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Origen: Argentina, Buenos Aires.

Formados: 2016

Estilo: Black

Temática: Existencialismo

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  • Cristian Yans Guitarra
  • Dany Tee  Batería, letras y voces

Los males del mundo EP 2020  
Descent Towards Death CD 2021

Primer álbum de estudio para este combo argentino en el cual tenemos que resaltar como elementos fundamentales las letras y la temática de sus temas ya que tienen un peso y elaboración fundamental al tiempo que se integran perfectamente en la parte sonora, así como que su música logra sonar "fresca" en el sentido que parte de un sonido black tradicional dentro de la escena escandinava pero que sin embargo han sabido mezclar sabiamente elementes más actuales y con estilos como el doom que acaban por dar forma a un álbum muy descarado. El álbum se abre y se cierra con audio en español de la película de 1957 El séptimo sello de Ingmar Bergman, toda una declaración de intenciones, amoldándose perfectamente al sonido y dándole una vertiente oscura e inquietante que acabará por ganar protagonismo a medida que el álbum avance y situando este trabajo en una zona cercana al ocultismo. Sin embargo Los Males del Mundo no se han limitado a ofrecer un álbum descafeinado, que ofrezca una versión bastante fiel al black más clásico sin variaciones, no, ni mucho menos, acertados cambios de ritmo que juegan con la intensidad de su música, a la par que elementos que podemos reconocer como melódicos, aportes que vienen del doom y un completo apartado vocal acaban por elevar el resultado final del primer trabajo de una banda que nos ha dejado con muy buenas sensaciones. (8,3).

1. Falling into Nothing 12:12
  Thrown into this world
fragile, precarious, and defenseless
blind and with a soul full of emptiness

Trying to sustain life
with the crumbs of dreams
that have fallen off the table
as leftovers from a foreign banquet

When the memories come back
like the remains of a shipwreck
when the storm becomes flesh
and the overflow floods the feelings

Under the shadow
that stands on the edge of time
walking with dead steps
a path without a future

Terror seizes the being
and drags it untamed
as a stream of underground water
dark and silent

Longing for a different future
reviving the intricate chain of causes
devouring the fruit that is always rotten inside

When the memories come back
like the remains of a shipwreck
when the storm becomes flesh
and the overflow floods the feelings

Terror seizes the being
and drags it untamed
as a stream of underground water
dark and silent

And in that descent towards death
falls behind it
the fruitless attempt of clinging to the ineffable
as the evidence that crumbles
revealing its own emptiness
2. The Silent Agony 08:28
  We´re always turning a blind eye
leaving the decision we should make in others hands
disfigured in a vain apology
the decadence we have created
and still we justify our misfortune
as an impossibility to read
the signs of an order that exceeds us

Life without meaning

Like worms hiding from sunlight
we take shelter in the dirt
descending to the deepest filth -memories of the past -
trying to give sense to our existence
as redemption
to justify the misery of our days

Born without a life and still unable to die
we slowly agonize

Life without meaning

In praises that are stacked
like mountains of feces
to reach a supreme god that we have created
life has been denied
and in the quest to alleviate its suffering
mankind awaits for the transcendental world
where it will have to suffer no more.

Life without meaning

There’s so much to say
and yet, no words for it
words are not good enough
so I'll keep quiet, silent
unheard like a book that is never finished
with words that will never be written

Born without life and still unable to die
slowly we agonize

We strive into the need to freeze
at least for a moment, the constant flow
of what has been and what will be after us
as an effort to make it the center of our existence
like if we could stop time watching moments as a picture
but deep down we know that what we call life
is merely a slow death

We are dying but we choose to forget it
Life without meaning
3. Eternal Circle of Vain Efforts 05:16
  Bound to suffer
without any other outcome
that would seem to be, at last, our essence
and as an even more wicked gesture
we’ve been blinded with the hope
that makes us believe we actually decide our fate

As if we were an amusement for the gods
who laugh seeing us try again and again
we are just a moment of a pathetic cycle
that constantly repeats the same end

Every path
Every choice
Every effort we made
brought us closer to the void
where we found our dreams undone

Opposite wishes
lost in vain efforts
the hope that misfortune tramples
predicts the harmful errors of our entire life
while death awaits our final act

The names change
the stories, the faces
but not the eternal antagonists.

Every path
Every choice
Every effort we made
brought us closer to the void
where we found our dreams undone
4. Nothing but a Lie 04:56
From the first breath in this world the flame of life is slowly extinguishing trying to escape from that essential fear that prisoner of limits and words disguise all things Unaware of the inevitable fate the veil that conceals the final enigma falls as soon as life can be seen as a prolonged agony What would happen if our face could faithfully express our inner suffering? If all the internal torment could manifest itself in our expression would we still be able to talk? could we exchange words without hiding our faces with our hands? To live would not be possible if the truth of our feelings could be read on our faces but words disguise all things Regardless of our will to communicate we are unable to express something And even from the most sincere attempt you can only expect nothing but a lie No one would dare to look in a mirror since all of our most intimate fears are somberly bonded to the horror of the real 
5. The Heavy Burden 10:00
  As the stream flows
It does not collide against any obstacles
just as we proceed through life
when nothing is against our will
Inattentive and ignoring our outcome
unaware of our destiny

Suffering is inherent in our lives
The misery that fills the existence
Is inherent to it
Pain is not a stumbling block on the road
but the path itself on which we take our steps

Uselessly we wish to make sense
without sense we look for a reason
and with no reason we expect a miracle
that relieves
the heavy burden on our shoulders

Ignoring that our hearts will never find peace
they are bottomless wells
that grow more empty as you try to fill them.

Destiny wanted to unite
the ridicule to the despair of our existence
when it filled our lives
with all the misfortunes of the tragedy
without which we cannot even hold
the dignity in each of our decisions

And as an effective consolation in all misfortune
we direct our gaze towards another's misadventure
a hypocritical remedy available to all
ignoring that our pathetic existence
is the comfort of someone else's gaze

2LP black vinyl 180g in a gatefold sleeve.

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