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1. Fjoergyn is created in 2003, at that time you still part of the band Die Saat. Why did you decide to create Fjoergyn? What gives Fjoergyn about Saat Die? Can we consider Fjoergyn as his band where you have total control over all aspects?
I have also been the mastermind behind Die Saat. I recorded the first demo in 1998. In order to play concerts I asked old friends of me, becoming a part of this band. Unfortunatelly during this time they became more and more politic and suddenly Die Saat was known as a national Black Metal / Pagan Band. I am very democratic in my way of thinking and because of this I decided to break up with Die Saat. In the beginning of Fjoergyn, there have been some influences of Die Saat but already the second record was totally different. Fjoergyn knows more influences and does not have such a strict kind of style. FJOERGYN is much more open minded.

2. How was the writing and recording process of “Monument Ende"? How is your way of working in the studio?
The process of composing was the hardest time with Fjoergyn we had. We nearly had a whole record as we decided to throw all songs away and start again. Monument Ende shall be more than only melodies. We tried to create something totally different than before and because of this, we were not able to use the first songs we wrote. Afterwards it only took three months composing the second version of Monument Ende. 
Normally I compose all music of Fjoergyn. In the beginning there is the orchestration. This time we changed our type of working. First we collected all ideas. We tried different riffs and recorded them during these three months. Afterwards I put them together for my own. In the studio we recorded everything once more and I composed the orchestration afterwards. It took a very long time but I love the result.

3. "Monument Ende" has an edgier sound than your previous three jobs, you abandon? Totally conceptual aspect of your previous works or you will continue in the future to deepen them? How would you describe the sound of "Monument Ende"?
I like your description. Definitively Monument Ende is much more edgier than everything we created before. Our first three records are a closed trilogy, also reflected in an identic atmosphere. Monument Ende is totally different. You really have to look for moments of light. It`s more dark and rough than ever before. Look at the artwork and you`ll recognize the same.

4. What bands are the main influences in the music of Fjoergyn? What about the lyrics, which is issues in his lyrics and why?
It`s not possible to tell you all contents we`re singing about in this short interview. Our focus applies to the human mankind and all there failures and abberations. 
There are lot of influences of other bands, unfortunatelly you won`t hear them in Fjoergyn. All members have a total different taste of music. We are all fans of different types of metal and Rock. Me and my drummer prefer old Norwegian black metal but indeed we are also interested in classical music and opera and so on. Our guitarist works together with lot of different musicians because of his studio. Indeed we are really interested which direction Fjoergyn sounds next :-)...
In this moment I am listenning to Farsot and  Alchemyst, great German metal acts. You won`t find their style in our music, but I am surrounded by them during the composing. In fact I know different songs I was thinking in while listenning Monument Ende. 

5. What used stereo recording sessions and wearing at concerts? Do you find it very difficult to capture live sound Fjoergyn? Could you describe a concert of Fjoergyn?
A Fjoergyn concert is really hard work for me. Because of our orchestration playback we are always dependent of a very good sound. Because of this we all use Inear Monitoring. Unfortunatelly you miss the typical feeling of Rock´n`roll a bit. We can`t improvise during the concert for example although the audience is mostly not interested in. 
Indeed most people in Germay want to hear our music like on CD but that`s not possible. It seems they have a huge expectation and because of this we try to manage it like on CD. It´s not just playing a concert and having fun. It´s more like creating a perfect copy of a lost moment during the recording. In Germany there are lot of metal concerts. In my opinion the audience seems to be a bit spoiled. Because of this we don`t play so much concerts during the year. We always want to create something special.

6. Most bands use English in their lyrics; however you make up in German, do you feel more comfortable with your language or answer other questions?
As you see I am able to communicate with you in English but nothing above. German is a very nice language and I love working with it. Most lyrics are in English, we want to be a bit special :-). Furthermore  our lyrics are more like poems. I am not able to write something like this in English. Unfortunatelly it`s not very comfortable to become an international known artist.

7. How did you get started in music, first concerts, cds, etc ... and why you decided to be a musician? Do you still have today the same enthusiasm as when you started with Saat Die in 1994?
I began later making music with Die Saat, but in fact I am still making music for the same reason. If there is a message you want to get known, it`s important to have a channel people get in contact with your ideas. FJOERGYN is my personal channel to accuse the society I am living in. FJOERGYN is my voice. I can vocalize all my doubts about the human mankind and probably I can encourage our listeners thinking about my point of view. The humans are not the centre of the world. Indeed we are a gear without any useful function. We`ve got the free will, but what are we going to do with it. War, poverty, violence, murder... We are only interested in capitalism... I am sure you know what I am talking about.

8. Have you ever considered the possibility of a split? With which band would you do it?
I`d discovered lot of interesting bands during the last five years. Most important issue is not the style of music they play. It´s more important wich kind of feelings they transport. On the other side, there are bands like Dornenreich, Agrypnie, Der Weg einer Freiheit or Mosaic we are in good contact with. I love their music and way of thinking. In my opinion it would be great to publish a split with one of them.

9. Your last two albums have been edited by Trollzorn Records, How did the contact to edit them? Are you satisfied with the work done by the seal?
Trollzorn are good friends of us. Also it`s a small label they are really interested in supporting their artists. It`s a great work.

10. Which Fjoergyn your plans for a future in terms of upcoming releases, concerts, etc?
2014 has many concerts and ideas for us. We hope to play more outside of Germany and get more in contact with fans around the world.

11. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Foergyn , this is the place . I hope the questions are to your liking.
The questions were great thanks so much for spreading the thoughts of FJOERGYN around the world. Thanks to everybody, who reads this interview.Thanks to everybody who supported us during the last years. We really would be nothing without you !!!

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