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 ÔFSTÂN (2021)

Segundo larga duración para los holandeses que mantienen en su sonido la esencia del black más tradicional, sobre todo si en el buscamos influencias de la segunda ola,  aunque en esta ocasión han sabido  imprimir más detalles a su música alejándola un tanto del clasicismo. Los riffs que podemos encontrar en "Ôfstân" son de carácter variado sin apenas repetición en cuanto a estructuras pero si que en ciertas partes se repiten para enfatizar algunos elementos relacionados con la intensidad. Su propuestahh a ganado elementos que podemos relacionar con la melodía sobre todo presente en un bajo que ha ganado cierto protagonismo con respecto pasado y que al mismo tiempo aporta una faceta más pagana la conjunto, no del todo presente de manera descarada, pero si que hace acto de presencia muchas veces sin previo aviso. Tal vez este carácter más pagan y melódico encuentre su punto de sustento en las líneas de teclado que salpican las composiciones, con una presencia casi que testimonial pero si que suficiente para crear una sutil línea de primitiva oscuridad . Las voces se antojan del todo necesarias para contribuir a equilibrar las partes más "accesibles" del plano musical en contraste con un apartado vocal mucho más agresivo, directo y oscuro, con algunas concesiones a terrenos más corales en algunas partes pero marcando una línea mucho más cruda. Este nuevo álbum sabe recoger el calado de las composiciones más tradicionales dentro del black con elementos que Kjeld ha sabido incorporar, sin caer en el vanguardismo pero si lo suficientemente acertados para que el oyente navegue entre la pureza del black y elementos más actuales. (8,1).

1. Betsjoend 06:51   
2. De iensume widner 03:32  
3. Wylde rixt 05:45  
4. Ôfstân 08:25  
5. Asbran 04:39  
6. Wite fokel 07:34  
7. Falske doop 08:27  
8. Skaad 05:23  
9. Konfrontaasje 05:10  

It´s 15 years since we released our first recording, from the purest innocence and unconsciousness of what we realized later that this already moribund way of life called Black Metal turned into. Times of pure magic and ingenuousness that nowadays resound as echoes in abysses already forgotten by many. I feel nostalgia of these old times since although all of us changed I yearn for that life which took me to be part of this movement. A movement that made sense all our feelings that all those youngsters cherished, that we saw it as a way to express our most terrible and despairing feelings, our alienation of life, our understanding that all this was a much more than mere rock´n roll, party, fame… All this remain buried under a mantle of disgust and nausea that many bands created when they changed the flutter of the black banner for one circle that has to do with ridiculous musicians´ egos. Belonging to misfortune feelings, the searching of the own solitude, that being of Black Metal as something felt from inside not for outside, those souls that are happier near the drama than near the fame… I still remember the sprit that made us to create those epic atmospheres. I am still standing here as a herald of negativity. I know many of you have stayed behind but I know that we still stay a few that after attending that false myths fell; we still keep on the black legacy. I still go on while you rot little by little… Although we are few those who are reading this keep me to raise the black flag in the sky.

Drizzt "Sarnad"
This work shows the early times of the band. The black hearts and the youth marked the path of the band above the skills with their instruments.Being coetaneous of its time, It had influences of the early bands of the early 90´s with touches from Norwegian, Swedish, Austrian and Polish sounds, including acoustic guitar passages which gave the album a more atmospheric touch than the later works of the band. It was recorded in a half-professional with quite few means.“Eternal Cycle Of Decay” emanates coldness and nostalgia from all its songs.Laying the foundations of the band´s later sound. With songs such as “Spheres Of Blood” or “Chaotic Days Of Doom Desolation” or “A Whore´s Whim” (a tribute to Jack The Ripper), are today classics of the band. The drummer of this demo only rehearsed for just 1 month before the recordings since not long ago a line-up change happened. Singer Maligner was out of the band so Drizzt and Vanth took charge of the vocals during the first tour over Spain which finished with a concert with Immortal in Madrid. The Collage inside is a homage to all those persons who supported us during that tour. Friends and comrades who helped to forge the roots of the band. I can be found newspaper fragments featuring some events happened during the tour, such as some churches burning in Spain and graveyard desecrations chanting “I spit on your beliefs”.The band gained attention because at the beginning of their concerts a statue of a virgin was destroyed with a double axe. These and other moments are the ones which those devotees of the old and true feeling of the cursed ones treasure. Always we are here, the black flame will burn in the skies forever!! Black Metal Resistance!!

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