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Origen: Bélgica.
Formados: 2012
Estilo: Black, death
Temática: Brujería, demonolatría y posesiones.
Enlaces: Facebook.

  • I. Dveikus Guitarra
  • N. Vmtr Bajo
  • Pz. Kpfw Batería
  • S. Iblis  Guitarra
  • V. Viriakh Voces

  • His Best Deceit Demo 2013  
  • Anneliese EP 2014
  • Evil Spells, Volume I Split 2014  
  • Possession Recopilatorio 2015  
  • 1585-1646 EP 2015
  • Exorkizein CD 2017
  • Death Before Rebirth Directo 2018
  • Abhorrent Desecration Split 2018
  • Passio Christi Part I / (Beyond the) Witch's Spell Split 2019  
  • Passio Christi Part II / Necrophagous Abandon Split 2019  


Hace ahora justamente cinco años que se creó la banda, su primera demo "His Best Deceit" editada al año siguiente de su su formación y su primer Ep "Anneliese" editado medio años después de la demo, ya forman parte de la historia reciente del metal extremo. Y es que los belgas desde sus inicios han despertado el interés del oyente, manteniéndose bastante fieles a su propuesta de sonido black death, aspecto que no es del nada sencillo conseguir. Con un carrera cimentada en la coherencia, el apoyo de un sello respetable y dando los pasos lentos pero en la dirección correcta, sólo era cuestión de tiempo la edición de su primer larga duración. "Exorkizein", siete temas, contando la intro que se despachan en poco más de treinta y seis minutos, estando el grueso de las composiciones por encima de los cinco minutos de duración, lo cual permite recrear esa ambientación de maldad y brujería que acaba por sumergir al oyente en una sensaciones cercanas a la posesión, aspecto que siempre ha sido recurrente en su propuesta junto con el del demonio. Su música es oscura y densa, jugando entre medias con sonidos black death, capaces de colar algún riff thrash en ciertas partes, pero que encuentra un perfecto equilibrio entre la vibración de las guitarras y sus profundos riffs y las voces profundas y lodosas de tendencia black metal. Un álbum construido de manera pausada, que muchas veces se presenta denso, el doom también podría ser una buena influencia en algunos pasajes, pero que logra trasmitir cierta épica en el conjunto final y que resulta imposible de separar de la tremenda ambientación lograda. Sin lugar a dudas habrá quien mantenga que su primera demo y su primer Ep están por encima de todo lo que pueda venir en un futuro, pero considero que "1595-1646" y este "Exorkizein" son dos trabajos de madurez y muy coherentes con sus orígenes. (8).

1. Intro 02:17  
2. Sacerdotium 05:34
 By the altar, kneeling
Just about to take your life's oath
Before men dressed in black
Recalling all their useless grief
And them
They loudly preach their lies
To exorcise this living world
Ruled by blinds and deafs

With the weight of their gold
They have bought the weakness
Of the predators
Kiss the cross as Hell awaits
Forever you'll be their accessory 
Behind their gates, there's only death
In their pyres, is still burning harmless flesh

Innocent and lost souls
Forever haunt the halls of every churches
Twisting the mind of the weak and the lambs
You will die for all these impostors

And them
They loudly preach their lies
The time has come
Take the oath before them forever

Where are born the Saints
You'll learn to believe
Why they worship lies

Behind their walls 
And in their minds
Reigns forever sin

Offer your sould 
Close your eyes
Their dead are watching you
He spies on you
So, forget your name
And see His bestial eyes
3. Infestation - Manifestation - Possession 05:30
At the dawn, his voice inside you, you'll hear At this point you still possess your own mind The snake will mark your soul Let Him explore the darkness of your heart Plagued by pain and unexplained nocturnal fear Hit by fever and rising rage You'll isolate yourself from your worried kin Walking a first step into His depths They will tell you that you are sick While the evil inside spreads Even wishing for a mental disease They will tell you that you are sick Taking benefits from your weakness Nonetheless for now, it's only in your head Your worst nightmares slowly become true The beginning of an eternal pain Merciless, a force is playing with you A venom corrupts your flesh and blood Your soul is dead But your corpse is still moving You're now a puppet subjected to His will You will burn Your skin turns cold and grey Your eyes are black like as 
4. Beast of Prey 03:46
  I am the shepherd 
Slaughtering his own lambs
The dark veil upon all eyes
As the moon eclipses the sun
Their futile preaches are sung in vain
They are all mine
All rapes, all wars
All lies that have been told for my glory

Through seven plagues
I have ruined the great Egypt
I have seen Rome
Burning by its own emperor's hand
I was the thirty silver coins
The tree and the rope
The last caress of Judas

But now you're wishing to hunt me down
As you think you're the hunter
Trying to remove the beast from his lair
Your turn will come


By the blood of his brother
I messed up Cain's hands
Through his mother virtue
I made the original sin
God is just a worthless eye
I am their law
Their path
Their truth
They are already mine

Under God's apathetic eyes
I shall reign supreme
5. In Vain 06:31
A sinister bell tolls at midnight An arrogant priest walks his path When someone calls the Devil He always gives an answer His slow walk tears the darkness He will meet the Evil tonight A door opened by a crying mother She warns him of His might Pray O, Pray The weary priest is asking As his relatives are drowned in terror "Can you feel the fire inside you?" "Can you smell the sulphur Through your sweat?" Pray O, Pray Among a circle of praying believers Tied to the bed with chains Eyes opened and staring at the cross Vomiting on the book of lies Pray O, Pray You've warned them of his power But his strength twists your guts with pain You're now crying, you're imploring In an unknown language Hear their voices. feel the pain Your soul caught by demonic hands Eyes turn black, skin turns grey A smile appearing on your face Seared and wounded, you lose control Preaches resound in vain Now your skin becomes cold You scream a last roar from beyond Fall away Death seems sweet But now Evil reigns inside, Evil reigns Around you, cries and screams You're slowly passing away Ashes to ashes and dust to dust Says the one who caused your death 
6. Take the Oath 05:24
Spend your existence
To blind to refuse
To be a tool of flesh
Imposing the trinity of lies

Two thousand years to bleed 
To condemn without shame
A life to hunt in the shadows
The unholy forces behind the veil

Down on your knees
You must take the oath
Yes, fall on your knees
And praise the Lord

Two thousand years to bleed 
To condemn without shame
A life to be blinded
By the holy forces of lies

Down on your knees
Take the oath
Down on your knees
Take the oath

And like a thousand candles tailed off
Your life will slowly burn
By the hold grace of the Son of God
And the sacred virtue of his Mother Mary
As a golden sword
forged to hunt them down
Sacrifice your life

Down on your knees
Take the oath
Yes, fall on your knees
And praise the Lord
7. Preacher's Death 07:49
 "O, Blessed be the lamb
Baptized in the holy blood
And cursed be the wolf
Chasing the herd of God"

"O, Blessed be the weak
Reciting the holy psalms
And cursed be the men
Crowned by His Darkness"

An access to the throne of God
In my life of hard toil

Under the holy dome
With fear in your guts
But faith in you heart
A life to hunt the Evil
The one your God didn't create

Our light will always be there
As you're condemned for eternity
Our light will always be there
While your ruined your life
To curse Him in vain

On your deathbed, on this night
You finally realized
Useless sufferings and useless sacrifices
You're dying sick and alone
As your sacred faith cannot save your soul

Our light will always be there
Soon you'll lie down six feet under
Our light will always be there
You ruined your life to curse Him in vain

Slowly closing your eyes
Devoured by ancient fever
Facing a world burning forever

Our light will always be there
Soon you'll lie down six feet under
Our light will always be there
You ruined your life to curse Him in vain

On this sixteenth of September night
Ashes to ashes
And dust to dust
On this sinteenth of September night

"Ice repose le soldat de Dieu"

On this sixteenth of September night
Ashes to ashes
And dust to dust


"Ice repose le soldat de Dieu"

As your soul seems to ascind
You're facing your sword enemy
And you're realising it now
Another oath has to be sworn
Will you dark to take it?

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