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Origen: Australia, Adelaide

Formados: 1996

Estilo: Black, death

Temática: Mitos, ocultismo y piratas

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  • Alim Guitarra y voces
  • Ben Newsome  Bajo y voces
  • Esh Batería y voces

  • Cauldron Black Ram Demo 1997  
  • Misery's Omen / Cauldron Black Ram Split 2002  
  • The Devil Bellied Seven Inch EP 2003  
  • Skulduggery CD 2004
  • Slubberdegullion CD 2010
  • The Poisoner Maxi-EP EP 2011
  • Stalagmire CD 2014
  • Cauldron Black Ram / Sempiternal Dusk Split 2018  
  • Slaver CD 2020

SLAVER (2020)

Llegamos al cuarto larga duración de esta banda australiana, en activo desde mediados de la década de los noventa, cuyos miembros se encuentran implicados en proyectos de metal extremo como "Martire, Mournful Congregation o StarGazer" y que ofrecen un álbum de death/black con un sonido muy particular. Supongo que por un lado el poder dar rienda suelta a sonidos más "clásicos" death/black en su otras bandas ha hecho que Cauldron Black Ram pueda recoger diferentes influencias y estilos para dotar a su sonido de mayor diferenciación, al mismo tiempo que lo hace reconocible. Estás influencias son variadas, podemos hablar por un lado de influencias thrash o del rock de los años ochenta, presentes en ciertas estructuras de la canciones y fruto sin lugar a dudas de la proximidad en el tiempo con la creación de Cauldron Black Ram, pero también debido a que un estilo como el black/death estaba dando sus primeros pasos y la diferenciación entre estilos no era tan clara. Pero una escucha más pormenorizada de este álbum, ya que es un trabajo que va madurando con cada nueva escucha, nos permite apreciar por un lado la profundidad, oscuridad y putrefacción de este "Slaves", al tiempo que vamos descubriendo influencias claras del doom, así como algunas más livianas como peuden ser las del sludge o incluso el jazz. El ritmo de este "Slaves" no es rápido, más bien se mantiene en un tono comedido, que permite que su música profundice y se sumerja en un caos de densidad y oscuridad lleno de complejidad y putrefacción. Al contar con tres vocalistas, este apartado se muestra denso y profundo en un tono que vira entre el black y el death más cavernoso. Un nuevo trabajo, fruto tanto de la experiencia de más de veinte años de trayectoria, como también de una visión diferente de un estilo como el black/death. (8).

1. Flame 05:33
   Witches fuel
The night fires
Acrid smoke now
The town cryer
Belly of the beast
Seeds furnace fire
Aroused deviants
Conspire, conspire

Poisoned by the rush of ashen filth
Choking beneath cadaverous silt
By the rat eyed merchants guild
A vile practice the fortress built

Insolent flame
Tamed for mastication
Those devout to death
Drawn to masturbation
They would suffer
The hot breath
Rather than cast
To unmarked graves

Poisoned by the rush of ashen filth
Choking beneath cadaverous silt
By the rat eyed merchants guild
A vile practice the fortress built
2. Smoke Pours from the Orificies of the Crematory Idol 03:43
 Oath breaking is a foul deed and
Savage nature is mistress see
Deflowerment and devourment
Of those that do not cannot flee

Degenerate vermin siphon vitality
Spoiling pasture, field, flock
An ashen wake within
Ashen torrent the pall without

Groomed for eventual sacrifice by the Dooms
Citadel host to nameless, backwards cults
A bastion hidden behind black volcanic lakes
Clouds caught between peerless twin mounts
Gargantuan idol predates uncommon memory
Before ailing acolytes swilling swill grew sedentary
None can ever know if or when they come to claim us
Through the sky breach, from the Abyss
3. Stones Break Bones 04:20
Knife flesh rust rend Skin melt in cess Wicked whittled lances Deranged sermon dancers Rupture, fountain red Lifeblood misled Four limbs, distend Aflame on, both ends Yet none crush None crack such Pulverised moans Stones break... bones! Scurrilous gossip Clandestine vilification Gathering posse Hurling lamentation  
4. Graves Awaiting Corpses 04:43
  Some struggled for honor, coin and sport
Here there be none of that sort
Teeth split by determination grim, faces taut
Primal fear collides with forethought

A future indentured to self-served malefic whim
Survival bodes chances none to slim
Heads split by swift integration, with chance
Primal lust collides with forbearance

Muddled by reptile hide boots
The corpses of ill repute
Posthumously, unceremoniously circumcised

Graves await corpse
Graves awaiting corpses
Graves await corpse
Graves awaiting corpses

Harried with threat n' promise, perpetuity
Stave waving fanatics fantasies
Barbaric hereafter allies, wanton promiscuity
Blood shrinking cunt sucking sodomy

Death avails no quarter
A spear for your marker
A mud pit the eternal charter

Graves await corpse
Graves awaiting corpses
Graves await corpse
Graves awaiting corpses
5. His Appearance 01:46   instrumental
6. Whore to War 03:38
 Layed out on goat hide cots
Like bodies laid out in lots
Reluctant soldiers bathed in stench
Eternal strife their bedded wench

Toilsome futilities
Senseless countermarching

Splayed spoiled blackened limbs
Scarred by a violent sundering
Worsened by the final tempest
Of vulture, smoke, rotting


In human battering

Burglarious misdeeds
Lose hands to the block n' axe
Or servitude
A whore to war

Honourable miscreants
Army takes towns still pet to wake
Unwilling swords
Are the whore to war

In human battery
7. Temples to Death 03:19
Temples to death an estuary For the wretch, for the wretch Tenders a total enslavement Gathers flies to it's whip Temples to death Temples to death Mothers that birthed them Put to the torch, put to torch Skulls baked in the bricks Remains will break the arrows of enemy spite Black mud stains The white robed Flecked red with Hot fluids o' Whore Have them build their tomb A monument an ornament Slain slaves enshrined None preside This law for sins  
8. Slaver 03:34
Slaver! Slaver! With glazed eyes of opium eaters Rattling bars with some pield A tantalising, infantiling torment For the promise of freedom Of freedom... Dancing nerves of the soon to be sold Lancing shrieks of the soon to be dead Look to the razored crenellations Hear their diseased whine As they split the wolfish winds A dereliction built into it's spine Dancing nerves of the soon to be sold Lancing shrieks of the soon to be dead Lengthening, grasping shadows of talons Pierce the will of warriors Serrate hardened faith in the pious Who inhale vision from muds Enslaved to the fort of the slavers Woe presides the fort of sorrows Slaver Slaver Slaver Slaver 
9. The Pit 04:01
Mongrels of a calling Haunting scape Congregate by swamp hued pyre By no mistake The circus placates Most violent ingress Congress a mordant pursuit Commoners and brutes ...alike... Slave fat fuels the flambeaux Lick the vile air Gladiators wear Fur and night With pride With pride Expats bore scented gifts Rewarded with welts Hailed with spit Manacled and dressed In hide Paralysis of a snake Oiled into the clasp Whipping tails of cuff chains Death, thirsting crowd Rasps Desperate, yet almighty blows Rending limbs and dimming hopes   
10. His Exultance 01:28   instrumental

MLP 200 copies, 100 handnumbered with insert

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