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 1. The band started up around 2011, why did you decide to create the band? Why did you choose the name Satan Worship and what does it refer to?

Leatherface: Hey thanx for the opportunity and space to talk about Satan Worship and our new album. 2011 I was playing first time in Europe with my another band Sodomizer, so I was in the house of my friend Azter guitar player from Denial Of God ( Black Metal from Denmark ) and I wrote some bases and riffs that I thought where diferent from what we were making with Sodomizer ( the song was The Girls Of Manson Family ). After it I wrote a bunch of songs that came to our demo tape Poison and Blood and after to our ep I`m The Devil.I wanna write about Serial Killers, Satanism, Necromancy, Hate, Death, blasphemies and a lot of another evil things that I have will to write.Sodomizer is like a soundtrack to a depraved horror movie, We write about Horror movies, terror histories and pornography and depravation.Satan Worship have this topics diferents and some writers that have been influenced me like Anton La Vey, Charles Bukowsky, Marquis De Sade etc...The Name Satan Worship is about all that is evil and malignant and some peoples think we are a satanic club private or a secret cult.I received tons of e mails and msgs on our social media about peoples wanna join and sell the soul to Satan...Even when I say we are a band this fuckers stop write me, they dont stop send msgs, I get more hard and say fuck off and get a life, Satan Doesn`t wanna your wasted trashed soul.It`s funny but yeah man tha name it`s strongh and peoples love or hate and this was my aim, since I batized we cursed us with this danmed name. I love it.

2. Although you have been active since 2011, it was not until 2015 that you released your first EP “Poison & Blood”, what is the reason for this period of four years without deciding to release anything, perhaps living in France and Brazil could be an explanation or maybe the existence of a band like Sodomizer had you busy?

Leatherface: Just to leave clear, I never lived in France, I recorded the demo tape Poison and Blood In Brazil ( was a demo tape, not EP ), I didn`t have money to press in Brazil the demo and I wait till I have the resources to make in a cool way, the labels just wanted Sodomizer and my another band Hellkommander, back in the days, so after my second tour 2013 I booked a third tour at 2014 and moved to Germany ( Berlin ).I had the demo tape already recorded and beggan recorded the songs will come in EP I`m The Devil, I finnished the record at 2016, I back to Brazil for a short time and went again to same studio and beggan the record were missing, ( backing tracks where missing, solos and some details ), I didn`t have a line up, was me on bass, guitars and vox and the drummer from Sodomizer ( Incitatus ) riding the beats to me.I back same year to Germany after 6 months in Brazil with the album and signed with Iron Shield records, label from Berlin.After I summoned Max The Nekromancer on guitars and with me on vox and bass and one hired drummer we play our first gig here in Germany.Marc Reign ex Destruction and ex Morgoth watched us playing live and asked to join us.So with this line up we recorded the first album Teufelssprache and made some festivals, shows and a tour in europe ( 2021 ).We kicked Marc from the drums and we invocated Papa Jupiter from Brazil ( my drummer from Sodomizer ) and Marck Grave Digger Rapist on second guitar, Ex Sex Trash from Brazil with this line up we recorded our new album Satanik Overdose Of Hell.About the delay to record and realese were somethings like time, money, I was moving to europe and sold my tattoo studio and a lot of things around us leave me a little traped.But Lucifer is great and I found a way to record my infernal noise and realese it and leave the lambs of fake god angry and afraid.

3. I consider the 2020 release of “Teufelssprache” to be an important step forward on your part, both in sound and impact. What has the process of composing and recording the new album been like? What brands of instruments have you used? in the process?

Leatherface: I love the album but I had some problems with the sound engineer, should be more evil the guitars more fat and heavy if you understand me.But yes you are right was one step important, Marc made a good work on the drums, Max is a great guitar player and played my shit better than me and he brought 2 dark songs very badass ( La Catedral and Motherfuckers From Apokalipse ), I think I used a bass Rickenbaker and alternate with my Fender and use my distortion pedal ( Yeah I follow the Cliff Burton bass bible ).Max used his gibson and Jackson and Marc brought his drum kit there. Was kind of stressfull because the  Sound Engineer Richard owner of Big Snuff studio but we made a good work with his limitations. We dont have anything against Richard and he is into more metal now and have been making good albuns there with local bands, we recorded there the demos from new album, the pre production and was more relax and a better atmosphere too.

4. At first your sound can be classified within black/thrash, however, from my point of view, elements of styles such as death have an important role, giving the sound a stronger personality. Are you aware of this “evolution?” in your sound? How would you describe the sound of the new album for those who have not heard it yet? What bands have influenced you when shaping this album?

Leatherface: Yes black, thrash, speed metal, but we have many groove here and some death metal parts and doom and groovy too, I think I just get my influences of Carnivore, Venom, Celtic Frost, Black Sabbath, Motorhead, ZZ Top, Von, Morbid Angel, Danzig, Voivod, Dorsal Atlantica, Vulcano, Jacula, Goblin, Indestroy, Possessed and we give a movement diferent. We are not create something new but we are not a copy, do you understand ?My heroes always said MAKE YOUR MUSIC, DO NOT BE A COPY, MAKE WHAT YOU LOVE. This is my mantra, you have a lot of Dark Thrones and Blasphemy and Sarcofago around the world. But they never will sound good like the originals. There is just ONE King Diamon, ONEAlice Cooper, ONE Black Sabbath... I know if we be on the road of copy cover bands we will have more sucess and fame. But we are here just in our personal mortal dark journey and we love the chaos. Things must happen in a natural way, I agree with you the new album has more personality and its more heavy, evil and much better production here now. The influences are the same, I just love write this kind of satanik noise, what can I say ? I fucking love my job.

5. Typical elements of rock and Satanism coexist in your lyrics. Who is in charge of writing the texts? Does the song “Die Hundin von Buchewald” have something to do with the warden Ilse Koch, of the Buchewald Nazi concentration camp? Do the texts adapt to the music or vice versa?

Leatherface: I write all lyrics here and songs I made 80 or 90 %, I ask to Max make too, he write more slow but powerfull songs. So about the lyrics, Satan Worship lyrics are into satanism, necromancy, death, serial killers, crimes, and inside the spectre of killers and psycopath we have some caracters like Ilse Koch. Was a horrible woman inside a sick system and regime, she took advantage from his position to torture and kill prisioners. There is a lot of documentaries and books about it and you folks want can check it. Yes I write a song and fell the vibe and made a lyric to fit with my noises and yes I have many lyrics that I wrote too and I create songs around this notes and adapted both.

6. Your covers have always had a relationship with satanism and death, however the new album's cover seems much more elaborate. Who was in charge of the cover design? What does it represent and how does it relate to the content of the album?

Leatherface: Yes I made sketch first and sent to my brazilian friend Adriano Papa, he made a great art but he has some problems and he just send me some pictures without good quality and was getting kind of problematic get it with good quality. So I told him, we will pay him and use this art in a t shirt in future and show to Andrzej Kuziola, so he remake the art and this got more sick, bad and evil. The cover was my conception and is Lucifer The Morning Star Ridding the Apocalipse Beast ripping angels, Adriano made Lucifer with the armour of Kurgan ( Skull and bones armour ), the villain from Highlander movie from 1986 ( the first and great one, not the crap came after it ) You guys should check the art of Kuziola here ArtStation - Andrzej Kuziola.

7. The recording process was carried out at Sonic Train Studios in Sweden, why did you decide to work with them? What do you think these studios have contributed to the final result of the album's sound?

Leatherface: Well we have some problems in Big Snuff like I said before, I was already looking some studios and sound engineers but first name was on my list was Andy LaRocque from Sonic Train Studios. He is ones of my heroes and a fantastic productor, he loved that we recorded alive and without a fucking metronomo, We made the pre production here in Germany and we were fucking sharped. We recorded the album on 2 days next days we just made solos, guitar licks and effects and I expend one day to make all vocals and I recorded another line of bass in an guitar amplifier with more distortion, I think 5 days more after record the basic on 2 first days ( drums, guitar bases and my bass ). About the studio I must say was a awesome structure they have there and Andy is a monster riding Sonic Train Studios, all ideias I had on my mind he came to me and suggested the same, I was into about his direction he gave us and we got 100 % from what he ask to us made, because we think very similar about record and production, Was a surreal experience worked with him and honour and we will back for sure for more make new infernal sonic pieces there.

8. For the physical edition of the album, you are repeating with Folter Records, at what point was the decision made to collaborate again for the edition of the album? Will there be edition in formats other than CD?

Leatherface: The headquarters from Folter Rec is very near of my house, I can call Joerg the big boss when I need speak something about realeses, shows wherever... He is a friend since 2013, very cool guy and he is into extreme music long time too. So make all sense we work together like I said we are friends too. No bullshit between us, we speak each other very truly, honest and straight. Yes cd for now  and next year we have a lp edition coming.

9. You will soon begin the live presentation of the album. How important is it for you to be able to offer these concerts? Who would you like to share a mini-tour with?

Leatherface: We have a tour with the Americans metal punks vampires from Spiter, they are blasting USA spreading his album Bath The Babe In Bats` Blood album. Satanik Overdose Of Bat`s Blood European tour will beggin day 05 here on my city Berlin and we will tear apart Europe and gonna finnish the tour day 22 October. The shows are fucking important to us, we can spread our satanik noises and sell our merchandise and show to the young ones that world is blood, death, carnage and guts.We love play alive and meet the hellbangers and hang out with them and make friends and play our shit louder.

10. For some time now it seems that there is a revival of bands with a retro sound where thrash has an important role, reaching a certain saturation when the bands do not offer anything new, how does a band like yours fit into this situation? What is your opinion about the certain saturation that isoccurring in this specific style?

Leatherface: I think this trend is more down now, I think the metal scene is back more strongh, we had bad moments in 90`s ( good stuff too and few bands keep the metal flame live ), beggin of century 21 was full of this kind of bands. Yesa lot of copies and bands without souls and were forgotten because they were very ordinary and just copy of the great ones, I think on my old city Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, everbody were copy this retro specific band style, we had clones of Kreator, Hellhammer, Sarcofago etc... and this bands were forgotten and dissapear ... because they were just a copy. When we beggan with this kind of music with my another band Sodomizer we gave a movement diferent for the riffs and groovy and heavy bases. Did we made a new style ? No, never was our intention make it our aim was make powefull music and strongh albuns, original inside the influences we have. We never had this atitude lie YEAH 80`s were the best bla, bla, bla... we love a lot of things on 80`s but had a lot crap on 80`s either. The cool and good bands still here like Bewitched, Aura Noir and some new ones awesome like Spiter and Evil Armyand are coming more good stuff but yeah it`s a lot of crap and shit copies around the world for sure.

11. Brazil and France, how different are the extreme metal scenes of these countries? What good and bad things do both countries have in terms of extreme metal?

Leatherface: Again I live in Berlin this was somekind of misuderstand but no problem my friend. Well I gonna answer you about the scene in Brazil and the diferences about Europe ( I played more here than in Brazil ), about the metalheads it`s not so much diference, peoples are peoples you know what I wanna mean ? They come to your show, buy the merchandise and wanna take a picture with you, have some talk about metal and etc, in the end is like a big community or family if you wanna see like it, I saw diferences in audience for sure, when we play in metal fest more like Under The Black Sun ( black metal german fest) the audience try plays the bad guy, something like... I CANT BANG MY HEAD, I AM TOO SERIOUS FOR HAVE FUN AND MY FATHER SATAN DIDNT ALLOWED ME. When we play in squats or for an audience that is more into Thrash, speed metal or even squats they got crazies.In Brazil the audience is very wild and passional ( we are latinos ). Bad things I can say about Brazil, the promoters sucks man, few promoters there are serious and wanna you play free and with a shit backline and PA.Brazil you have more metal, rock cities like Sao Paulo and Northwest is amazing ( the bands, hellbangers and bands too ) and places like Rio De Janeiro where the metal is weak and no metal organized scene. Europe the metal is strongh and bounded and you have many cool bands ( many crap too ), about the folks on metal like I told you some few cultural diferences but nothing so extrem.Bad things here are the lobby of big labels and mafia in shows and festivals. I saw a lot of bands here paying to open for big bands and follow them in a shit situation, they open the event play 20 minutes for almost zero audience and after it nobody give a fuck for them really. Its sad and kind of pathetic, bands should play because they love and make what they love.

12. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts you attended, first albums you bought? What happened in your lives that pushed you to want to be musicians?

Leatherface: I saw on 1993 Sepultura in MTV, the clip of Territory, this really blow up my mind and in school had just one guy like metal and we changed bands and knowlodge about the few we were discovery, After I got more into thrash, death, heavy metal when I beggan my course of comic book, have some friends there show me some bands and when I was getting out to hang out in shows I discovery black metal and classical rock bands too like Black Sabbath, Lynyrd Skyrnyd, ZZ TOP and etc... I think the band fucked up any chances I have a normal life was Morbid Angel, listen them the first albuns was like took acid to me, melting my mind and broken all chains of fake morality and christianity bullshit morals and disguting rules, Every it`s perfect with this guys, they are fucking KINGS. So I think this was when I got this road without no way back and decided make my own beast and ride into darkness.I never study music and every I know I learned playing with another guys, I learned make doubles guitars and a little of theory with another musicians and about compose it`s a thing you learn by yourself to talk the truth, no music scholl can show you like create, if someone say they can make it, is a lie. You need know like awake up this inside you and keep the fire burning and never stop play and create. 

13. What album represents for you the essence of black metal? What latest albums have you bought?

Leatherface: The essence of Black metal are with the first bands like Venom, Celtic Frost, Bathory and after Sarcofago, Mortuary Drape, Amen Corner, Necromantia, Poison ( Germany ), VON, Master`s Hammer and anothers awesome bands like Leviathan ( USA ). They are diferents from each others originals and last album I bougth was the lp version from Cavalera, the re record from Bestial Devasttation, I am running to try get Morbid Visions but it`s sould out.

14. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions for Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for the followers of Satan Worship this is the place. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Leatherface: Thanx man, was very cool and good questions, thanx for your space and spend your time with us. Sodomizer and Satan Worship keep alive and full of metal to spread to you guys. I just wanna thank all folks are support us around this years. We have bad moments and much more awesome moments and we still have a lot of fun and it`s a privilege have metal heads that listen our shit and bang the heads with us live. Satanik Overdose Of Hell it`s a step forward from what we had made till now, so give a chance to our new bloody baby and burn in hell with us.

If you want you can follow us here Sodomizer / Satan Worship (@sodomizer666worship) • Instagram photos and videos.

Any contacts for merchandise or booking us to destroy your city write here: thesodomizer@hotmail.com

Thanx Black Metal Spirit and thanx all hellbangers !!!!!!! See us in Hell.


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