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Origen: E.E.U.U., Philadelphia
Formados: 2009
Estilo: Black
Temática: Metafísica, naturaleza, Nietzschicismo y oscuridad
Enlaces: Bandcampfacebook y Haethen
  • Gone Batería
  • Phaedrus Guitarra y voces
  • Wanderer  Guitarra

  • Wanderer Demo 2009  
  • Shaped by Aeolian Winds CD 2015
Primera puesta de largo para la banda estadounidense, un álbum extenso de intensidad abrumadora, atmósfera oscura y con clara influencia de sonido nórdicos. Comento esto último por la gran atmósfera desplegada a lo largo de todo el álbum, muy fría y oscura, realmente todo una sorpresa el toparse con un álbum como este. Las composiciones corren rápidas, a pesar de la larga duración de alguna, la estructura está muy trabajada, predominando una orientación pesada y rápida fruto de una batería espectacular, pero en a la cual en contraposición se ofrecen algunos pasajes más sosegados en donde partes más lentas y melódicas ejercen de puente entre ambas. La melodía y la melancolía aparecen también en un segundo plano, pero siempre acompañando todo el conjunto, con lo cual las voces, rasgadas y heladoras encuentra el caldo de cultivo perfecto para acabar por ofrecer la oscuridad y un plano siniestro que acompaña esta audición, Realmente estamos ante un trabajo muy recomendable en conjunto, de una banda que se lo currado en un álbum tremendo. (9,2).

1. Entranced by the Unknowing 02:51  instrumental

2. Taking the Auspices 06:10
A contrition of soul has torn these fell spread wings asunder. Through boundless abyss befallen grace by lituus An aureole horizon of corporeal disillusion. And with burning in my eyes The sunlight reflects But brings melt to the tears they were as snowfall Within a refraction of myself. Traversing a time Where the spirit remains And acts as the vessel to declare one’s reason Of falsifying reign. Behold an auspice of grave uncertainty. Seeking the eyrie through the darkened dismal sky The umbrageous strix stretched out his wings and arose. Aloft a memory where the twilight fell as a distant spell Cast upon the grove Of ancient woods buried And bearded nether hoar frost. Of ghastly wings a congruous illusion Is carried by fell wind gale To where the soul moults its earthly plumage.  
3. Amongst the Forlorn Larch 10:03
A descent from the ravaging wind And amongst the forlorn larch I enter Into the sanctity of an obscured sepulchral beauty Where noumenal existence fades To truth concealed within The corridors of arboreous dimension. The tendrils of a gossamer phantasm arose From the ashes of an austere thought unfurled Outstretched as the singly wisps whirled A bridling veil of appearance draped upon me. The wind does not stir the ages But through rustles of the sylvan deep I hear the sounds of ancient being Call forth my soul endlessly. As nepenthe rid sorrow bound in flesh Repose in deathly spell And watch as nous ascends. Drifting endlessly far from riparian shores Of streams in the ebbing subconscious flow. As a wave relapses into latent depths The self is swallowed by the wells of eternity. The seas are stained with sorrow and pain In a rising tide of fleeting continuum.
4. Fragments of Spectral Uncertainty 11:03
Through thicket peers the morning And passes onto unbroken ravine As silent sculptures in reverie emerged And returned to the depths of a solitude within I watched as the night became morning again. Hylomorphic I paint the visions awakened by the eye Of a darkened face emerged From the fragments of a spectral uncertainty A stone sepulcher pierces the empyrean sky. 
5. Shaped by Aeolian Winds 03:19  
6. In Absence of the Eternal 05:28
Where wind-worn rocks reveal 
A talus fell face of interstice. 
A conscious evolved into emergence 
Borne as a grain of self buried within the stratum 

Survey the expanse below and bask in brooding gleam 
Follow the scant sunlight to where it greets the fellfield. 

I soar on lofty wings 
A hoary fledged unfettered soul 
As a vestige forged within the will of becoming… 

Beyond horizons reach 
A region comes forward to meet us 
To rest in the return 
Of the abyssal expanse of self-belonging. 
And the timelessness of an ancient mountain… 

Where time cannot be in an absence of eternity 
But as an absence of time would instill no presence of mind 
Can truth be borne on one’s shoulders 
Within this realm of causality?
  7. Captured Within the Annulus 07:12
 The forgotten sound of a stilling grievance
Distends from memory of distant lands.
The sun breaks through to the heart with reverence
And reveals a wandering spirit.

Keeper of the winds, release in deftly blow
From where he watched, a silent sprig of contemplation arose…

The receding fog has left disparate leaves
Moist in the glistening sun, an iridescent sea of green.
Sphagnum spires arise in columned claustral seclusion
Within a verdured garth alone there stands the oak.
8. The Gate of the Firmament 04:17
By rise of the pillared vaulted sky Behold a sage amid the gallows nave Whose sidereal visage did never fade To those amongst his lustrous gaze (alight). Release the doves to be perched on the navel Circumfluent are the words of the truth-told foreseer (of knowledge) Calloused unwashen limbs burrowed deep in cloddish glebe Allay enshrouded still beneath the venerable nesting tree As roaring thunder dirge wake bellows portend in dream Draw harrow onto forgotten lands with mournful breath in sullen breeze.  
9. Spiritrise 05:13
Far from the earth I shall stand Amongst the fettered ruins of conditional truth And sit beside myself to watch the spirit rise

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