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SANGUINARY MISANTHROPIA create warlike Black Metal Chaos with strong martial and militant inclinations.
Purveyors of existential Nonbelief, the ominous SANGUINARY MISANTHROPIA channel the Great External Chaos and the Sinister Acausal Energy to create Traditional Satanic Black Metal. Their inspired musical creations are presented in the guise of extreme, militant Black Metal, performed with a conviction and a passion that frequently transcends the mundane realm to lurk upon the threshold of Gnosis. Hir who has ears to hear ought to listen...
Via their warlike Devil's music SANGUINARY MISANTHROPIA expresses its diabolic hatred of humanity, its hatred of the enemies of the Blood, and its hatred of all pro-cosmic slave creations. SANGUINARY MISANTHROPIA is a Non-cosmic entity forever becoming unto Death, by way of Diabolic Gnosticism.
SANGUINRY MISANTHROPIA's core creed is: 'One commandment only: thou shalt not believe in that which does not make thee stronger. Actively seek to challenge Belief and Faith in All Things.'
SANGUINARY MISANTHROPIA is come to send holocaustic Fire upon the Earth, by the unconquerable Fyrfos and the Seven-Pointed Star -Fyrphosphorosophia!
1. How were the early Sanguinary Misanthropia Why decided to form the band? 
We were primarily inspired by a combination of the sinister energy of Nietzsche’s philosophy combined with the militant individualism and Traditional Satanism of the Order of Nine Angles. Sanguinary Misanthropia was formed to convey the antihuman hatred of the supreme misanthropic entity, known in this mundane realm as the Devil. We are fascinated with the great mystery of Death, especially its role in evolution and existential thought.

2 . Your first release dates back to 2007 and is the demo " Of Death and Genocide " and over the years have kept the rate of more or less regular publications until " Loathe over Will ," How has the evolution of the group throughout these years what differences can be found between your first demo regarding your last album ? 
Thus far it has been difficult to compare our works to each other as we have worked with different line ups and combinations of blood cult members for each of the recording periods. Our unorthodox method of writing has created avant-garde Devil’s music. In 2013 we finished recording the material for the ‘Radiant Death’ EP with the same unholy trinity that recorded ‘Loathe over Will’, which offers the first glimpse of a continuation and advancement of our sound. Comparisons and conclusions can be drawn by external observers if necessary (and as is the wont of people), however, we posit that we continue to evolve and move from strength to strength –for any artist to suggest or act otherwise is utterly disingenuous and detestable.

3. How is your way to work to compose and record a job as " Loathe over Will" ? 
For the greater part our recording and compositional undertakings shall remain a mystery. We regard the recording and mixing process as a down-going, whence the thriving Life Blood of our creation is being endlessly crystallised. ‘Loathe over Will’, alike most of our recordings, was the culmination of a marriage of inspired writings and diabolical musical arrangements. The pieces on ‘Loathe over Will’ exude a chaotic dissonance because the music was written to bolster and support strange lyrics. Despite being arcane and intense, the experience throughout the recording of ‘Loathe over Will’ was somewhat stifling, as we had to employ various uncommitted outsiders to assist in the channelling of our sinister Will. For our upcoming release, and the second album proper, we have resolved the issues we had with sub/humans whilst partaking of the ‘Loathe over Will’ ritual.

4. What bands are your main influence when composing for Sanguinary Misanthropia ? 
Our compositions are a wo/manifestation of our sinister ritual workings. We do not consciously draw musical inspiration from others, however, some of the bands that are of interest to us currently include: Archgoat, Axis of Advance, Bathory, Beherit, Bestial Raids, Blasphemy, Bolt Thrower, Celtic Frost, Diocletian, Infernal Execrator, Morbid Angel, Nechbeyth, Sarcofago, Vassafor, and Wrathprayer. Thus far our Warlike Black Metal Chaos has emanated forth as an impious synthesis of Australian War Metal and the Orthodox Satanic Black Metal of Europe. We intend to bring more of a deathly tinge to our sound in the future as our music grows and evolves.

5 . There are aspects in your very interesting lyrics , such as the Gnostic Chaos , and Blood Mysticism What aspects important to consider when writing your texts ?

Our lyrics revolve around apocalyptic and apocryphal concepts, with attention focusing on the central concept of purifying one’s Blood of sub/humanity. Many staid old occult traditions have focused on uncovering the divinity of sub/humankind by ignoring the bestial, base and animalistic aspects of the creature, and instead focusing on a disembodied spiritual part of man. We have devoted our warlike efforts to wholeheartedly embracing, imbibing and shedding the Blood to reveal the revelations of divinity therein. We have come to know of the numinosity of the Blood by hunting down the mundane bestial entity, then ritualistically copulating with it and sacrificing it. We have revered the sinister bestial portion of ourselves, The Great Beast and its unclean revelations. We have come to venerate the contradictions, hypocrisy and chaos inherent in the sub/human condition –verily, it is only through the communion with the bestial that one comes to know anything of divinity, love of Wisdom, or Chaos A/Gnosis. Chaos A/Gnosis has been achieved through excesses in our lives –excess in deprivation, libations, ritual meditations, physical exertion etc. Chaos A/Gnosis has revealed unto us the great mystery and paradox of Unbelief!

Swastika worship has been a key for us to understand the mysteries of the Blood. It has also served the function of exposing those who ignorantly try to use Black Metal for worthless political purposes. As a movement we have been denounced and falsely branded as being racists because of our willingness to share this fundamental aspect of Blood Mysticism and Unbelief. Pathological aversion to this powerful symbol reveals corruption of one’s soul! That being said, we overestimated the general intelligence of the masses and their ‘will to question’. We have misjudged the effects of indoctrination on people generally, which impinges upon their ability to discern, discriminate and challenge their Beliefs.

We describe our sinister spiritual path as being Diabolic Gnosticism, which has primarily evolved from teachings of the Order of Nine Angles, Temple of the Black Light, and Gnostic and heretical Christianity. Sanguinary Misanthropia is Devil’s music first and foremost, with a focus on the Chaos-Sex-Death triune. Come to know this!

6. The taste for Scandinavian classic black and raw sound is very clear , how do you see the current black scene with respect to a couple of decades ago ? Dinos five cds on your point of view within the black essential metal? 
One could compare ‘Loathe Over Will’ to releases by Arkhon Infaustus, Destroyer666, Ondskapt, Ofermod, Marduk, Mayhem and Funeral Mist. We do not deign the black metal scene to be worthy of comment. We hate the culture and posturing that accompanies this style of music and, as such, we do not believe any black, death, or war metal albums should be considered essential (remember the existential creed ‘existence precedes essence’)… Each new release should aspire to supersede the efforts of the past. Our upcoming EP, Radiant Death, will reveal a marked evolution in our overall sound, and will offer a glimpse into the bestial and deathly direction of our second album proper.

7. Inside the black Australian scene , what bands you recommend ? Tell a bit like black is the scene in your country? 
True to our name, we are not involved with a scene in Australia. We are outsiders to the machinations of the all-too-sub/humans that validate themselves in such a way. There are some decent bands from Australia including Abominator, Adamus Exul, Altars of Sin, Bestial Warlust, Decrepit Soul, Destroyer 666, Erebus Enthroned, Impetuous Ritual, Portal and Urgrund.

8. Are you satisfied with the effect you have achieved with " Loathe over Will ?" How have results the concerts offered to date for presentation of the album ? 
‘Loathe over Will’ has been well received worldwide. This world is rife with religious and other ideological wars. The hatred of one’s enemies has been denied and repressed for too long, and it is beginning to re-emerge in utterly depraved ways. This gives some credence to the Crowley’s prophecies of the Aeon of Horus, in which context the idea of ‘Loathe over Will’ belongs. In spreading our Satanic hate propaganda we have ironically been the target of the ire of anti-hate groups. In spite of such opposition we have scorched our part of the world with a blaze of hatred!

9. Who designed the cover of "Loathe over Will" how is it related to the music and lyrics to " Loathe over Will" ? 
The iconography that adorns  ‘Loathe Over Will’ compliments the concepts of the lyrics, especially the apocalyptic, militant and bloody aspects of the imagery. Many of the pieces were designed by Sanguinary Misanthropia and compiled by Supremacy Through Intolerance. The main figure on the front cover was designed by the SM Blood Cult and manifested by Hellish Depravarts of Mexico. STI put us in contact with this very worthy artist. This deathly Baphometic figure is a visual representation and hybrid of the antigod-forms intimated at throughout the album. Aspects of Kali were also adapted to complete this strange wo/manifestation, as were ideas generated from contemplation of the ONA’s Sinister Tarot and the Septenary Tree of Wyrd.

10. Something that does not yet have you done a split, do you have in mind in the future to make a release of this type ? Well be that band you like to do it ? 
We are working on a split with our diabolical brothers of the Blood Vobiscum Inferni. We are honoured to be conjoined in such a significant release with such a worthy horde. This most unholy union was begotten by a mutual understanding of Death worship and diabolism. Vobiscum Inferni have served as an inspiration unto Sanguinary Misanthropia with their intense devotion and dedication unto Death and their deep occult knowledge.   

We are also forging another allegiance with a long-time SM ally and collaborator based in Australia, who at this point shall remain unnamed.

11. Supremacy Through Intolerance , is responsible for the publication of this paper , how the opportunity arose to work with them ? Estaás satisfied with the work done by the seal? 
Unfortunately Supremacy Through Intolerance is no longer extant. The pact and allegiance with STI was sufficient to further spread the whorl of hatred which is Sanguinary Misanthropia over continental Europe, and bring our blasphemous words into the forefront of the collective consciousness.

12. What future plans do you have for the band, upcoming releases, conicertos , etc: . 
We currently have a pending release with Devils Mouth Productions and Blood War Records from Mexico, the aforementioned ‘Radiant Death’ EP, as well as a reissue of ‘Loathe over Will’ on the Brazilian label Soul Erazer Distribution. We have also composed a large portion of our second album, ‘Holocaustic Abominations’. We are going through a period of dehumanisation and hence we are not intending to perform live in the foreseeable future. This situation may change as our second album emerges.

13 . Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit , if you want to add something for the followers of Sanguinary Misanthropia , this is the place . I hope the questions are to your liking .

Reaction is the pallid shadow of action -remember! Those that are in opposition are unfit for the great existential struggle against Faith and Belief in All Things!

Many thanks for conducting this interview and your support of our unholy Warlike Black Metal Chaos.

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