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Origen: Austria, St. Hemma

Formados: 2020

Estilo: Black

Temática: ?

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  • Baal Guitarra
  • Egregor Bajo
  • Pest Batería
  • Svart Voces

  • Alastor CD 2020
  • Bigotry EP 2024
ALASTOR (2020)

Primer larga duración para esta bandas austríaca cuyos músicos ya cuentan con cierta experiencia gracias a la participación en diferentes proyectos y que han emprendido la difícil tarea de componer este trabajo en plena época de expansión del Covid allá por el mes de Marzo. Su música es un referente claro al black de mediados de lo noventa, con reminiscencias a bandas clásicas como pueden ser Darkthrone o Dark Funeral, moviéndose a diferentes intensidades. Es cierto que poco a poco la música de este álbum acaba también por ofrecer influencias del death metal en alguna partes pero el grueso se desarrolla por un black de afilados riffs, bastante árido y hasta cierto punto crudo, que se atreve con ritmos más lentos para enfatizar elementos como la desesperación al tiempo que no deja la ocasión para ofrecer también un contraste con otras partes mucho más rápidas y directas, donde la batería cobra mayor protagonismo, ofreciendo mucha mayor contundencia y dinamismo al tiempo que las guitarras recogen algunas influencias más death y el bajo cobra cierto protagonismo. Las voces de Svart merecen ser destacadas por un registro que parece anclado en el tiempo, retrotrayendo al oyente a los años noventa y ofreciendo desde la agresividad y crudeza que se le presupone al género, hasta ciertos escarceos con elementos más guturales que se atreven a adentrarse por terrenos más propios del death. Primera toma de contacto para esta banda que se muestra como fiel seguidora del black de segunda ola, pero que añade algunos elementos digamos que propios que ejercen como diferenciadores en un álbum que funciona perfectamente. (7,9).

1. Intro 01:26   instrumental
2. A Letter of Farewell 04:21
There he sinks onto the table While the world still rests outside It has taken far too long Now his wrath has been united Though his fingers do feel numb Shaking hands still guides the pen As the darkness falls upon him Covering him and then His words wander playfully Down the icy paper slope He remembers facing her Defeated without any hope Dirty ashes fill his mouth And the smoke fills thoughts and lungs As the attic catches fire Whispering a thousand tongues He wraps up his word of parting With a knot he closes them To preserve them past his exit Till the exit of all men What a wedge could strike these wounds He had never known dark days Now he stands there all alone As the fire takes his place He no longer feels the pain Utters no more dying cries Nothing hurts him but the mem´ry Of the love with her eyes   
3. Alastor 03:12
Alastor, executioner of hell Satan himself chose him He makes you sin so that He tortures you afterwards Alastor! Off all demons in hell Alastor, the cruelest devil Great torments of hell Fear his abilities Because in his dark pits Where the blood sticks to the walls Torture and sadism Creep into his head – humanity falls Alastor! Unbearable, cruel and depraved He will cause such pain The more suffering he spreads The bigger his empire becomes  
4. Cursed Gun 02:55
 There was a man, in the dark woods
He found a gun, at the black roots
When he takes the weapon he starts killing
Everything he finds is shot

Shells exploding,
mouths are screaming,
sounds of death

Dressed in black, he will come to judge
And hunt all weak lambs to hell
There will be no escape, the hangman is ready

Shots will fall,
blood will flow,
corpses lie everywhere

The murder had began, the fire flows through the veins
Now the time has come, the beast comes out
He draws the magic weapon, the unworthy die,
The redeemer is called him

He proves it to all human,
let them kneel to the ground

One bullet left, the weapon in his mouth
He pulls the trigger, it´s his time to die
5. Folter 04:52
Ja, mich treibt die Blutgier,
in die Kirche, zu dir.
Ich stehe schon vor deiner Tür
Deine Predigt stinkt bis hier.

Stück für Stück zerschneid ich dich
Christ, du winselst jämmerlich.
Ich entstelle dein Gesicht,
du verlierst dein Augenlicht.

Deine Angst, die rieche ich,
und deine Vernichtung preise ich
Büßen wirst du ganz gewiss
Für diesen kirchlichen Beschiss

Mit dem Messer ins Gesicht
Diese Fratze brauchst du nicht
Pfaffenschwein ich töte dich
Denn ich find dich widerlich
6. Spreader of Horrors 04:13
Satanic Rites, funeral procession Suicide feelings, nocturnal depression Summon the demons, the lords and ancestors Awakening the unflesh, calling mystic visitors Lord Of lies Master of illusions Prince of darkness Spreader of Horrors Storm of flames, air that you cannot breath Indescribable piercing pain runs through my veins Gather the devils, on the other side Praise the filth, adore the whore, satanic fight  
7. Bulldozer 03:46
Tons of steel rattle over the land
To destroy, all that he can
To beat everything to sand
To create the fucking end

Heavy tool of mysterious might
Rolling beast, where you can´t hide
Tons of steel rattle over the land
To destroy, all that he can

Earthquakes shake the dusty ground,
bones crack, skulls crush, rattling sound
Annihilating constructions, bombing walls,
destroying houses and villages, humanity falls

Bursting windows, shot doors, smell of petrol,
clouds of smoke reek of death - everywhere

Tons of steel rattle over the land
To destroy, all that he can
To beat everything to sand
To create the fucking end
8. Misery of Death 04:32
  He walks back home from a long hard journey,
through bitter winter night
near frostbitten he comes into a forest,
he finds a little hut, old and forlorn

He enters the cabin, there´s an old fire place,
the fire still burns, he sees some food and wine,
on a small table, in front of the chimney,
after consumption he falls asleep

Suddenly he wakes up, about 3.am,
and he realize, what is really going on,
his bed was a torture wrack,
no fire in the chimney,
candles painted blood!

Rotten rats for dinner, bats decomposed, wine was blood,
he wants to get out of the cabin, but the doors and windows are locked
he cannot stand this any longer, suicide is his only solution

Beneath the chair, there is a rope, he decides to hang himself. But the rope breaks, he falls down. Lying on the floor he finds a rifle.
He decides to shoot himself, one bullet left in the barrel. It seems perfect, but the trigger is defect. No escape. After days in agony, mental down the road

Finally, the dead arrives. He takes him by the hand and accompanies him to the realm of shadows.

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