
Now there stands extremely busy months behind Witcher, which might has a tangible results soon. First half of 2013 we wrote our second full album, with five songs, an intro and a cover version of a classic work. The recent months passed with practicing and recording, and now the music is completely finished, all that remains is the vocal, and if I'm right, thanks to our Russian friends maybe this year it will appear in its final version. There are no further plans yet, some splits with other bands came in word, but now we focus only to our second album.

Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit , if you want to add something for the followers of Witcher , this is the place . I hope the questions are to your liking
I thank you for not to spare time and energy to visit us with your questions and to gave us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. If anyone would like to know more about us, maybe would like to collect our issues, can contact us by email at Keep the dark flame of underground alive!

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