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Origen: Suecia, Uppsala

Formados: 1998

Estilo: Black

Temática: Adoración a la muerte, caos-gnosticismo, luciferanismo, oscuridad y satanismo anticosmico

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  • E. Bajo y voces
  • H. Batería
  • P. Guitarra

  • Go Fuck Your Jewish "God" Demo 1998
  • Black Metal Sacrifice Directo 1999  
  • The Essence of Black Purity Single 1999
  • Rabid Death's Curse CD 2000
  • The Ritual Macabre Directo 2001  
  • The Misanthropic Ceremonies Split 2001
  • Promo 2002 Demo 2002  
  • Puzzles ov Flesh Demo 2002  
  • Casus Luciferi CD 2003
  • Sworn to the Dark CD 2007
  • Reaping Death Single 2010
  • Lawless Darkness CD 2010
  • Opus Diaboli Video 2012
  • The Vinyl Reissues Recopilatorio 2012  
  • Outlaw Single 2013  
  • All That May Bleed Single 2013  
  • The Wild Hunt CD 2013
  • Fuck Off, We Murder Single 2013  
  • Tonight We Raise Our Cups and Toast in Angels Blood: A Tribute to Bathory Directo 2015  
  • Stellar Descension Infernal in Budapest Directo 2015
  • Nemini Parco Directo 2015  
  • Satanic Deathnoise from the Beyond - The First Four Albums Recopilatorio 2015  
  • Sathanas / Luciferi Tour EP Split 2016  
  • Antikrists Mirakel Single 2017  
  • Nuclear Alchemy Single 2017
  • Rock Hard Sampler Jan 2018 Split 2017
  • Trident Wolf Eclipse CD 2018
  • Black Metal Terror Split 2019  
  • Corona Mortis Demo 2020  
  • Reaping Death Single 2021  
  • The Howling Single 2022  
  • We Remain Single 2022  
  • The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain CD 2022
  • Die in Fire - Live in Hell Directo 2023
Han trascurrido ya veinticinco años desde que la máquina de destrucción sueca Watain se puso en funcionamiento, dejando a lo largo de estos años un reguero, de en general buenos discos, siendo la edición en 2003 de "Casus Lucifi" si punto álgido y para el cual para bien o para mal nos hemos servido tanto para encumbrarlos en la pasado como para mitificar su carrera actual. Bien es cierto que los suecos nunca han dejado pasar la ocasión de ofrecer ediciones en directo a sus seguidores, estamos si no me engaño ante su sexto álbum en directo editado. A lo largo de este "Die in Fire - Live in Hell" cualquier seguidor de la banda se sentirá desbordado por ese sonido característico de la banda, una suerte de black de corte digamos que ortodoxo, pero en donde tanto el ocultismo, el misticismo, la densidad y la oscuridad completan su propuesta. Si que es cierto que su último álbum editado el pasado año "The Agony & Ecstasy of Watain" tiene un protagonismo esencial como cabría esperar, no lo es menos que cuando enfilan los temas más antiguos el equilibrio entre ambas partes de su trayectoria está bien trabajado. Un sonido prefecto y preciso, unos diálogos entre los temas que van encendiendo a la multitud reunida en Fallan el 7 de Octubre del pasado año y momentos memorable que solo refrendan la tradición en directo de Watain, encontrando su punto álgido con el tema "The Return of Darkness and Evil" de Bathory. Un álbum en directo que pretende servir de resumen de los veinticinco años de trayectoria de Watain, recomendado para cualquier seguidor de la trayectoria de los suecos, pero sobre todo obligatoria para quine quiera introducirse en Watain (7,6)

Nuclear Blast

1. Ecstasies in Night Infinite 04:23
   On chariots of fire they approach
A violent force
that spurs the storm and spurs the lightning

Shine forth across the void
Prismatic revelations of eternal death
Vibrant in splendour

You’ll see them coming from afar
Across the heavens from the deeps of the underworld

They've come to claim what has been theirs for long
Their freedom, their ecstasy
To illuminate the outer limits
And mock the dawn
Like ecstasies in night infinite

Liberated from the fetters of fate
Instant yet constant, to become
The everglaring nuclear bliss
The architects of a new abyss

For we have come to claim what has been ours for long
Our freedom, our ecstasy
To illuminate the path within
To live and die
Like ecstasies in the night

Shine forth from worlds unborn
Blessed be those
That bask within thy radiation

Glorious victorious
Dart forth from storm rent chasm
As the future turns into hours

On chariots of fire they approach
A violent force, a sudden curse
That spurs the storm and kills the light

Through space and time now thrust
The next thousand years are but hours
Minutes and seconds then dust
2. Black Salvation 08:06  
  Visions of hornshaped shadows
and a burning firmament black
Trembling in the glory of a star
delightfully glowing with evil
Ten signs to spawn
a thousand of children
and to be given strength
each time a heart it beats

For they gave birth to the sun and the moon
to cast shadows upon life
And to burn the slaves that in madness gaze
with scorn from serpent eyes

Just as cancerous cocaine,
deep in the veins of christ,
the malignant curse divine
floats within you all...
you all!

May the holy light of Satan's might
burn my eyes!
This filth is not worth the glance...
Shining steel with Devil's seal,
cut my flesh!
Let them lick the blood,
in the ashes of my fallen temple

And just as cancerous cocaine,
deep in the veins of christ,
the malignant curse divine
floats within you all
And the bonds are burning
along with His eyes
Forever to brand the heart of god
Forever... spearing cosmos' core!

For it was that light
that branded the Devil's mark
into my flesh,
my soul and my heart
Never to close these eyes,
never to still this thirst
High on the cross of sophia,
through black salvation I hang cursed
3. The Howling 03:58
  Beneath the surface of the great primordial sea
Beyond life and death
Behind the veil of all our dreams so frail
Below the remnants and the dust of all past

The wailing of the mysteries
That caress the hearts of those who have laid them bare
Where the winds of twilight ever blow
Beneath, beyond, behind, below

In the lingering light of the primal fires
Through the din of all centuries past
A call to see, to learn, to know
So that fearless we may go
Beneath, beyond, behind, below

The howling...
Can you hear it still?
The faint echo of the great war
The spectral tremor of the giant collapse
Of the primal scream and a severed dream

The first, the last, the howling of the mother
Still wrestling, scales agleam
With the silence of the void
Howling throughout eternity

In the lingering light of the saints of fires
In their fusing of word and deed
A call to see, to learn, to know
So that eager we may go
Beneath, beyond, behind, below

Proclaimed by prophets for centuries now
The amplified rage of aeons
For eternities, in the rising seas and in their deeps
Reminding us
Where every devilchild must go

Beneath! Beyond! Behind! Below!
Like the wolf unto its kin it wails
Oh, what music it makes...
4. Black Flames March 06:46
   We sing these words of praise to Thee.
Mightiest of Might, Unbound Divinity,
Sung so loud by a Nameless Kin.
Resounding through the halls of the Temple of Ain.

As our deeds of Fire, unto the Last,
illuminate the Darkest Path.
This War will end when All is No-thing.
With Truth as the only weapon, I am the Will of God

So shine bright
with all your Might.
The Adversarial Fire
burns High tonight

We march to this symphony
which resounds from afar,
yet burns within as cacophony.
And each step that we take leaves but ashes
On the crooked trail behind (and bridges burnt).

No words.
No forms.
No thoughts.
(of the other side)

Sovereign of Conquest.
Dark One.
Yet thy Light illuminates my Path.
The Black Light of Daath.
By the Powers of the Eleven Heads,
and Through their Gate; Now, Come!

Heading far beyond the gates of death.
Disembodied Black Flames March
in perfect Unity, burning sublime.
Reaching ecstasy divine.

So burn high
with all our Spirit's Strength.
The Liberated Flames
mark the end of the blind tyrant's reign
5. Reaping Death 05:06
  There is a place beyond the dreamworlds,
Past the womb of night,
Lying in wait beyond the barriers of light,
Shunned by the living, cursed by the dead
Here's no peace, here's no peace

None within, none without
Skinned bare by daggers that never doubt
Timeless in wisdom, unbound in might,
Holy Evil!

By trembling hands concealed,
Yet by fearless ones revealed

There the blood of Abel impregnates the soil,
In which hungry darkness dwells and serpents coil,
So that plants may rise to bear the strangest fruit,
For all of ye that hunger

Higher! Higher! Come all ye sons of fire,
Daughters of the black moon,
Practitioners of arts, most dire.
Dance! Dance! Limbs twist in white eyed trance,
Let us praise the flowering darkness.

Brush forth across the land of Nod ye wicked ones,
Ye who wear the mark and hold the keys,
Come now, let us worship,
At the womb of blasphemies

Rivers of blood! Rivers of blood!
For the black earth's quenchless thirst,
The offering must never cease,
Until the last man has been slain
Upon the altar of Mefisto

Higher! Higher!Let's set the night on fire!
Black moon bear witness to our rite,
Beneath the devil's pyre

Unchain, Set free, the flames of the Adversary!
Scorch the earth and devour all,
That sifted from the ashes be

Hail! Hail! Thou who makes the cosmos wail!
In anguish as we fuck the world,
And sodomize the god that failed

Cain! Cain! By thy blade let all god's men be slain!
Harvest now the fruits of death and set the night aflame!


Gather! Gather! Raise the flames for so long scattered!
For aeons cursed, yet proud we stood,
Our liberation all that mattered

It's time! It is time! The bells of Armageddon chime!
Rejoice ye now, oh hungry ones,
Harvest time has come...
6. Devil's Blood 07:49
  Ageless, eternal in grace
Behold the snake of temptation!
Eyes gleaming with wisdom,
tongues telling of truths inversed
I have swallowed the hanged man's semen
with necrophageous delight
and let the Devil enter
with all his might

And in unbearable shame, enlighted by your fathomless dark,
I kneel unto thee, father, I am opened!
Let your daggers pierce through and their poisonous grace be unleashed
through these hungering veins
The impurest of blood, the greatest of pains!!!

The Devil's blood,
the curse of salvation,
the odious essence
of His holy revelation
It floats from the garden of Eden
in malevolent grace
The Devil's blood,
through the pentagram's maze

To open the gates to where deformations form,
to unearthly mysteries and fire
From stigmatized wounds now the river of gnosis runs free,
in the glorious light of the five point star

Darkness, starlight in eyes
The path reveals so clear now!
I drink my own blood yet the taste is not mine
I behold my reflection yet noone stares back
Driven by a lifeless hunger
Must have it stilled
Drop by drop, curse by curse,
until all three cups are filled

This soul prayeth not for victory, but for loss
This body kneeleth not in vain, but in blood
These eyes seeth not nil, but truth
These words are not spoken by me, but through

The Devil's blood,
the curse of salvation,
the odious essence
of His holy revelation
From the tongues of the serpent
into chalices three,
the Devil's blood
runneth through me!
7. Serimosa 04:58
 Great and terrible
Such were the rumours of the storm approaching
From beyond, the regions of serimosa, serimosa
A scent from far
Yes I can feel you are drawing near
Approaching my senses, serimosa
From worlds forgotten conjured forth
To maim and possess me

They say it will arrive before the end
And that our hearts shall yearn
That it will come with night
That ancient neverlight
To wash the world
Serimosa, serimosa
Violet and deep
Bringer of evernight
As you dance the world trembles

They say it made its way through the nothingness
Into this valley of despair
Fearless through the aeons it has come to brand
The seal of expiration
Upon the flesh of man

Bringer of both serum and disease, go forth
Imprisoned by illusion we shall be no more

And thus again the fields were sown
And scattered seeds replanted
And so the devil is reborn
Again and again and again
To fuck the world
Serimosa, serimosa
Feverous one
Till flames reaches heaven high
To shine on the worlds ending
To dance at the worlds ending
To shine upon the world's end
8. Not Sun nor Man nor God 01:15   instrumental
9. Before the Cataclysm 07:48
 Ready or not
Will come to be known by us all
Where leads the winding path
Over tar fields aflame, since Eden's fall
Cross hidden cracks and furrows
Where fiery currents surge
Restlessly, like mercury
Spilling forth through the ruins of a barren world

Thus, you shall stand
A naked child before the cataclysm
For ready or not, come it will

Dark is the deep that you fall into
Endless, the void that expands from under you
Now the gods claim their sacrifice
And the devil his due
Strange glows the night, but fear not its shadows
They've come to awaken the flame that's asleep within you
A cross has been carved in the place where we go to die
There they await, to draw every secret from you
And the blood of thy heart

And the blood of thy heart

Then you shall see it clear at last
As the mist unveils the moor

Here ends the charted lands
The path beyond is made visible

The time has come to dare the dunes
Of endless oceans vast
No guiding stars to lead you now
Through the labyrinth of our pasts
An edgeless map, a nameless space
Such is the province of our demise
Yet on it goes, this eternal voyage
Above a sunken paradise

Yet many more kingdoms must fall before
You may find your rest there, on the other shore
Well I fare for the furthest beacon
Fare for the glow

Bright, like the light that you go into
Life is a dream that is fading away from you
Fare now to what's real, fare now to what's true
Yours is the night, yours is the shadow
Yours is the star that forever shall burn in the dark
A cross has been carved in the place where we go to die
And for all those that go there with fire in heart, we shall kneel
And bless their journey

Sail on, sail on
Into the night
Sail on, sail on
Into the light
Sail to the souls that shine there

Tonight, I stood out by the sea
And saw the seventh lighthouse glare
The yonder beckons, the twilight calls
And one day, I'll meet you there
Where unchained spirits, rampant, soar
In starless heavens, like before
The cataclysm, in timeless time
When God was not forevermore
10. The Return of Darkness and Evil (Bathory cover) 05:55
A sorcery written in blood Whispered by a Witch in the dawn Summon the darkness pure evil and death And gather the legions of scorn The darkness possesses you your soul scream in vain Tonight the Hellfire shall burn Thunder and lightning the ancient prediction The bells chime for Satan's Return... [Blasphemy Sorcery] It's the RETURN of the darkness and evil It's the RETURN of the fire and flame It's the RETURN of my master Satan It's the RETURN of desire and pain Sacrifice a virgin to the flames of burning Hell Black Witch of beauty recite the words of spell Gather masses run in circles scream for mercy cry of pain No mercy for the blessed in Hell you all will burn in lord Satan's name Now descend from the burning blasting sky Holding the reigns ride the night Satan appear in full glory and pride The raped souls of Heaven cries Blasphemy Victory Desecration Hell and damnation It's the RETURN of the darkness and evil It's the RETURN of the fire and flame It's the RETURN of my master Satan It's the RETURN of desire and pain  
11. Nuclear Alchemy 04:03
   Fire at will!
Arsonists of Lucifer
Conflagration sworn
Heed the flames command
Let the holocaust commence
Angel of the sulphur pit
Tread forth, from the gas cloud

We toil to fuel the fire
Such is our sacred fate
Til black smoke rise at heavens gate

All that was burning again now must be
Nuclear Alchemy

Tidal wave of alkahest
Disruptions holy force
Cloaked within the darkness of the world
Burst forth!
Cremators of the crucifix
With vitriol in heart

But first our flesh must burn
To flame our minds must turn
Until we stand erected
Perfected and prepared
Like spearheads of Satan's host


All that was burning again now will be
Nuclear Alchemy
Transform! Aspire!
By the fire of will and the will of the fire
Nuclear Alchemy
Pyromaniac witchcraft
12. Malfeitor 12:13
  By the blessing of shunned Gods
the cord of life was deformed, twisted into a noose
to strangle the miscarriage of the I
upon which he shall feast that was spawned
by the semen of horror's fertile
as his many limbs extend across the Abyss
thirteen horns and a million tusks
in a thousand jaws that breathe
only to chew the chains that tie him to Assiah
and titan is their strength

Metamorphosphordus malformation
yours is the call I follow
astride the wings of Death
to the crossroads

Malfeitor, the master and servant in unity
at one with the Abyss when in your possession I am
against the blindness of men
thine eyes have been granted immunity
so that my sight be clear when wielding the Sword of the Damned

For I am begotten of the virgin whore
as truth and torment, priest and warrior
now behold as I pervert and destroy their law
as the image of my philius moists the labia of Shekinah
for dark are the desires that dwell within my heart
and the Devil is in my kiss

Yes he is

in your possession I am
twilight god of transformation
at the crossroads we meet again
I'll pace the path of madness with your banner held high
to the death's head true
yes, I am of my father the Devil and the lusts of my father I will do

Vinyl, LP, Album, Clear With Black/Red Splatter

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