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1. How were the early Zügellos? Why did you form the band? What does the name of Zügellos?
I wanted to do a project which will represent my inner aggresion and feelings. i really like crust punk and black metal. so i started zügellos in 2012

2. Recently joined Summum Silentium. How did the opportunity to be part of Summum Silentium? What differences we found regarding Zügellos?
I think Zügellos is way more agressive and uncompromising than Summum Silentium. In Zügellos I can make exactly what I think is right. But being part of Summum Silentium is a good contrast because there are slower and quieter parts in the music.

3. "Goathymns" is the first album Zügellos, how was the writing process? Do you find it difficult to have to take care of all the instruments at the time of recording?
I press record and then shit happens. (Just kidding) First I come up with a riff, then I programm a drumbeat to it and then I write the lyrics. No for me its not difficult as I'm doing what I love, it's my passion and because of that it comes pretty natuarally.

4. Zügellos is open to the incorporation of new musician? Maybe the addition of session musicians to give concerts?
I have already gathered some musicians which will be playing live in the future. There will be also guest musicians on every album as on goathymns there are guest vocals by Puke of Holocrust. 

5. How would you describe the sound of Zügellos? Of all the songs on "Goathymns", what do you think best represents the sound of the band and why?
Uncompromising. I think armageddon best represents the sound of zügellos or what zügellos will be in the future. It contains a d-beat, heavy guitars and agressive vocals. 

6. Are you a bit surprised with the good reviews it is receiving "Goathymns"?
I din't expect anything, but I can say im very glad that people like the album and its a great incentive for me.

7. What are the main influences in the music of Zügellos? What bands inspire you when composing?
All the black and crust stuff I listen to and Holocrust

8. What issues a letter try and why?
The lyrics are about religion critism, atheism, society and nightlife

9. Who designed the album cover? What is the relationship between the cover and the music of "Goathymns" mean that you intend to convey feelings in the listener with your music?
The guitarist of the band "blutmond" designed the cover. The cover should represent the music of goathymns.

10. Five fundamental cds in black metal
Membaris - Entartet
Doedheimsgard - 666 International
Mayhem - Grand Declaration of War
Naer Mataron - Praetorians
Blut aus Nord - Cosmosophy

11. How did you get started in black metal? Why did you decide to become a musician?
I started back in 2007 with my friend Puke from the band holocrust. we started with a black metal project.

12. What can we expect from Zügellos in the future, in terms of new releases, etc.?
2 new albums are plant, I've got a lot of songs ready to record.

13. Thank you very much for taking the time to Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for fans of Zügellos, this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.
Thank you for the interview and for supporting my music.

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