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Dissecting, slicing and recombining the musical DNA of extreme Metal since 2001, OTARGOS takes aim at the barbed wired crown of the dark genre. Spewing forth hate filled contempt, OTARGOS achieves exactly the right balance between industrial coldness and powerful fierce metal attacks.
Not content to walk on trodden paths, the band explored new musical and lyrical horizons on their debut albums "Ten-Eyed Nemesis" (2005) & "Kinetic Zero" (2007), which plunge destructive sonic outbursts into the total chaos of matter, time and space. OTARGOS bases its philosophy on cosmology and a dark antitheistic vision of humanity and future.
The band signed with Season Of Mist Underground Activists with their third output "Fuck God-Disease Process" (2009). Closing a ten-years chapter the 4th album "No God – No Satan" (2010) evokes a quantum leap on every level from songwriting via originality to sound.
OTARGOS will make you stare into the pitch black abyss of cosmic finitude with a sardonic smile...
Actually a "live" band with a lot of shows and tours since the beginning OTARGOS performed several tours in France, Europe (with Watain & Destroyer666, Dark Funeral, Svart Crown...) and also a brazilian tour in 2009. The band always searches to express via videoclips and live performances an unique mordern design to its extreme music.
Joining forces with LISTENABLE RECORDS the 5th album entitled « APEX TERROR » was released this September 2013. Heavier & more death metal... more modern and powerful, simply the best OTARGOS album ever.
This new LP displays a fresher, stripped down, more intense songwriting, very immersed in the catchier death and obscure thrash metal genre.
Upcoming with fresh visual aesthetism and thematics, OTARGOS enters a new era of dark extreme metal.

Otargos born in 2001, could say that his band is because after all these years you are the only member of the original lineup prevails , How do you remember those early days of the band with XXX ? Do you think that the various changes in the formation of Otargos as a necessary evolution of the band? Process Any traumatic experience because of these changes ?
When I look at the early days of OTARGOS I realise we were young guys at this time! Years passed and I grew up, evolve and so the band too. I’m not a nostalgic guy I look forward. I do prefer the actual OTARGOS than the old one of course!
We encountered several line up changes since the begining, but each time for something better, those changes never  slowed the activity of the band, in fact as you said there was useful in vue to evolve.
The main change of course was the XXX leaving, as he’s my best friend for 15 years, former bassist but also the guy who were in charge of booking/management/communication in OTARGOS since the begining.But, To be honnest,  we both XXX and myself started since few times to have more and more  divengent sight concerning the band, as I am an artist, composer and he becomes more a busibness than a musician... so this split  has to occure one day. I feel better this way. 
The new line-up just perfect, with motivated and talented guys! We are ready to kick some asses!

2 . " Apex Terror " is your last studio album , how was the process of writing and recording this work ? How you describe the sound of the record for someone who still has not heard ?
I work alone, isolated, at home. I compose about 90% of music and lyrics there. When I’m satisfied of a new track I created  I propose it to the rest of the band and collect all their feelings, ideas about it. After that I modify the track until we are all satisfied. Thomas ( the other guitarist) often add some solo or “leads”. We realise a lot of preprods before to go on studio. This way we don’t spend time when we are on final  recording session.
APEX TERROR sounds modern, not really “black metal”, not really “Death metal” ... it’s a mix of both influences with an indus/heavy/thrash touch. For sure It’s not for fans of “true black metal” !! haha!

3 . Otargos is a pretty prolific band from the beginning, your sound has also evolved over the years , I think specifically in your recent work has been gaining weight sound more blackened death metal, how do you explain the evolution of sound Otargos to throughout these years?
If you talk about the production, the fact is I’m not kind of low & poor production stuffs ( such as old BM), I want to give a modern music with a modern sound. It means good amps, good instruments, a good Studio and a  good sound ingeneer!
Now, if you talk about the music itself, you know, with “NO GOD NO SATAN” album we closed a 10-years chapter of black metal, the time is now for me to explore new horizons. That’s what I did with APEX TERROR and it’s just the begining.  I’m just fed up with BM and suicidal stuff, this is too “middle aged” for me.
I base my work now on cacthy pounding energic riffs witch can blow your face with full force, and make you headbang at the first note!
Now the time is for a NEW ERA OF DARK EXTREME METAL

4 . Today what are your main influences when composing?
For sure not from BM !... 
I avoid to listen to music when I am on composing period, this way I can draw on the maximum from my mind, I don’t want to copy other bands. I play, play, play again searching one good sounding riff, this new guitar riff will inspire me a form, a landscape, a scene... which will transport me somewhere beyond reality, once there I construct all the song like a short story or movie. I don’t leave nothing to chance I work on every little detail.
It’s the same thing concerning the lyrics.

 5 . Another aspect that you have taken great care in Otargos from the start is from the concerts, how important is for you to be able to offer music Otargos Live What difference can be found between the equipment and tools you use to record and to use to play live ?
I think “live” when I’m composing! It’s important for me to be able to reproduce on stage what I have recorded in studio. That’s why we don’t use a lot of guitar layers or  too many arrangements or effect on CD.on stage we use the same equipement than on studio, mean arragements are played via a sampler box on stage.

6. What are the five cds you consider as fundamental within the black metal and why?
I will let the young Ulrich answer :
DMDS from Mayhem ... cause it’s just a masterpiece of rawness 
THE SOMBERLAIN from Dissection, the ultimate mix between heavy and black metal
VOLCANO from Satyricon, antoher masterpiece, this album opened the path of a new age
VOBISCUM SATHANAS  from Dark funeral .... this band reached to mix melodies and brutality with perfection
BATTLE IN THE NORTH from Immortal ... cause it’s the first BM album I listened to !

7. As for the lyrics to Otargos , has always kept away from the more traditional themes of gender can be Satanism rather maintains a clear vision of denial and repudiation of religion but upon scientific subjects , how is inspired to write their lyrics and interesting considers why these issues?
I am a scientist I never bielieved in any “forces” or “creator” or this kind of things. I consider religions and gods ( and so anti-gods, devils, satans... ask it as you wish)  just  as a fucking HOAX and it is! All this bullshit is just fairytale.
Also Since I was young I am passionated by cosmology and SF, that’s why I used all those inspirations in my lyrics. As I said with NGNS album I sealed the “religion” theme, I have nothing more to say about it. Now I focuse OTARGOS’ lyrics around the future and the fall of humanity, the fall of our world, cosmos, universe; with some W40K inspirations.

8. " Apex Terror" takes time and edited , are you satisfied with response obtained for him the specialized measured and the public in general?
I’m quite satisfied in general of the press returns the album received. Concerning the fans, it’s a bit more complicated to answer Cause of the radical change we bringed. We gain new fans and lost some  for sure. I am more interested in the new fans!

9. How did you start in music? Decided Why create Otargos and why he decided to be a musician ? Continues today pampers illusion that in the beginning ?
passion from music came in 1992 when I discovered Guns N Roses and Use Your Illusion albums. That was the first revelation ... the second one which made me become a musician is when I listened to the Slayer ‘s  DECADE OF AGGRESSION live.... THAT day something took possesion of me. I remember how my skin was shivering while the intro were playing ... 
That day my life changed.
Of course I always have musician dreams, I know some are just utopic... but the most important is to realise all that we can.

10. " No god , no satan " and " Heretic Live" were released by Season of Mist and now " Apex Terror" comes from the hand of Listenable Records, both labels first level , why the passage of Season of Mist to Listenable Records ? Satisfied with the work done by Listenable Records in " Apex Terror" ?
our contract with SOM was ending so we had to think about a new label. We wanted to work with LISTENABLE cause we knew they are really profesionnal. To be honest at this time I quite satisfied of them! I hope we will collaborate for a long time to come.

11. In February embark on a series of concerts in England in April and also have to offer a small tour program . In England he will share the stage with Vehement and Premature Birds. What can you tell us about your fellow poster ? Have next date , upcoming releases, etc?
The UK tour is during FEBRUARY! In April we will tour in France. I can’t say we know a lot Vehement and Premature Birth, in fact the idea of touring in UK comes from a guy from Vehement, an OTARGOS fan, who asked me why we don’t come to UK! We both contact AEON PROMOTION management to realise it. I very excited to perform those shows! AEON proposed us later to add a band, Premature Birth. I m sure there are all cool guys! We will have a lot of fun!
Yes, we have a lot of things coming! A new video-clip is on the way, we will unveil a short video teaser very soon! We plan to realise an European tour next October too as we signed with a new  booking agency.
Concerning the APEX TERROR album succesor ... I started to work on it ... I can exclusively announce you that I already have 3 new killer tracks!!  Expect something more neck breaking thrash/death metal !

12. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit , if you want to add something for the followers of Otargos , this is the place . I hope the questions are to your liking
Thanx for all those smart questions! 
You can all follow OTARGOS via our official page WWW.OTARGOS-TERROR.COM, or like our news on FB. Thanx to all our fans from Spain, I hope to see you soon on stage!
Ulrich W. DAGOTH

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