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Su carta de presentación ha sido "Enter the Void", en donde nos ofrecen esa dupla de death, black metal de esencia nórdica ejecutado de manera impresionante. A ello ayuda, claro está, las tablas de sus integrantes en otros proyectos: el futuro que tienen por delente es impresionante, ansiosos estamos de escuchar algo nuevo en breve. Por cierto, creo que los Mayas les han jugado una mala pasada, en fin, boas noites.

Hi good afternoon, how are you?, Thanks for agreeing to answer these questions.

Hi, I'm fine. Enjoying a slow day at work.

1. How was the writing process give this record? Preparing long time You carry?

Writing process for the riffs etc was rather easy. In Dark Elite I do create most of the music. So it's one man job and I like my stuff. So I don't have any major problems with my self. Songs were written written in 6 months. Dark Elite creates music a bit backward way. If I open the process little. First I will have a talk with out drummer that what kind of song I would be interested. Then we go trough little bit that what kind of drum patterns it will have, moodes and feelings that the song is after. After that our drummer records the song. Then I will compose the guitar riffs. So it's a bit inverted process if you compar it to "jamming" at rehearsal place. But I think this is the best as we live so far away from each other.

2. The theme of your lyrics revolve around the space, what motivates you to this topic?

I am little possessed by space. Space is the most cruel, "evil" and destructive place that man knows to exist. Space dark and cold, after that comes all the elements that dwells in space it self. Stars, black holes etc etc. I didn't want to spend this creativity that I have to deal with topics that I'm not so interested in. Space is this vast amazing chaos engine that we float in. Human life is nothing compared to the vastness of space. Our existence is just a blink of an eye. 

3. Although your first album, most are fairly seasoned in other bands, do you think your ancient origin bands have influenced the group's sound?

Of course we have had influences from other bands. As we all like metal music and have been following the "scene" for a long time. I still like to think that we have some short of original Dark Elite sound that comes from the riffs and overall mixing of our material. I must give loads of credit about the sound to H.Hyytiäinen, our bass player who also did some recording and mixed the final product. We will always keep our sound and music majestic and dark.

4. Tell us a little type of equipment that you use in the recording sessions and live performances.

There is not much to tell about these. We use basic stuff like bands use. Only "special" is that we have electric drums. Our drummer uses Roland V-drums for playing.
This also makes our recording process easier. He can record the drum tracks and send it to me trough Internet. As we live in different countries this is huge advancement.
What comes to live shows. We are planning some live performances for the next year. We will be composing new material and including them to live shows. Live setup consists of same persons as on the first release. Except that we will have one live guitarist, as I'm writing this it's still uncertain who this person will be.

5. The band's sound is brutal, you sound incredible, Do you have any plans for future recordings?

 At the moment I am composing new material with our drummer. Next release will be full length album released by some label. We haven't had any actually contact with any labels so far. Mostly because I am not so keen on time tables that would come a long with "serious" record deal. Agreements, time tables etc...not something that I like. Also I don't like to record in studio. I have been at studio with Battlelore and I don't like to work in a way like " You have 5 days to record these". I don't see that as a progressive way to work. That is one reason why I support home recording. Thank you technology.

6. Did you have presented live How is the public response be?

We haven't done any live shows so far. although we do have plans to play live shows in the future. But this will need some time to execute. Strong and unforgiving will be the name of the game.

7. How were your beginnings in music? Groups and disks What are your inspiration and what would you recommend us?

Musical inspirations would be old Black and death metal bands. Mostly Nordic metal bands. I do also take loads of inspiration from different topics for example space. The most hostile place mankind knows to exist. Playground of chaos.

8. How difficult is the coexistence within the group?

I like to compare us to a planetary system. I am the star that fuels this darkened machine, the driving force. Of course I do give high respect to all individuals as they have their places and give huge contribution to the whole concept. We come along really well and if we wouldn't get along with someone, he would be ejected into space.

You can add whatever you want, Good luck with the group.

World didn't end, it's a shame.

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