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Origen: Rusia, Cherepovets
Formados: 2009
Estilo: Black depresivo y Shoegaze
Temática: Dolor, muerte, naturaleza, soledad y suicidio
Enlaces: Facebook y bandcamp
  • Arbiox Todos los instrumentos.
  • Akrethion / Side of Despondency Split 2010   
  • Demo Demo 2011
  • Cancellation CD 2011   
  • The Main as Well That Is Not Very CD 2012   
  • Dissociative Ideals EP 2013
  • No Hope for the Weak Split 2014
  • Neither EP 2014
  • Soul Hurts CD 2016
  • Algid CD 2017
  • Absolute Entrance EP 2020
  • Ascended Demo 2022 Cold Trees From The Past Split 2023

Arbiox es el encargado principal de todo lo que sucede alrededor de Side os Despondency, el proyecto dió comienzo en el 2009 y tras un pequeño periodo de inactividad parece que se le ha unido un vocalista para acabar de dar forma, musicalmente hablando, a las ideas de Arbiox. Este Ep puede que acabe siendo un punto de inflexión en la carrera de la banda, lo que es cierto es que nos encontramos ante un Ep con un fuerte componente depresivo y melancólico y alejado de la vertiente más metal de anteriores obras. Dissociatve Ideals nos ofrece un excelente trabajo a la guitarra de un músico que trabaja magistralmente la creación de atmósferas de manera simple y efectiva, haciendo uso de su guitarra logra trasmitir un montón de emociones relacionadas con el estado de ánimo del ser humano. Comentaba anteriormente que la parte más metálica esta menos presente que en anteriores entregas, pero aquí también hay lugar para los riffs de tendencia depresiva acompañados de una voz acorde para la ocasión. Un Ep que se nutre bastante de la faceta más post del metal, resultado emotivo y bien trabajado. (7,9).

1. Vain Tears, Dreams Will Never Come True 03:20
 Now can finally calm down 
Some things are not as important as they used to 
Don't worry and don't cause tears 
Some say that it must be so, and correctly 
And we should rejoice in the fact that there are 
Strive and dreaming about.. 

Forced to stay to watch something 
As if it's true and should be like ravings 
Painful and sad. I can't stand it any longer 
Nice and fake. again and again 
All the zeros and I stumble on level ground 
Always the case. Nothing changes
2. Story About the Ship 05:00
  Never know what we want 
Choose one, and wish more 
Doubt pursue to the end 
This is happened as it is not so? 
Or so because it should be intended 
Features for your perception 
Mind and thought, sight and touch 

Today it is one man, tomorrow is another 
They change too quickly 
No one has the right card 
The last one was killed by his own judgments: 
Where to go, where the shore, 
The port and the wind in the sails 

So similar to each other 
We are so alike it's you or me? 
You looks like me 
But it seems is not I 
So similar to each other 
We are so alike it's you or me? 
If you don't, it means that i will do 
So similar to each other 
We are so alike it's you or me? 
You looks like me 
But it seems is not I
3. Below the Line 02:45
Back to thoughts 
They were waiting for us 
So long 

Passing all positions 
Power leave 
Wrong responses, irrelevant answer 

What we were looking for 
Not found 
Went astray and eventually lost
4. Imaginary Escape 05:15
 Since there were 2 periods 
Of cold and snow, the distant past, 
And a strip of time between 
Now and then, I remember my fear again, 
My escape of my own present. errors so 
That the thoughts sink 

Into the pit of oblivion. 
How it was long ago, but it all likewise 
Year by the year. warming .. seemingly everything went 
I thought that's all gone. but now it's all the same 
I don't care
5. To Yearnings 03:09
At some point. without you I miss you, I feel so bad, come back to me Today I dreamed of you. I was you Hiding, hiding and running away I remember a long time ago, I also ran When you told me to run Although I had to stay With you Ever since been looking for you Call. But it is all in vain Each day ends with a void Where are you? I feel so bad alone I lost all my hope I don't want my life as my own And I wanted so much to kill myself I feel my guilt In all that happens my fault Everything had to be otherwise  
6. Apparent 06:19  

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