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1. How and when did you decide to form Eternal Wisdom? What can you tell us your stage Blooddawn? People become musicians for a variety of reasons. What are the factors that originally inspired him to play music? Are you playing for the same reasons today than when you started? Why or why not?

I founded Eternal Wisdom around 2005, I’m not sure. At this time I played in other projects but I hated it to make so many compromises in the songwriting process. I wanted to put through my ideas and founded Eternal Wisdom.
I also played in Blooddawn for 2 Years but it was only a funny thing for me. It was not seriously enough for me.
The cause to make music lies in my childhood. I got in touch with Metal by my brothers. I heard their LPs and was fascinated by the 80´s Metal bands. This was the reason because I started. Today, music is a transcendental thing for me. Though my songs I became a creator. One the other hand Eternal Wisdom is a type of psychotherapy for me.

2. How was the songwriting process of "Meditation of the Cleansing Fire" What You can find major differences regarding "... of Eternity"? Has recorded any previous recording these two jobs?

The songwriting process was the same as for “…Of Eternity”. I write riffs in nightly sessions and record it at my computer. When I have a lot of Material, the riffs connect automatically to songs and then I finish the album in my rehearsal room before I go in the studio.
Meditation…’ is the progression of ‘…Of Eternity’, in reference with the lyrics and the music. I have become mature and music of Eternal Wisdom, too.
Before these works I recorded the Demo-CD “In Infinitum”.

3. What major influences can be found in the music of Eternal Wisdom? What are your sources of inspiration when composing and also in the lyrical aspect? What do you reflect the album cover, there is a relationship with music?

Eternal Wisdom is influenced by the Swedish Black and Death Metal sound of the 90´s and also by 80´s heavy metal. The lyrics are influenced by the kabbalah and other books about traditional occultism.
The Cover Artwork have a reference to the lyrical concept of “Meditation..”. It symbolizes our Downfall. Jesus nailed on the cross, symbolize the curse of polarity. The polar world is destroyed to create something new. A new Spirit!

4. It's amazing how good it sounds Eternal Wisdom considering that you have to take the process of recording all instruments, in my point of view I would like to pay special tribute to the guitar section, where I think he's done a very good job . How does the process of recording all the music with that instrument more comfortable? Have you thought about incorporating other musicians to the group, for a future concert to offer?

Thank you for the tribute! The Time in the Studio is long because every Instrument must be recorded by me. Regarding concerts, never say never but I’m a studio musician and honestly, I suffer from stage fright, haha.

5. Let's talk about this look in his lyrics, Theosophy. How referred and its importance in your life theosophical currents?

I´m in search of god. I mean a non-denominational god of creation. Every Religion is a human translation of the character of god and all are fallible. The theosophy is fallible too but it’s a view from a point beyond dogma´s and laws. Esoteric became a part of my life and It change my point of view. This worldview is about Reconciliation with yourself and this world.

6. Tell us what would be for you the five essential within the black cds.

My favorite BM albums are:
Sacramentum – Far away from the sun
Dissection – Storm of the lights bane
Naglfar – Diabolical
Abigor – Apocalypse
Impaled Nazarene – Nihil

7. Which is immediate projects for Eternal Wisdom? Are you writing new songs?'re Thinking of a special edition through his label OTOW?

At the moment I write on new Material for the third Album “Pathei Mathos - Into Sephirotic Oceans”. The first songs are complete and in this summer I will go in the studio to record the new Long player. I also plan a reissue of “…Of Eternity” for the next year via O.T.O.W.

8. This prospective study was published by Golden Hades, what led him to create his own label and leave earlier, perhaps more control over your music?

I found O.T.O.W. in 2012 to release my stuff and stuff from friends if there is no label to release it. I got some offers from Labels but in my opinion, Eternal Wisdom wasn´t compatible to them. This was the cause to release “Meditation..” via my own label O.T.O.W. And yes, it’s a good feeling to have so much control over the music!

9. Measured using the time perspective that gives you happy with the reception that is taking Meditation of the Cleansing Fire?

Yes, I think its ok for the moment.

10. Thank you very much for your time, if you want to add something for people who like Eteranl Wisdom, this place, thanks. I hope the questions are to your liking.

Thank you for this interview. Be prepared for the new Album! AVE!

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