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 Good morning, thank you very much for answering these questions, how is everything going for Munich?

Hi! Thank you for this interview opportunity! Release time is very exciting and we received very positive feedback for our album INTER so far, so everything is very energetic at the moment.

1. The band is put into operation around year 2010, why did you decide to create the band? Why do you choose Fagus's name and what refers?

We started the band many years ago as a bunch of friends, who just wanted to play some music togehter. Step by step, we developed our style and wanted to get more professional. As the main theme of our music is nature, we wanted to choose a band name accordingly. Fagus is the scientific name of beech – a very common tree species in Central Europe. 

2. Between the 2010-2013 period, the band began to take shape, you offered some concerts, and you editis “Urgewalt”, your first EP, without forgetting the abandonment for personal reasons of Anita, what memories do you have of that first concerts concerts As a band?

It was a great time, playing some gigs and gaining live experience. There is a very vivid Metal scene in Munich and the bands pushed each other. By and by, we got acquainted with many Bavarian bands and made some friends, which was great.

3. What instrument brands have you used when recording and composing this new album? What aspects do you think have changed in these ten years that have passed your two releases enter?

We used Gibson guitars and an Epiphone bass with different amps for recording as well as a Yamaha Recording Custom drumset. Almost everything changed between the recording of our first EP and INTER: The way of songwriting, the decision to record INTER in a professional studio, the detailed preparation of everything. Generally spoken, we took things way more serious for the production of INTER.

4. You can read in some reviews the epic character and the influences not so close to the Black that offers the sound of “inter”, however it seems to me that there is a classic Black background on which all the sound has been built , with atmospheric aspects, RAW or even a certain aroma to pay in terms of atmosphere, all splashed from certain acoustic interludes that add dynamism to the compositions, how would you describe the sound of the album for those who have not yet heard it? What bands or Styles have influenced you when defining the sound of this "inter"?

The sound of INTER is for sure influenced by oldschool Black Metal of the 90s. But we wanted to complement the classic Black Metal basis by aspects of modern Black Metal, which we also tried to realize by a modern production, as for example a more compact drum sound. We think the sound of INTER is raw, differentiated, classic and modern at the same time.

5. Nature and humanity as the main theme of your lyrics, away from stereotypes such as Satanism, why do you choose these issues for your lyrics? Who takes care of writing the lyrics? Does the lyrics adapt to music or vice versa?

Nature and the role of humans in nature are very inspiring topics and give plenty of room for creative work. The lyrics of some songs are written by Vo1D and some are written by Sight. The lyrics are developed after the instrumental arrangement is finished, as the overall atmosphere of the instrumental parts decides the content of the lyrics. 

6. If we pay attention to the origin of the band members, we can check a past/present in other formations related to styles such as pagan, folk, or heavy, why now take the step and take out a project from Black Metal? What does a style like Black suppose for you?

We are all generally open for different kinds of music and we also tried out a lot of different styles. However we had the feeling that we can express ourselves in the best way playing Black Metal and all guys in the band are passionate Black Metal listeners. A very interesting thing about Black Metal is for sure the variety of moods you can create between melancholy and aggression. 

7. You have worked with Christoph Brandes from the Iguana Studios, to end the sound of the album, why did you make the decision to work with Christoph for this facet of the album? What do you think has contributed Christoph's work to the final sound to the final sound from the album?

We were looking for a studio, which really wanted to develop our individual sound and not just a copy of other bands. We immediately felt in very good hands after the first contact with Christoph. He for sure contributed a lot to the final sound of INTER by his detailed work on the sound layers and he gave us a lot of feedback and proposals.

8. The Swedish record stamp Silent Future Recordings has dealt with the album edition, why do you decide to edit the album with Silent Future? Are you satisfied with the work done by them in terms of editing and promotion?

Andreas of Silent Future Recordings is a very experienced guy, as he manages also the label Nordvis since many years in a succesful way. From the very beginning, he was very interested in our album and decided to develp and push us as a band. Beside the professional work togehter, he is also a very nice guy and we believe that liking each other is one of the most important things to succesfully cooperate. 

9. One of the aspects that seem most in line with the sound of the album is that of the cover, a minimalist in some way, but capable of transmitting all the force of nature with a black and white image, who dealt with the Cover design and why do you choose this IMGAEN?

The album art was done by Sight, and the idea was to create an album cover that leaves some room for interpretation for the viewer - an approach we like to use for our lyrics as well. The source material for the cover is a photography taken by Sight at the Joshua Tree National Park in California USA. But it is not of importance what actual mountain the picture shows, it is about the feeling and mood.

10. A little over a week has passed since the “Inter” edition, how is the public response to him? Are you preparing concerts for the album's public presentation?

We are truly overwhelmed by the positive feedback we received so far. It took a long time to find an approach to writing and producing that feels satisfying for all of us. Currently, we are in preparations for concerts later this year and in 2024.

11. Although as I commented before you are not related from the INCIO to the Black scene, if you have been active in other heavy or metal projects, how would you describe the extreme metal scene of a region like Bavira and how it has evolved to what long of these years?

It can be seen that a lot of passion is involved in listening to metal in general. We hear from other genres like pop or jazz that it is quite hard to sell concert tickets nowadays, at least for lesser well-known musicians. In contrast, many metal concerts in Munich are sold out, even on Mondays. Even genres that might not have a very high mass appeal like grindcore have significant fanbases that really enjoy visiting concerts. Ten years ago, that was different, one could get tickets most likely at the door, bands played at smaller locations. All in all, the scene grows.

12. How were your beginnings in music: first concerts you attend, first albums you buy? What do I take in your lives pushed you to be musicians?

Well we all started with rock music our parents were listening to, and this influenced the first albums be bought as well. In the end it is realizing that music can provide something really special, that turns one into a music afficionado. From there on, it is just a small step to develop a longing to contribute and create music.

13. What album does the essence of Black Metal represent for you? What last albums have you bought?

Actually, we can’t really answer that question the way you might have intended. We are four musicians with different tastes and that alone would make four answers. But that is not the most important point, because Black Metal can be so different and transport so many moods – for instance it can be melancholic, aggressive or grooving. In the end, the essence of Black Metal can’t be summed up in one album, because it is a certain way of doing things – and these things can be very different.

14. Thank you very much for taking the time to answer these questions for Black Metal Spirit, if you want to add something for Fagus followers this is the place. I hope the questions are of your liking.

Thank you! We feel honore to have been invited to this interview! And of course we want to thank all our listeners for their support!


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