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La banda francesa Black Hammer viene de editar recientemente Darker Days Will Come, trabajo que continúa el legado de su primera demo y permite que se asiente en el underground como banda a tener en cuenta. Al habla con The Iron Messiah. Boas noites.
1. Could you give a brief presentation of the group for people who have not known?

The band was formed early 2010 as a solo project because I didn’t know musicians that could fit into it… In the very end of 2010, the first demo tape was put out on Impious Desecration Records, limited to 300 copies, sold out from them now but still available on some underground metal distros. In September 2011 I returned to the studioto record my first mini album : Darker Days Will Come, which has been available on CD in June 2012. The MLP version of the mini album shall come very soon now. I still plan to return to studio and record new songs…

2. Could you tell us a little as has been the process of composing this work?

I was unemployed, depressed, angry, hateful, and I focused on Black Hammer a lot, trying to be DARKER and more brutal than my previous work. I think I succeeded, even if there’s so much that still needs to be done…

3. What is the difference between The Horror and Darker Days Will Come?

Darker Days Will Come features more mature song writing, better sound. It’s less spontaneous and more atmospheric, it’s less punkish and more BLACK. Everything was intended. The future will be even darker for Black Hammer. Prepare to face total obscurity and the death of all hopes.

4. What bands influenced the band's sound and what are your sources of inspiration?

I am influenced by European Black Metal, from Scandinavia, France and Eastern countries as well as South American Blackdeathrash metal from the late 80’s. My sources of inspiration are me, my life and fantasy stuffs.

5. Have you thought about trying to take the group to direct, assisted by other musicians?

Yes I would be very glad to perform live. It’s part of my future plans, but I don’t know if it will happen. I’m searching for special people, not average crappy metalheads that can’t FEEL the spirit of Black Hammer. I need dedication from members to my band. It’s something really serious. People don’t want to be involved in anything these days.

6. What are your five key disk within the black metal?

Only five ? That’s really hard… Here are A FEW :
Burzum – Burzum (basically everything before incarceration)
Mayhem – Everything with Euronymous
Darkthrone – Everything
Master’s Hammer – Ritual.
Sarcofago – INRI
Tormentor – everything from the 80’s
Hellhammer – Satanic Rites
And tons of other…

7. What are your plans from now on with the band? Will we finally released a full-length?

Well… My plan is to record some new material, that will be far better than everything else I ever did. It might take a little time, but I will stick to this goal. I’m still putting songs together and practicing each time I can. Future is always unpredictable. Black Hammer is not over yet and it will still crush your face as soon as new material is ready.

8. Tell us about the French black metal scene. What can you tell us about Les Legions Noires: Vald Tepes, Mutiilation, Belketre ..., among others?

The Black Legions was among the best Black Metal band h
ere. Unfortunately the most of them disappeared and have been traitors to the Black Metal style. Anyway, Mütiilation and Vlad Tepes did release some of the best black metal stuff EVER. Belketre is good too. Aside from that I only like very few release from the French BM scene. Hell Militia rehearsal demo, Peste Noire demos and first LP, Osculum Infame first LP, Seigneur Voland first mini album, Manzer, Temple of Baal first LP, … among some others. The French BM scene is quite divided (Brittany, South, Paris…) and very varied. It’s not like in small countries like Scandinavia…
9. Thanks for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Black Hammer, this place, thanks. I hope the questions are for you.
Thanks for this interview, the review and the upload too. Thanks to all the real Metal maniacs that follow Black Hammer in this Dark journey. Also special thanks to all South American and Eastern Asian supporters, Evil has no boundaries !!!

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