viernes, 8 de febrero de 2013


1. Could you give a brief presentation of your band for all the people who haven't heard about you before?

Kula: We’re Hyperial from Poland. We exist since 2006 when exactly Hyperial was born. Hyperial's trying to make the music without any borders, music that could interest people who are looking for any new wave of metal.

2. What bands have you been listening to lately? Any new groups?

Kula: Last time I've been looking back to bands from 90’s. I like new stuff as well but I'm little bored with listening to perverse styles that compete in playing technique. That’s why I ‘m watching back for older bands. Satyricon, Dark Funeral, Vader, Cannibal Corpse - there is a lot of great bands you shouldn't skip in your memory.

3. What is the main inspiration to this composition? How has the writting process run?

Kula: You know, we have very loose approach to the writing process. We also think that there are no borders in music, borders are only in our strait heads, minds. And our task is to break all the borders. I think that the music brings the inspirations to us. But we don’t want to copy old, good, well- known ideas, we’d like to try to make something different. I don’t know whether it will succeed, but we are still trying hard as also getting good effects.

4. Could you desribe, in what way sound has been changing through all your releases?

Kula: So, we have one demo tape, few compilations and one long play release. Actually we promote new EP titled “Industry”. It’s hard to define how our sound has changed from demo tape by LP to “Industry”. We have a lot of influences, so we unconsciously move to writting process.  But step by step we've been trying to make something new, we care about to not duplicate patterns. It’s natural process, which we’d like to evolve. We cannot stop it. New stuff are more precise than LP, more mature and more brutal. There’s a few things that we want develop.

5. How does public respond while participating your show?

Kula: You have to ask metalheads, haha. We feel better with new stuff on stage. I hope metalheads feel the power and brutality. We are natural in what we do so I think people feel it as well.

6. Who worked on album cover and is the final effect compatible with what you intended earlier?

Kula: The cover of “Industry” was made by Grochu, our vocalist as well as and our friend £ukasz Kenig . We needed modern cover and I think that’s it. It should be non - metal cover, and exactly this is non metal cover.

7. How difficult is the coexistence within the band? Who is the leader of the new compositions, who implements new ideas? Do each of you respect someone else's ideas?

Kula: We are the solid group. We try to respect each other, the same we respect each other's ideas. There is no place for quarrels. We aren’t child, haha. We have different music preferences and different ideas are sitting in our heads, so we don’t have leader, we are the one. Someone told once that team is like a gearwheel - each mode must fit together. This is Hyperial.

8. Tell us a word about type of equipment you use while recording sessions or on stage.

Kula: So when we were recording “Industry” EP, Grochu and I used Mesa Roadster, Mesa DR and Peavey 6505 amps with Mesa DR cabinet, to any guitar effects I used Line 6 Bogner amp. Artur recorded his section with help of software simulations. Bocian used Mapex percussion, but I really don’t know a model. Keyboards sections and samples were recorded by Aneta in house conditions. The only invariant set on live shows we use : Peavey and Line 6 Bogner amps.

Thank you very much for your time and a word about you. Want to add something else for your fans this place?

Kula: Thanks a lot for interview! check our site and Facebook profile as often as you can! Best wishes for all the metalheads!

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