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Origen: Canadá, Calgary

Formados: 2008

Estilo: Black, noise, punk

Temática: Asuntos sociales y satanismo

Enlaces: Bandcampfacebookinstagram y spotify


  • Daniel Toews Guitarra
  • Davey Hellfire Batería
  • Valax Bajo y voces

  • Vice CD 2009  
  • Tradition Is Obsolete CD 2011  
  • In Defiance EP 2012  
  • In Defiance CD 2013  
  • Dunerunner / Cyber Disarray Split 2014  
  • Outsiders CD 2015  
  • Carry on the Black Flame EP 2016  
  • Urban Hell Rhythmics CD 2018  
  • Spurn All Gods Single 2020  
  • My Will to Power Single 2020  
  • Hail the Flesh CD 2020
  • Chaotic Wisdom CD 2023
Nueva entrega para Black Pestilence que con cada nuevo lanzamiento van poco a poco conquistado un estilo que se va afianzando como propio. Black Pesitlence recogen las influencias más claras del sonido de los años ochenta del metal extremo, partiendo de las base y la influencias del black, el thrash y el punk pero siendo muy conscientes también que no quieren sonar como un mero clon, con lo cual su sonido se nutre de un buen número de influencias actuales. El álbum suena potente, rápido y directo, dejando bien a las claras desde su tema inicial que da título al álbum, que los suyo va por un sonido agresivo y directo, en donde los riffs de corte thrash no exentos de cierta melodía se van sucediendo acompañados de una corte de batería potente y directa, con la dosis justa de agresividad y contundencia para sin llegar a sonar áspera del todo si que añade elementos cercanos al punk que se complementan con un tono de voz que se mueve por terrenos rápidos, directos y agresivos pero que conservan en esencia un tono con mucha actitud al que hay que sumar cierto aporte de melodía. El resultado final en cuanto a sonido, podemos decir que es un trabajo que se adentra por terrenos del black repleto de influencias de los años ochenta que se han acoplado y amoldado a las estándares más actuales sin miedo a ofrecer un panorama repleto de riffs de sesgo thrash, al tiempo que el punk emana en la audición final del álbum sobre todo gracia a ese tono visceral del álbum, pero que tampoco es ajeno de elementos del death, todo ello elaborado de forma más que coherente. Desde luego que la escena canadiense de metal extremo siempre gusta de ofrecer calidad y este "Hail the Flesh" va sobrado de ella. (7,6).

1. Hail the Flesh 02:31
  Beyond the darkest streets
There is a din of indulgence
Oath to the Left Hand Path
Dissonance for Satanic mass

Engulfed by the unknown
Vicissitude, chilling to the bone
Entranced by delight
Debauchery is a right

Hail the flesh tonight
Hail Satanic might
Hail cacophonous ways
Hail the Devil’s daze

A tone so rare and vile
Repulsed by the coalition
Stay true to the horns
Of flesh and noise for I am sworn

A decade of sonic lust
It’s all I know
Hail Satan the adversary now
Caught in the Devil’s daze
It’s what we want
Riotous carnality now
2. Spurn All Gods 03:51
   All their heroes are dead inside
I watch them wither and cower in mind
The sewer dwellers need their cellar
A sanctuary for the blind

Invert the cross
I know it, doesn’t make you Satanic
Hail the goat, or so you say
Ambiguous anyway
Invert the cross
I know it, doesn’t make you Satanic
Theistic life, that you know
Spurn all gods, reap what you sow

The vicious cycle that never ends
Form a new gang again and again
Same old story with inflated glory
Revert to the sewer never to transcend

Spurn all gods
Reap what you sow
3. Hellfire 03:30
Through the smoke and ashes I see the wicked fiend The Devil’s got me closer To a life of dream I see the vile in her Beyond her lustrous face The fire in her eyes Take me to my darkest place Darkest place, place Hell Hellfire Taste desire Hell Hellfire Belial inspire Beyond the fire and zeal Desire builds inside The Devil’s taking over Divine homicide I see the lust in her Apart from flesh and bone Carnal and divine Take me to your throne To your throne, throne
4. True to the Dark 02:36
Years have passed and all I see are Motley crowds proclaiming blasphemy Some fathom while others aim To alter the flame True to the dark Branded mark Infernal horns of night True to the dark Forever marked Satanic way of life Deny now the falsities of Occultists and social authorities Reject now their politics Destroy them all and the crucifix Gaze into the mirror
5. Cloven Division 03:46
 Discordant on twin lanes
A carbon goal
Along the lines the tenets changed
For affairs of state
Times have changed for blasphemy
I am torn
Between the two altered worlds
For the goat

The cloven goat is divided in despair
A new path driven by affair
The cloven ways tears me asunder
Ostracize myself and I encumber

On both sides I see their ways
Black Mass
Epicurean or global rights?
A carnal end
Evolution for blasphemy
The time is now
The cloven hoof is divided
I embrace nil

Torn amid two worlds
Cloven divison
6. Godless 03:15
Human flesh with hands of gold Always last to unfold Furtherest from humanity Man of God, can’t you see? Masked by script and scroll Ancient myths from the unknown Feeding on the sale of soul Morality is a black hole Godless Repelling all piety Progress For all of society Godless Aversion to normality Lawless Take back reality Perplexed that there still are Generations vast and far Betting on the lives of all Consumed by myth, human downfall It’s time to rise and to take back Human flesh, a constant attack on Carnality and the impious Fuck your god, strictly bias  
7. Frauds to the Throne 04:28
In this current age of vast knowledge We must anticipate authenticity of Pseudo-Masters who speak fallacy on The true Black Goat All I hear and all I see is a mockery of The founding ways based on the self All I hear and all I see is treachery of The true Satanist Frauds to the throne Veracity unknown Frauds to the goat Pseudo-Satanic, an ultimate hoax Media hype is the goal of the scheme When it comes to sham reality Ignorance of the Black Arts Unveiled by the Black Goat
8. My Will to Power 03:29
  Underneath the flesh there is
A driving force unique to his
Undeniable ability
Humanistic blasphemy
Exquisite human bliss
Carnal flesh known to this
Undeniable ability
No gods or masters in society

Satan - my will to power
Carnal desire never the dire
Satan the adversary
Still hate for the church with pure blasphemy
Say “no” to the divine
Pure and simple, a waste of time
Overwhelming ability
Pure and carnal blasphemy

Exquisite human bliss
Carnal flesh known to this
Overwhelming ability
No gods or masters in society
9. Ephemeral 06:41
  The aura of mortal life paints obscurity
Pure nothingness
Elevate into oblivion

Mortality runs blood red

Existence is nugatory
Deny false hope of holy glory

Mortality runs blood red
Ascend now to the overman
Carnality is the only case

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